Fleshlight – a complete review

(This blog entry was originally penned back in 2007 and has been updated a little since.)

For those not familiar with the name, the Fleshlight is a male sex toy. One that is intended to represent a human orifice into which you stick your dick, one that is intended to take the place of your hand when you need something different, but have no co-conspirator. It is so named as it has been designed to look like a flashlight (or in British English, a torch), presumably so that it can be casually left lying under the bed without raising suspicions of a teenager’s mum when she’s on the hunt for porn mags.

When I first bought my Fleshlight there were precious few reviews online. There now seem to be a plethora, even on Amazon. My favourite was (allegedly) from a woman who’d found her son’s and subsequently bought one for his dad. Happy families, eh?! The most negative I found was www.thefleshlightsucks.com, though I think the author has purchased a variety of Fleshlight not suited to his anatomy, and has an axe to grind. But enough of that, what do I think of it?

The Fleshlight is by no means a cheap toy, considering it’s simplicity, and the current (2012) UK cost seems to be about £55 + delivery. You can get quite a lot of vibrator for that kind of money, so when the marketing hype proclaimed the Fleshlight to be the world’s best male sex toy, it had a lot to live up to.
(Since I bought mine back in 2007 there seem more rivals on the market, with the most prolific being from Tenga and, had they been easier to find at the time, I’d probably have considered them. As it is, I have not tried one so cannot give any comparisons. But if Tenga, or any of their distributors would like me to review one, I’ll be happy to get my cock out, or rather in, in the name of … errr … lets call it consumer research.)

First impressions

On collecting the parcel from the post office I was initially alarmed by the size of the box. Thankfully it was excessive. When I opened it the delivery note it read “Pink vagina orifice” and I laughed out loud – no mistaking what was in the box then – my plastic pussy!

Having only seen a Fleshlight once before, in a showcase at Fettered Pleasure in N. London, I had been apprehensive about the size and weight. Thankfully at 650g or 1lb 7oz it feels lighter in the hand than I had expected. However, contrary to the claims, it doesn’t look much like a flashlight/torch: I have both a large torch that takes D-cells and a C-cell Maglight : the Fleshlight is longer and thicker than both (externally 9.5″ long and tapering from 2.5″ to 4″ in diameter), it has “Fleshlight” boldly embossed on the side and, where the lens would be, it is the same black plastic as the rest of the shell. Obviously making it look like a torch any more than in silhouette would add to the cost unnecessarily, but do not expect to be able to leave this lying around without anyone noticing!

1) Main cap.
2) Body / shell.
3) End cap / suction control.
4) “Insert” / sleeve / the bit that does all the work.

My original toy had the standard untextured insert, but i managed to trash this with Durex Tingle lube which simply wouldn’t wash off and left the sleeve permanently slimy. I don’t know if this was the result of degradation of the insert or just a characteristic of the lube. Either way, this meant it had to go in the bin and be replaced. A relatively expensive mistake.

Although there was nothing wrong with the standard smooth insert, I replaced it with a Mocha Wonder Wave Pussy insert. The Pink insert reminded me of cheap tooth paste in colour, where as the Mocha is a more pleasing skin tone. And the Wonder Wave has a series or ridges lining the canal. Other colours and designs are also available, and I believe there may now also be the option to fit bullet vibrators.

Since I chose the vagina orifice as opposed to the butt, mouth or nondescript, the entrance to my plastic pussy looked like, well, a pussy (genius, eh?) and includes both lips, clit and clit hood. But whilst I am always a fan of attention to detail, no one who knows what a woman’s sex actually looks like will be fooled by the aesthetics. It’s definitely more impressionist than realist. Things have now moved on a little and you can now get a sleeve moulded from the cunt of a pornstar of your choice, that has Frankenstein style stitches, glows in the dark, or any number of bizarre combinations. I can’t say whether, in the “flesh”, these are any more convincing, of if this adds any to the experience – I guess it’s pretty subjective. What is more likely to be of value is the variety of inner surface moldings: original (smooth), tight, Wonder Wave, Speed Bump, super ribbed, Vortex, Lotus, Maze – the list is mind boggling.

The Fleshlight insert is moulded from a substance named SuperSkin and has quite an odd texture: it’s extremely soft and pliable although it doesn’t feel anything like skin. The quantity of lube supplied is tiny and is certainly neither packaged (a soft plastic bubble you tear open) nor sufficient in quantity for more than one wank / fuck. (Which is it? Surely a wank requires a hand but a fuck requires a cock & a pussy. This is neither, yet both at the same time.)

When it arrived, my plastic pussy had a hard plastic tube inserted in it, presumably to stop the inner surfaces from sticking whilst in storage. It took a little persuasion to get it out, despite being only about 1/2″ in diameter – so my fuck was to be reassuringly tight when you consider you can get both super tight and ultra tight varieties. This means the Fleshlight should have a model for everyone, no mater how thin their cock.

Taking its cherry

For my first fuck I had decided to be objective and not involve any extra stimuli … like porn … so as to appreciate my new fuck buddy in its own right.

As per the instructions, I warmed the insert with warm water (I’d advise leaving it in hot water, rather than warm, for several minutes so it absorbs enough heat to feel like a real cunt) and applied lube to my cock and the Fleshlight’s slit. Placing my glans against the rubbery lips was a surreal experience. It doesn’t entirely feel like a pussy and it feels nothing at all like a hand, mouth, or anus, and as such the sensations are slightly confusing. I think I had expected that sliding my cock into it would feel like sliding back into a real pussy when you’ve already been fucking for half an hour – one slick thrust and you’re in up to your balls – but it took a little more force than I had anticipated. Not a lot but enough to know you were penetrating something. Which was good. I guess this is a measure of how tight it is and how much lube you need to use. Applying a little more lube made penetration much much easier and even the little effort required is well worth it.

