It’s not what you think

Welcome to my blog.

Yes it’s about sex. But don’t let that put you off. It’s about a lot more than that.

If you’re under 18 please go & read something else.

If you’re easily offlnded, please go & read something else. Whilst I will be using words like Love, Emotion, Sharing and Passion, there will also be strong language of a sexual nature. I will be using words like Fuck, Cock, Cunt, Sodomy and of course Cum.

This is not about me trying to hook up with other people to have sex with. If that’s what you want, please go & read something else. I have someone to have sex with, just the one, and I’m pretty happy keeping it that way.

I am going to get up on my virtual soap box & tell the world what I’m thinking about when it comes to sex. And I think about sex a lot – I’m a red-blooded male – apparently I’m supposed to think about it roughly every 7 minutes and whilst that’s probably a bit of an exageration, I do think about sex several times a day.

I am going to talk about sex I’ve had, sex I’d like to have, sex that was great, sex that was a disaster, vanilla sex, kinky sex, loving sex, caring sex, dirty sex and fun sex. I’m going to talk about sex I’ve had with my current partner, sex I’ve had on my own, sex with my exes, & sex with people I shouldn’t have had.

I’m going to talk about sexual issues, sometimes my sexual issues, sexual etiquette, sexual orientation & sexual health.

If it’s about sex there’s a pretty good chance I’m going to talk about it. (At least till my WordPress account gets deleted for obscene content.)

But above all, I will be honest.

There’s no point in me making things up – plenty of other people will do that elsewhere. You and I will never knowingly meet so lying will achieve nothing. You can think of this as intelectual exhibitionism, put out there for your literary voyerism.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog that sometimes it gets you hard or wet, sometimes it makes you think & that sometimes you will tell me what you think. (I’m as keen to hear as to tell.)

So put my blog in your Favourites, sit back, put your hand down your pants and enjoy!

12 Responses to “It’s not what you think”

  1. Gillian Colbert Says:

    I’m looking forward to following along…

    • Thanks Gillian. I’m surprised already how many times my posts have been read. I wonder how long it will take everyone to realise I’m just a charlatan with nothing interesting to say. (Cue quintessentially British, self deprecating, but ultimately insecure laughter.)

    • Gillian Colbert Says:

      Aren’t we all. In the end, we’re here because we’re trying to sort it all out. Why not sort it out together in a forum where people will be honest because there’s no impetus not to.

      I personally find you fascinating. A man who wants to, and is willing to do the work to be make his life with his wife satisfying … who would have thought it!! Hell, you give me hope!

    • Thanks Gillian.
      You guys are starting to make me feel I may yet disappoint y’all. My intention for this blog was to vent my over sexed mind and be entirely salacious, sharing all the basest thoughts that go through my head. I know a lot of them are ridiculous and some less than honourable, and hopefully it will be quite evident from the way I write that I know this and am laughing at myself.
      The fact that starting this blog coincided with me trying to rekindle my marriage is mere accident, and that I have largely written on this topic so far was not intentional. Not that I am unhappy about this. As for being notable as a man who wants to make an effort in a relationship, that may well be because our marriage had hit the bottom and (for various reasons, some good, some bad) fixing it was my only option.
      And I still expect to share my ridiculous and less than honourable thoughts as I go along.
      But maybe I got this the title of this entry wrong: it’s not what I think it is.

  2. Stick at it lad, you’re among friends. Its all in a good, selfless cause, too.
    If you get spooked, just go and read some more from Gillian, Hyacinth or Woman.
    P.s. Thanks for the hints on sorting out the mess my life is in!

  3. I found your blog the other night and have read a few of your blogs here and there. I have decided to start from the beginning and follow you on your journey. I am married and have found that we share some of the same problems.

  4. Same thing for me as for Crystal… you know where I find your blog. A few of your posts made me want to know more, maybe because I’m married, still, but not for long I think, and I’m curious as to how you managed those difficult times.

    • Sorry to hear you not likely to married much longer.
      I could save you reading a lot of my blog with a simple answer to how do I “managed those difficult times?” Stick my head in the sand and have a wank. OK, that’s not strictly accurate, but it seems to be the most effective solution I’ve had.
      Oh, I nearly forgot, off loading the angst onto my blog also helps.
      Hope that doesn’t put you off reading more ;’)

  5. I’m know I’m late to the party only just now having recently discovered your blog but I have to say I am fascinated so far. I’m still catching up so I’ve only read through 2012 but so far it is as though I have found my doppelganger.

    At least as far as your original posts I identify with you in so many ways and have so many similar experiences in my marriage. While not everything is the same to be sure a lot of it is. I look forward to catching up on your posts in the coming days.

    • Wow. 2012. That seems like an eternity ago in terms of posts. I take my hat off to you if you plan on reading everything.
      Judging by your Nom De Plume, it does look as though you may have one issue to deal with within your marriage that I don’t, but I look forward to hearing your take on the others.

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