And now She knows!

My cock has not been sheathed in latex for 6yrs or probably more. Testament to that was the fact that the box of condoms was still sealed in cellophane whilst the rubbers are only a couple of months away from their expiration date. This is not because I’ve been flagrantly waving my cock around without a care for health, but rather because my Wife has spent the last 6 years
– on The Pill
– not bothered about getting pregnant (we never actually tried – we just stopped trying to not get pregnant)
– pregnant, or
– with a contraceptive implant in Her arm.
We’ve also, as you well know Dear Reader, spent a very large proportion of that time not having sex, so there hasn’t really been much opportunity, let alone a need.

Last night our fuck was ok. It was, for the most part, not note worthy. It wasn’t spectacular. It wasn’t protracted. It was just an ordinary lets-enjoy-this-and-get-some-sleep fuck. Albeit with a hint of we-need-to-do-this-because-it-matters. (I’ve missed this kind of sex for pretty much the whole of the time I’ve been with my Wife.) Failing on Saturday morning and my getting up early on Sunday were not high points of our sex life’s renaissance so, in our own ways, I think we were both kind of on a common mission. Last night we both understood the importance of fucking. So we did

Unfortunately Her recent implant replacement meant we will be unprotected for a short while, so condoms were the order of the day. Let’s be honest, condoms suck just a little bit. I know that’s not PC, but there’s no point in lying about these things. I’d forgotten quite how different fucking with a condom on feels compared to slipping into an unfettered, naturally lubricated pussy. (I must emphasise that I do think that using condoms is incredibly important, and an insignificant negative next to the risks of catching, spreading and dying … yes kids, I said dying of AIDS, or if you put spreading and dying together, you get killing with AIDS. And then there’s all the other incurable, painful and disfiguring STIs. And then there’s pregnancy.

And that’s the end of the educational rant for this broadcast. Now where was I? Ah yes …) I didn’t mind putting on a condom, and as a closet exhibitionist, I enjoyed the opportunity to play with by cock in full view of my Wife. It was one of my better erections – stiffer and more upright than many I have presented Her with, to me it even looked bigger and I did feel a certain pride in displaying it. (You know I’m shallow. Humour me!)

And we fucked. I think we enjoyed it. She certainly moaned and gasped in all the right places, and after what appeared to be a moment of satisfaction She told me She was in a good place. At this point, for various reasons, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to cum.

Her: Are we going to get you there?
Me: Probably not.
Her: Because of the condom?
Me: And because it’s been dealt with. [Note to self – read your own posts on sexual euphemisms, and learn from them. Twat!]

I did manage to be a little more uninhibited and honest a couple of seconds later (I’m afraid I forget the exact conversation) and said something about cumming twice in one day. I know this was a bit of lie, it was the previous day, and I probably could have used Her body sufficiently to orgasm, and it was probably a bit of a shameful dig to remind Her that we’d failed to get off the starting blocks for about a week, but it allowed me to tell Her that I masturbate. Or at least that I had done precisely because we hadn’t had sex recently. She seemed completely unphased by this and didn’t question it. We’ve never really talked about our masturbation habits, or more specifically mine. I guess She must assume I do, but has never expressed much interest. But I digress.

So I slipped out of Her satisfied cunt, pulled off the rubber, rolled over, and we cuddled up. Very pleasant. I moved Her hand down to cup my balls, not particularly as a request to play with them, but rather just because it’s a nice sensation. My cock was showing no sign of deflating, and twitched away gently under the weight and warmth of Her hand, and She took this as a cue to start stoking. Absolutely not my intention, but I certainly wasn’t going to protest.

I love it when She strokes my balls and perineum as She wanks me, and as you will learn soon Dear Reader, I am not averse to a little anal stimulation. Regrettably thus far She has never gone near my asshole. Although with previous partners I have felt comfortable asking for a little bum love, I have shied away from verbalizing this with my Wife. I have frequently whimpered and gasped with pleasure as Her fingers have strayed in that direction, but She has, for whatever reason, not taken the hint. Her fingers have always continued their journey North and not, I hasten to add, via the Forbidden Passage.

