Hair today. Gone tomorrow.

It was maybe 16 or 17 hrs after She’s tentatively sucked my engorged tip that it occurred to me She’d been up close and personal with my freshly waxed cock, with the lights on, and hadn’t said a word about it. We rarely talk much during sex, so on one level it’s not that surprising, but it would be nice to know She paid enough attention to that body part which I love so much, and which She was licking and sucking, to have noticed it was far far less hairy than the last time She’d paid it any attention.

My shaft, balls and ass crack were perfectly smooth and the neat triangle of pubic hairs that remained at barely 1/4″ long, was narrower than my tool, and only lead the path to my navel for about 2″. Obviously She must have noticed my lack off man fur on numerous occasions, you can’t watch a naked person get in and out of your bed on a daily basis for the best part of a decade and not notice. Surely? But as I thought back to that mornings blowjob, I was retrospectively disappointed.

A few days later, as I stood in the shower after sex that failed even to get into the compound of Cape Canaveral, never mind failing to launch, I looked down at my now semi erect love-missile and its little crown of fluff, and in a fit of pique I shaved off my landing strip. My abdomen and genitals are now completely bald.

I’ve never been a big fan of the hairless look on women or men, and although this is not the first time I’ve been completely shaved, I do find myself looking down at my hairless body and thinking it just looks like there’s something missing. 6 or 7 weeks after I’ve had a BCS wax, when my pubes are growing back, I do find my mild hairiness anything but aesthetically pleasing, but the smooth run from chin to foreskin does just look a little bit wrong. It needs something to break it up.

Yes, I have been completely hairless before, and one day soon I shall get round to telling you of the woman who first decided all my fuzz had to go. And as you already know, I have been far less hairy than nature intended for many years. First trimming, then shaving, and now waxing. Or more precisely, getting waxed. Although I get a trained professional to do the hard to reach bits, these days I do always do the final shaping myself. Having tried ready waxed strips (a complete pain to use), I’ve long used a microwavable bikini wax called Smooth Appeal. Unfortunately I can no longer find this and have just bought a different brand called Nads. Stumbling across this on the pharmacists shelf did make me laugh – I don’t know if this translates to other countries, but certainly in the UK, nads is a euphemism for testicles. (Nads, short for gonads.) So to sell a product for removal of pubic hair and brand it with a name for genitals, well, you’ve got to think someone in the international marketing division didn’t do their homework properly.

The other thing that made me laugh about Nads bikini wax is that each pot ships with four tasteful, self adhesive templates:

The traditional rectangular strip I’m not at all surprised at; the triangle is probably quite popular too, and I thought it was a nice touch to provide a cut-here line in case you want a smaller shape. But I nearly laughed out loud at the heart and lightning strike – does anyone actually use these? I sincerely hope so. Obviously these glorified stickers are currently no use to me, and to be honest I doubt I shall ever use them, but you never know.

Since my cock is now as bald as the proverbial coot, my groin contrasts completely with that of my Wife. I assume She notices my topiary, after all, when Her bush is always au naturel, when She never even trims Her bikini line, how could this difference not be striking?

When I mention Her bikini line, I should add that She has, in the past, ignored it to an extent that others must have found hard. We visited a friend in France a few years ago, who took us to the beach. I am not sure quite how common it is in France, but this beach was certainly topless, as was our female escort, her other female guest and (both to my surprise and joy) my Wife. I was quite a happy bunny that afternoon, though thankfully I managed to keep my little soldier at ease for the duration. I feel obliged to comment that our host has one of the most beautiful pairs of tits I have even seen, in print or in the flesh, and her bikini bottoms were small enough that it was plain to anyone bold enough to repeatedly cast a lascivious  and covert glance over her toned, tanned body that her beaver most was definitely juxtaposed with that of my Wife. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to my Wife at all, but a little of Her hair was clearly visible peeping round the edge of Her swimsuit. It’s not a good look. Is it girls?