Once my cock was enveloped by my plastic pussy, I was back to the issue of wank or fuck: should I lie back and pump away with my hand or should I buck my hips to fuck it? I tried both. Due to the weight of the Fleshlight, it is hard to wank as fast as you could with just a fist. And without a body attached I couldn’t quickly find a way to fuck it as if it were human. I found a traditional wanking action was the easiest to start with and here the extra bulk of the fuck-end came into it’s own as it provides a very satisfying sensation as it squashes down against your pubis. After a few sessions with the toy I decided the best way to use it was to wedge it between two pillows which also gives the sensation of straddling hips, and leaves your hands free to play with your nipples, use a an anal toy, a mouse and keyboard … or how ever else you choose to enhance your experience.

Both ends of the Fleshlight’s case un-screw, and the non-fuck end is intended to provided a variable degree of suck-while-you-fuck: the tighter it’s done up, the harder it squeezes on your cock as you slide it out. Experimenting with this feature I found it was more of an on/off effect and on is certainly better. This feature may well have more effect for those with a thicker cock than me, or if the super tight or ultra tight inserts are used.

Making myself cum initially took longer than if I’m just wanking, but it’s taken 30 odd years to perfect my fist technique. And this was the first time I’d fucked anything non-human … so I can’t complain. It certainly wasn’t difficult to make myself cum, and it was certainly fun. With a little more experience I have found I can cum either quickly or slowly with it, and if I stimulate myself in the right way, it can all get sticky very quickly indeed.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the post coital pros and cons of the Fleshlight:

When you cum it’s all neat and tidy – no jizz dripping off your fingers, no wet patch and no need to shoot your load into a hastily grabbed handful of tissues. You can just roll over, callously ignore your lover and go to sleep. My concern there would be leaving it full of lube and bodily fluids, and I certainly felt the need to clean it out before my cum started to turn to a crust. Which brings us back to the flashlight issue. Having rinsed it out the advice is to let it air dry. But that involves leaving a large plastic tube and a very conspicuous pink flaccid lump that looks exactly like a sex toy, out in the open for Gran to see when she pops round with some scones.

In conclusion

The Fleshlight is a satisfying sex toy and provides exactly what is needed to make you cum. Bearing in mind that my cock is somewhere around 5.5″ long, and significantly shorter than the Fleshlight’s 9.5″, I had considered a “Sex In A Can” toy – the same idea, but shaped like a can of beer rather than a torch. These were like hen’s teeth at the time and this turns out to have been fortunate: if you want to have the toy stationary and move your hips to fuck it, the extra length of the Fleshlight is a definite advantage in terms of anchoring it down, even if the last few inches of penetrable sleeve are superfluous.
Is it worth the price, or indeed the claimed $1 million of development costs? Yes, it probably is worth the purchase price, but I would be curious to know why it cost so much to create. I am glad I bought my plastic pussy, I would recommend it, and we have become a regular fuck over the last few years.

Post script
Having bought my Fleshlight, it struck me that male and female sex toys had one fundamental difference – girls get toys that do the work for them. I’ve had vibrators against my cock, and even up my arse, but quite frankly, as hard as the little motors might work to please me, they added little to the process. What I wanted was a toy that would fuck me. I even had a go at designing something (on paper at least): a tube with a soft sleeve I could stick my dick into, surrounded by rings of beads that would stroke up and down along my shaft. Well it seems I was not the only one think the same thing, and someone has actually produced it: the Autoblow, along with some similar mechanical strokers. From my limited web based research they look even bigger and really quite clumsy implements, but I’d certainly be prepared to give one a go … if I can just find somewhere to store it.

Post post script
The exhibitionist in me quite lies the idea of showing y’all the Fleshlight in action but my gut tells me this may not be quite the place for that.

11 Responses to “Fleshlight – a complete review”

  1. confessionsofyourhusbandsmistress Says:

    I wouldn’t mind a little visualization of the toy ;). Have you tried it with your wife?

    • I’m sure some sort of screening could be arranged. It only it weren’t such a cheeky request. 😉
      But of course I haven’t tried it with my Wife. She doesn’t know I own any sex toys … or porn (she may suspect) … or any such things. Did I mention we have a long journey ahead of us?

  2. I agree.

    I’ve always been curious about a man using a fleshlight/Tenga product.

    I don’t know about your last paragraph.. perhaps I may have misunderstood, but even though I’ve oodles of toys, I still have to do most of the work as I like the thrusting more over the stationary little movements.

    • My comments about machines that will do the job for you was relating to the fact that, in my experience, vibrators are significantly better than dildos for solo play … most of the time. Whilst you can choose to do the work yourself and pump away at your pussy with a dildo, you can just as well hold a buzzing vibe against your clit and cum with virtually no investment of energy. I know that’s not exclusively the case, but that was my thinking. Am I way off the mark?

      If I am convinced there is an apitite for it (and as a little bit of a closset exhibitionist) I am more than happy to share some pictures, or even video if you like. I will say I am a little uneasy about doing so as I don’t want to turn my blog into a porn site, but I am open to requests. (I shall investigate Private Blog Entries for those who may be interested.)

  3. emdashwood Says:

    From what I understand, the Fleshlight is quite popular amongst US Servicemen…

  4. sassygirl40 Says:

    My husband just ordered his first fleshlight and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I enjoyed reading your review, I hope it proves to be a good purchase for him/us. (its their “stamina training unit”).

  5. Thanks for sharing this, still not sure if I will buy one. Part of the problem is that I’d like an ass one to simulate pegging, and a pussy so I could play around with female/female technique… But I can’t decide which and may well end up with neither…

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