But last night She stroked my cock. I sighed with pleasure.
She squeezed harder and thumbed my glans. I moaned.
She tickled my perineum. I whimpered.
Her fingers slid between my buttocks. I made that little sound we all make, that’s kind of difficult to describe, but which could never be translated as anything but “Yes dear, that’s lovely and I have absolutely no objection to you continuing to do it.”
Her fingers brushed against my ring. I gasped.
And She didn’t stop.
Just in case you missed that, She didn’t stop!
She. Did. Not Stop.
She kept tickling and teasing and brushing against and around my sphincter. All the while tugging really hard at my cock. Whilst this was very restrained compared to the attentions lavished upon my bottom by previous lovers, in the context of my married sex life, this was utterly utterly mind blowing.

At this point inhibition overcame me and I told Her in no uncertain terms, “What ever you do don’t stop.” She giggled, laughed, pounded away with Her fist, and delighted my puckered hole with the lightest of touches. And then I covered the duvet, and Her hands and my chest in hot, satisfied semen. And I laughed out loud from the endorphic high. And She took me at my word … and didn’t stop. and I came some more. And eventually I had to tell Her to stop. Although it was difficult to do so through my own fits of giggles.

They say it is an ill wind, and so it was for us last night. The condom was a bit of a downer. Not filling Her lovely pussy with my cum was a pity. But telling Her I masturbate was good. Her reaction to this unremarkable revelation, a relief. Getting anally stimulated by my Wife for the first time was, well, lets just say my cock is hardening at the very tought of it. To the extent I may just need to go the bathroom right now and have a little Accident. Well, I wouldn’t want to save my all cum for Her cunt if She’s likely to do that again. Would I? [Note to self: I wonder if She’d like a strap-on for Valentines Day?]

15 Responses to “And now She knows!”

  1. Very nice! I enjoyed your post.

  2. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Yeah!!!!!!!! Congratulations! *doing a happy dance for you*

    Baby steps! Just so long as you’re moving.

  3. I’m at once sad and happy for you. Sad that you haven’t had this kind of sex life with your wife in the past, but also wholly excited that you’ve decided to change things and that she’s so receptive! Well done and keep on keepin’ on (as we say)!

    • Thanks Dissolute. (Do you mind if I call you Dissolute – I’m a lazy typist!)
      There are a lot more things I’d like and haven’t shared with my Wife. Some I am hopeful for, others less so. But I’m not unhappy at the moment.
      Thanks for your happiness.

  4. Accidential… A very good post. And I, too, am sad for you. I’m going to have to go back into your archives to read some more to get a better picture of this relationship you have with your wife. And remember, as much as us girls make the huge mistake of thinking men can read our minds, remember that we can’t read yours either… I can think of very few (very very very few) thing my husband could ask me for that I wouldn’t be willing to at least try (but I REALLY like sex, so I don’t know if I am an accurate sample for the general population). Anyway, good luck and I hope the new found sexual pleasure continues. And I agree… Condoms suck. I hate them. I’m thankful that I am where I am in my sex life so I don’t have to worry about them. 🙂

    • Thanks.
      Having read a couple of your posts I can’t say you like sex more than my Wife, but I’m pretty certain you’re more motivated towards it and have borader tastes. I know She likes a screaming orgasm, but there’s the matter of how inclined She is to chase one down, and how interested She is in the different ways She could get them. And (with no disrespect to Her for Her efforts) I’d take your BJ technique over Her’s every time – She never seems to be enjoying Herself that much. The jury is still out on how willingly She’d indulge many of my desires, but we need to learn to communicate on the nursey slopes before I ask Her to go near the black runs, never mind off piste in the back woods.

  5. sexuallifeofawife Says:

    Some of that had me laughing out loud (in a good way!)
    I love your humor. Glad things are going the way they are for you!

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