Where to begin?

I suppose I should introduce myself. After all, I have introduced my blog, and it’s subject matter. But who am I, why have I decided to blog about sex, and how have I come to be so sexually driven?

I am British, male and was born just as the 60s were turning into the 70s. There were no hippies or beatniks involved in my upbringing, but rather academics with Victorian values who showed little emotion. That’s not to suggest I had a loveless childhood, far from it, but I never saw my parents hug or kiss, and was certainly never kept awake by their headboard banging against their bedroom wall. As far as I remember there was never “that conversation” about the birds and the bees and how I learned about sexual reproduction I shall never know.

In my early teens I spent a year at boarding school, and contrary to popular ideas about boarding school, I was never buggered by a school master or prefect, I knew of no homosexual acts in the dark corners of the dormatories, and only ever heard rumours of The Biscuit Game. Infact the only sexual thing I remember from that time, other than my own furtive fumblings after lights out, was the well thumbed copy of Razzle hidden amidst the pipework in the boarding house toilet.

Other than that year, most of my schooling took place some distance from home, which somewhat reduced my options when it came to having girlfriends. As a result I don’t recall even getting a propper snog before I reached the legal age of conscent, although the date of my fist propper snog is shared with the first time I eagerly fondled a girls breasts, clumsily stuffed my fingers into her pussy, had another person touch my erect cock, AND lost my virginity. Yes, from my first snog to my first fuck in probably less than an hour.

Admitedly, as an 18yr old dripping with adolescent testosterone, I knew exactly what to do. For the last three years I had been diligently schooling myself with the readers letter in Mayfair, my pornographic bed fellow of choice. I knew exactly how to squeeze her pert tits, fuck her till she screamed and empthy my throbbing balls into her twitching cunt. Well that’s what Mayfair said I should be doing. The reality is I don’t think I even managed to cum and my de-flowerer almost certainly didn’t.

As I move on to university, I somehow managed to carve a few more nothces in my bed post, and slowly started to unravel some of the mysteries of women’s bodies, and my own.

Well I finally graduated (academically), built a technical career in a creative industry, had a couple of long term relatioships, a couple of less than noble, but extremely gratifying sexual relationships, and finally met the woman to whom I am now married. We have one child, a semi-functional sexual relationship, and I spend most of my time as a Stay-At-Home-Dad.

I suppose this doesn’t really answer the questions I posed at the start of this blog entry, but hopefully it gives some sense of who I am. Equally I’ve not really written anything earth shatteringly sexual so far, but bare with me, it will all get quite graphic soon enough.

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  1. nice to meet you.

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