Did that really just happen?

I’ve long maintained I’m horny pretty much all the time, and it’s pretty much true. And even if I’m not horny, if you were to stick your hand down my pants and have a fiddle and tickle, it’s pretty certain you could get me in the mood in about two and a half seconds. Yes, I know, that’s quite a slow reaction time, but I’m not a young as I was and the neurones don’t fire as fast as they used to. [Note to self: maybe that’s why it takes me so long to cum most times these days – it’s not just being too used to wanking, it’s that the little men in white suits in my head are as old and slow as I am.]

Anyway …

We were both awake early this morning. About 3hrs before we needed to be up. My morning glory was twitching away as incessantly as ever, and although it was nowhere near Her, I’m certain She knew.

She got up and went for a pee, which is usually a good sign that we’re going to fuck. But on Her return She stopped off at the drawer we keep all the pharmaceuticals in. “You ok?” I asked. Bearing in mind She had her contraceptive implant renewed this week there was an outside chance She was going for condoms. It turns out Her neck was painful and She was after pain killers.

Ok, thinks I, that’s sex off the menu, and I get up. I’ve been a borderline insomniac for a couple of months, and I know if I’m this awake at this time of morning there’s no way I’m getting back to sleep. So I might as well get up and do something useful … like entertain all you lovely people.

I’ve got my underwear on, and a shirt and sweater, and even though she hasn’t got her contact lenses in yet it’s probably quite obvious I’ve got an erection. As I put my trousers on …
She: “You’re not getting up are you?”
Me: “I’m not getting back to sleep at this time of morning.”
She: “We could do something else … when the pain killers kick in.”
… and I button my flies and buckle my belt.
Me (with a slight laugh) : “In about an hour.” That’s how long they usually take with me and She usually takes half the dose I do, so that’s probably about right.
And we have a half hearted hug and I come downstairs to have a cup of tea and get this off my chest online.

Did that really just happen?
Did I really just turn down sex?
So much for usually being in the mood.
But I am. Or was. But there was part of me that didn’t want to have sex with Her. And I think at the moment I’m slipping backwards. Yesterday we failed to have sex and I was, as predicted, grumpy all day. And I still am. Why do I do this? (It’s a rhetorical question so please don’t analyse me.)

If I were sensible, I’d go back upstairs, get undressed, jump into bed and fuck my Wife.

I think I’ll make myself another cup of tea.

2 Responses to “Did that really just happen?”

  1. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Oh, dear, please, please don’t throw up road blocks. You two are going to have challenges, do you know it takes 10,000 repetitions to truly ingrain a new pattern of behavior. You guys set the right note to begin the new year, but just like a new workout routine, it gets harder before it gets better.

    I hope you went back upstairs after that second cup of tea.

    • I confess I didn’t, but we later touched on the subject and She conceded it had taken an hour for Her pain to subside.
      If I can keep my head whilst all about etc, I’m sure it will be merely a hiatus. Just keeping y’all abreast of the situation in my fucked up head. But I have high hopes, or at least intentions, for tonight. And for the future … if I can keep my head.

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