Make up sex

We had a row last night. Our first since we embarked on reconstructing our relationship.
It was a stupid row about the degree to which a TV drama referenced the written works upon which it was based. In truth it wasn’t a row about the TV show but the way we communicate with each other, and get grumpy with each other. And being a renowned grumpy old sod, I had to make myself participate in the conversation. It wasn’t easy for me. We talked about things for a while, but I’m not sure we resolved anything.

And then, out of the blue, She suggested Make Up Sex.

We’ve never done this. Usually we just grump at each other, or stop talking to each other completely, until at least one sleep has passed. I kind of thought She was joking, but I said I was prepared to give it a try. And She promptly cupped Her had around my balls.

I’m really not sure how we’ve moved on from our old sexual practices, but as with our New Year fuck, She told me I could “let my hands wander”, and again later asked me to “stroke [Her] pussy”. Not only this, but in the wake of my admission that I didn’t know how She wanted me to masturbate Her, She told me what She wanted.


It’s sexy getting told your partner wants you to touch them. (I’m more used to Her telling me to stop touching Her.)
It’s really sexy getting told where they want to be touched. (I’m more used to being told where not to touch Her.)
It’s just plane damn horny to get told how they want you to touch them. (I’m more used to Her telling me I’m doing something wrong.)
If your partner has never told you this in the best part of a decade, well, it’s a wonder I didn’t suffer from premature ejaculation. (I should point out that the where & how I have employed with previous partners has invariably met with approval, or at least an apparent lack of disapproval.)

These were not Her actual words but:
She wanted Her pussy touched softly. She wanted Her lips to be stroked gently. Teased lightly. She wanted my fingers to just glide along Her slit. Brush through Her thick bush. (Ah yes, Her thick bush. A bit of a turn off for me and I wish She’d do something about that. But that’s another story. Now where was I? Ah yes…) Draw small circles around the folds of Her sex. Get Her hot. Get Her wet. Get Her ready for my cock to ease into Her gorgeous cunt.
How none of this tickled Her back into frigidity I’ll never know. She’s always hated being touched too gently and it has always seemed an instant turn off for Her … but I’m gonna run with it for as long as I can.

It’s years since I’ve had my fingers covered in pussy juices. And never Her’s. It was such an awesome treat revisiting this pleasure I had no choice bur to slip my sticky fingers into my mouth and taste Her. Sweet nectar. Oh how I wanted to go down on Her. To dip my tongue into Her hole. To suck Her pussy lips into my mouth. To lap relentlessly at Her clit. But yes, you guessed it, that’s something else She’s never been comfortable with. And I’m taking things slowly. I shall keep such joys as hope and inspiration as I tug on my engorged tool in my own private, self-indulgent moments, spilling my own juices at the thought of introducing Her properly to the joys of cunnilingus. (Incidentally, there are some amazing examples of vintage porn / erotic art on this Wikipedia page.)
For now I shall content myself with fingering Her to readiness for penetration.

Having got Her pussy dripping with anticipation, I did my very best to fuck us both – concentrating on grinding hard against Her mound as I now know She likes, whilst mindful of my own orgasm, desperately hoping to fill Her cunt with my cum as it spasmed with Her own petite mort. But I mistimed my own pleasure and yet again She came before I did. We were both tired, so again She sat astride my leg and frantically pumped away at my cock with one fist, whilst strummed at my scrotum with the other hand. A couple of times, as my helmet was getting dry She licked Her fingers to lubricate my stretched foreskin – not quite porn star spitting, but extremely horny nonetheless.
And finally I shot my load for Her. Again a massive orgasm lasting minutes. Unfortunately She seemed inordinately keen to clean up, and I had barely finished ejaculating when She reached for the Kleenex. Even after She had wiped Her hands and my chest dry, even after She had crossed the room to drop the sodden tissues in the bin, and even after She had slid back into bed and cuddled up next to me, even then my body was still twitching with waves of pleasure. But oh what pleasure!

And the next morning I had slept far better than most nights of late. And my back did not hurt the way it often does (I suffer from a minor back injury which doesn’t like the mornings). And I was still horny as hell. And my cock was joyfully sore.

I did suggest we should argue more often if the sex is going to be that good, but She dismissed this idea, and I think She was probably right.

4 Responses to “Make up sex”

  1. Gillian Colbert Says:

    I’m so happy for you. I’m guessing your wife has probably been doing her own share of fantasizing and thinking about sex during your “estrangement.”

  2. I did a whole post about sex/masturbation being proven to aid in relieving chronic back pain!!! It’s true! It does help!!!

    I am happy to hear that your sex life so far this year has taken a positive note and that you are trying to please her!!!! I cannot wait to hear more!!!!

    • As I understand it, in men at least, a lack of sex can cause back pain. IIRC the male genitals share a nerve path with the lower back and kidneys. So if the testicles are uncomfortable you can get referred pain in the lower back. Most men will be familiar with it, at the least from their youth, having suffered a kick in the balls in the school playground.
      In my current case I think the pain relief comes from exercising dormant muscle groups and general endorphic relaxation. Do you have a link to your post?

      Our sex life is off the scale just now. We’ve had more sex in the last 2 weeks than in the last 12 months!!!!
      I was going to try to blog on other matters, but I’d hate to disappoint my audience.

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