A cunt by any other name would taste as sweet

Language is a funny thing. Full of layers, alternate meanings and sub text. Saying one thing and meaning another. “I love you” can so easily be said, and simultaneously translated as “Get your clothes off. I need a fuck.” Few men, I suspect, would be bold enough to utter such a thought (at least not if they genuinely hoped to have a chance of such satisfaction), and it would be nice to think those three magic words were never so misused.

The fact remains, most of us have probably been on one end of this sort of miscommunication.
Why is it that we cannot say what we want. Or that we cannot say it how we think it.
Having started to trawl through the e-reams of sex blogs, and as I frequent the Literotica forum, it never ceases to amaze me the number of times I read “down there”, “private parts” or similar euphemisms. My wife recently made the “down there” reference while we were having sex, but she has a good(ish) excuse, having described herself in the past as sexually repressed. But surely most people bold enough to openly discuss their sexual habits and thoughts on blogs or discussion boards, especially with the anonymity the Internet provides, would be expected to be a little more liberated with their language.
Presumably these are phrases we have had oppressed into our consciousnesses by parents intent on protecting our innocence. They would have had us believe sex is bad and we must never talk about “our bits”, not even to a doctor.
Many years ago I spent a couple of weeks’ work experience with a local vet. One cat owner brought her pet into the surgery and related how she had found blood in the cat’s litter tray, but didn’t know whether this had been “PV or PA”. The vet was baffled by this – these were terms he had never come across, and were certainly not, in his experience, veterinary terms. Being a medical scholar of sorts, he had some grasp of Latin and surmised that the cat owner meant “per vagina or per anus”, but was too embarrassed to utter such words. You’d think imparting this sort of information would be sufficiently important in the circumstance to swallow one’s pride and use those dirty, sinful words for the sake of one’s beloved feline. Who knows what this woman would have done if she herself had had an unusual vaginal discharge.
But I don’t mean to berate her for her coyness. I do however think it does not help us work towards a healthy life, either as individuals or as a society. How many of us would have a better sex life if we could bring ourselves to say “I want to fuck you till my cock is raw” or “lick my clit till I scream” rather than “make love to me” or “shall we go to bed early”?
I think they key is that so many of us have been brought up to believe sex is “dirty”. An awful lot of people, even sexually liberated people, will admit to wanting “dirty sex”. Dirty. It’s a negative word.
As soon as we all stop thinking sex is dirty, we can all start communicating what we really want to our partners, as soon as we can stop using sexual words as terms of profanity, the sooner we can start fucking our partners the way we want and stop being ashamed of it.
Anyway, as usual all this talk of our naughty bits has got me quite hot under the collar so I’m off to relieve some tension.

2 Responses to “A cunt by any other name would taste as sweet”

  1. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Excellent post and I couldn’t agree more! Speaking as a repressed individual, exposure therapy is good. It also takes a partner who has no hang ups about that kind of language. Ironically, I can blog about a woman’s pussy and write candidly about anal sex, but I am completely unable to talk to my guy during sex about these things. But, that has to do with the nature of our relationship. He and I can talk about these topics candidly in an intellectual setting, but I can’t get the words out during the act and I love words. The filthier they are the better, especially when it comes to sex.

    What you got me thinking about, though, is how we can equate sinfulness to words. Only actions can be sinful if you prescribe to that belief system. Humans ascribe meaning where none exists all too often.

    Best wishes…

    • Thanks very much.
      Your disability is not unique. I too love “dirty” words, and love to use them and hear them during sex. But I cannot do this with my Wife, and she has almost never shown such an inclination, or even ability herself. I hope to work on this … for both of us.

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