The sweet smell of success

As previously discussed I wasn’t going to blog about sex with my Wife again for a while, but last night a long standing dream just came true for me.

For most couples it’s nothing unusual to masturbate eachother, and on the rare occasions we’ve fucked in the last 3 years, if I’ve not cum (which for reasons of poor motivation has not been uncommon) She has volunteered to tug me off. But She has not, historically, liked being masturbated. Not even during foreplay.

At some point during the early evening, there was some very mild sexual banter which ended with a comment something like “we’ll do that later.” The whole thing was veiled in inuendo and no one actually said “I mean to fuck you later”. Nothing more was said and I didn’t expect it to actually happen. But several hours later, as soon as we were both in bed, we both instantly did the “get ready for sex” pre-foreplay stroking thing.

After a little stoking and mild fondling, She started to go off the boil, and my heart started to sink. It was like being back to the old days and both Her breasts and pussy became off-bounds.

But in the interest of letting Her enjoy me enjoying Her, I let her concentrate on me. What the hell, I thought, at least I get my cock stroked even if I don’t get to have any fun. Now I know I shouldn’t be suprised, but it turns out turning me on turns Her on, and after lying back and thinking of my home country for a few minutes, she announces that she’s starting to feel horny again. Wey hey! We’re back on! (Sometimes I think I must come over as pre-pubescent with such bursts of excitment at normal events.)

Once again She liked me gently playing with Her tits, and nervously stroking her pussy. But not too much this time and She soon wanted my cock in Her. “I think I need to be fucked” was the sweetest thing I’d heard all day. She pulled me over into our new favourite position (missionary) and we started to fuck. Conscious of the fact that I have focussed on Her orgasms to my own detrement recently, I tried to fuck us both; concentrating on grinding hard against Her mound and offering Her a varied mix of slow shallow penetration and unanounced deep hard thrusts, just as She seems to like, I also tried to use Her cunt for my own pleasure. As She started moaning and gasping gently as I sank into Her, I picked up the pace of my invading strokes to hasten my own orgasm. And it worked pretty well. I certainly came, and it felt like it took an age to empty my balls into her, and she seemed to have at least reached the upper slopes of Mt Cumming, even if there was no triumphant flag plating ceremony on the summit.

We both slumped onto the bed, cuddled up, and mutually enquired of our respective states of satisfaction. I was pretty well fucked (in more than one sence of the word) but She felt she could go a little more. Well my now spent and flacid dick was going to be no use at all to Her at that point so I gleefuly embarked on a stroke, grope and tickle mission, hunting through the undergrowth for the (no longer quite so) illusive wild Orgasm Beast.

I tried to vary my attentions over her whole body but, due to her previous aversion to being properly “touched”, I was afraid to try to penetrate her with my fingers. It therfore suprised me to be told “Myabe I just need you to fuck me. Can we get your hand to do the same?” Can we? We’ll fucking give it a go, thinks I. So I started to focus more on her pussy. As I mentioned in a Who are you and what have you done with my wife? I’ve never really had an opportunity to learn the georaphy of my Wife’s crotch (although her Genital Opperating System seems to have been significatnly updated recently and any User Guides previously issued would be pretty useless to  me these days) so I obviously wasnt hitting the mark. Thankfully She was on hand (sorry – no pun intended)  to push my hand more in the direction She needed. And the direction was entirely without precident.

It’s nearly a decade since I’ve been knuckle deep in a cunt and I have mourned this fact on many occasions. I’ve missed the joys of feeling my finger sliding into my patner’s hallowed canal and feeling her muscles twitch around my digits.

But this was exactly what my Wife wanted. She needed to be filled, and she needed Her clit and lips to be squeezed against her pubis, and She needed it hard. OH MY FUCKING GOD, HOW HORNY WAS IT FOR ME!!!!!! If I never have another orgasm in my life I could satisy myself with such moments.

Her thighs were wetter than I have ever experienced … with any women. EVER!!! Her hot juices (and I dare say a significant quantity of my own ejaculate) coverd Her gorin … and my whole hand. I had two fingers thrusing as deep into Her as I could possible manage at the angle and my fore arm burnt with the effort. I finger fucked Her as hard and fast as I could and it seemed like it just wasn’t enough. She encouraged me to play harder with Her tits, and Her nipples. My hand almost crushed Her outer genitals as my I strained to make Her scream. The pain in my arm was getting dangerously close to full on cramp but there was no way I was going to stop unless a) I absolutely had to or b) she actually orgasmed. My little finger and ring finger must have been digging into Her quite uncomfortably, but I really didn’t want to change my grip on Her sex for fear of loosing the momentum. And oh …. yesssss ….. weeeeeee …… got ……. (breathe) …… there ……. (shiver) …… (laugh) …….. and if for no reason other than the pain in my arm stopping, I was so fucking happy. I might as well have just cum myself.

We laughed, and cuddled, and sweated, and grinned, and gasped for breath, and were a normal, loving, horny couple.

After she had cum down form Her high a little She went to the bathroom to clean up, and in her absence I extatically licked her sweet juices from my fingers. I don’t think I have ever tasted anything so exquisite.

On her return, we wrapped ourselves around eachother and chatted. She appologised for causing any RSI, which I said was fine, though she might cause me to go blind. She told me the thing She enjoys most is me cumming inside Her. I commented that we’d had more sex in the last 3 weeks than in the last year, and She joked that it was probably more sex than we’d had in the last 3 years. I tentatively raised the issue that She now wants me to do things for Her that I’ve not been allowed to do before, and was told not to try to analyse it. And I shall not. I shall just be emensiely thankful.

And so we fell asleep.

In the shower in the morning I could smell her sex on me. I didn’t want to wash. I didn’t particularly want to have sex, I just wanted to inhale and smile with the kowledge I had got her probably wetter than she’d ever been. I wanted to tell Her how much I loved that moment, that scent, the thought that I was literally covered in her pleasure, but thought better of it. Maybe we’re not quite ready for that yet.

8 Responses to “The sweet smell of success”

  1. YAY!!!!! I’m speechless so I am just going to stick with YAY!!!!!


    PS- the scent of sex…

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I was virtually speachless too. But hey, we’re on a role, so the next wet dream I’m hoping to fulfill is to taste her direct, and not just on my fingers. (Oooooh, how rude!)

      PS You lost me with your PS.

  2. confessionsofyourhusbandsmistress Says:

    I think I love how excited you are to explore your wife the most of any blogger I read. This is what I want when and if I ever find a real relationship. Someone who is thrilled to be with me and never wants to wash my sex off of him. Awesome!

  3. I love how you said, “I tried to fuck us both.” If I think my lover is only fucking me it upsets the flow. I want him to be in a passion, too, not in control and just watching me. I want him to be as pleasured as me. Because, really, it’s a lot of the man’s doing, this fucking business (oh, how I’ve wished for a fleshy cock of my own with which to illicit moans) and so I must rely on him being there for himself, too. (I’m not making any sense haha.)

    Anyway, bravo! It sounds lovely and wonderful!

    PS: I like the black! Very x-rated 😉

  4. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Lovely! Congratulations …

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