Binary state

In Brave New World I told you of how I am intending to revive our flaccid love life. And I am loving being affectionate to my wife. I am loving hugging Her at every opportunity. I am loving that She is making me feel horny. Though I am a little perturbed that it’s pretty much 24/7.
If my mind doesn’t have something specific to occupy it, it is wandering off down the seedy back streets of my mind, soliciting the services of some whore-thought, and sucking on the clit of fantasy. (I’ve lost the plot. Haven’t I?)

– She was kneeling on the floor wrapping Xmas presents. I imagined unbuttoning my fly and presenting Her with my swelling cock to wrap her lips around.
– She had tight jeans with FMBs over the top and a long tunic like sweater. I thought of Principal Boys and cross dressing thigh slaps. (This may mean nothing to those not familiar with British panto.)
– I hugged Her from behind in the kitchen. I wanted to fondle Her tits, bend Her over the table and fuck till we grunted in unison.
– She was sat on a chair with me at Her feet. I envisaged spreading Her legs and burying my face in Her crotch.

And all this in the space of about an hour.

This has to stop!

2 Responses to “Binary state”

  1. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Why? You’re fantasizing about your wife. Sounds pretty healthy to me.

    • I have not truck with fantasising about my wife. Indeed that’s a positive change – I’ve spent far too much time fantasising about other women in recent times. But lusty thoughts are taking over my day. In the past I have wasted far too much time wanking over porn and, as time is valuable and there are other things I need to improve in my life too, I’d don’t want to be obsessed by sex. Jut to enjoy it.

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