Well a couple of weeks ago, amidst the peak of our New Year fuck fest, I found myself in the bathroom looking at my razor. Having a tendency towards anal retentiveness, I notice details. I certainly don’t suffer from OCD, but I think about how I do things: the order the full fat and semi-skimmed milk bottles are placed in the fridge door, whether the toilet roll hangs against or away from the wall, how my razor is stored, such things are rationalised, so I knew my razor had been used. I knew She’d waxed Her legs only a couple of days previously, so that wasn’t it. Oh, please, yes. Please tell me having just gone down on my hairless dick She’s been inspired to trim Her own pubes. Please. Please. That would be so so so sexy and a genuine sign She was becoming more comfortable with sex. Please. Pleeeeaaaase. Oh, hang on. She hasn’t. Has She. She’s just shaved Her under-arms. Bugger. The heart rending disappointment.

I long for Her to regard Herself as a sexual being. To look at Her body and be proud of it, to care about Her shape the way I do. To look at Herself naked in the mirror and to be aroused at the sight. I don’t want Her to be vain, or shaped like Barbie. Far from it. But I dream of Her understanding why I love Her body, why today I have no pubes, and enjoying both, at least in part, as I do.

19 Responses to “Hair today. Gone tomorrow.”

  1. Gillian Colbert Says:

    I’ve used Nads before. I didn’t find it worked very well. I was back to shaving very quickly. (BTW, the creator is Australian, I don’t know if Nads has the same meaning over there. Here in America it means your balls too)

    Speaking for the repressed over here. It’s only been in the last year that I’ve begun to trim. I simply ignored that aspect of my body. It was like if I dealt with the grooming aspect, I had to begin dealing with the underlying emotional aspect.

    While I’m not asking you to elaborate, I am extremely curious about your wife’s past and what has shaped her into who she is.


    • I think you’ve probably hit the nail on the head about history impacting on my Wife’s sexuality. (Isn’t it so with most of us?) I think the difference is that nothing happened. Nothing at all. Ever. With anyone. Not even Herself. I can’t be sure there was nothing more negative, and I have little idea how anyone can fail to develop a sexual side to their personality, but maybe that will come out with the help of our counselling.

      On the hair issue, I’d recommend waxing over shaving every time. And getting someone else to do it for you can save you a big pain in the neck – metaphorically and literally. If your comfortable with the idea, give it a go. It’s absolutely worth it.

    • Wait….I have loads to say about this subject. I think I may write a little something about it later. It’s 5:45 and my brain is not warmed up yet. How are you Gillian? AM?

  2. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Sometimes, unintended things shape us more than we know. It can be words. Messages drilled into us, that kind of thing. That’s where her responsibility comes in though. She’s going to have to dig through those layers of silt. I hope she finds that will to do so for you both.

    I wax my face. When I tried to do it for my legs and underarms I broke out in an awful rash. I’m looking into permanent hair removal at this point.

  3. I like a bare dick. It’s easier to go down on a guy when there isn’t any hair to tickle my nose or get stuck in my mouth. And, although a think a girl is beautiful with a bit of hair, I shave myself bare. It’s easier than trying to manage a shape! I find sex sexier when it’s skin to skin, all around. It gets wet, slippery… Okay, I’ve got to stop! Never tried self waxing, only on my eyebrows. I may consider it. Thanks for mentioning it!

    • Sadly, getting pubes stuck in my teeth are but a distant memory for me. And I get very limited oral, or feedback, so my own depilation is purely egotistical.
      I’m surprised you think a shaped muff is high maintenance (what shape are you going for?!?!?), but for a smooth pussy, I can’t speak highly enough of waxing. Though when it comes to getting all the hairs from your labia, as opposed to your mound, I can’t help thinking DIY is going to be harder than shaving.

    • It’s not that shaping is high maintence, it’s only that I have found it’s easier to manage if I just shave it all off, compared to shaving, shaping, and trimming, having to use different tools… Not that any of it is really that hard, but it’s easier for me to keep up with if I just stay bare. I can take care of everything right in the shower. But when I had hair, I normally went with a small triangle or landing strip, but would always keep my lips bare (see my reasons above :)). And I’ve been shaving, or at least well trimmed, since I was 15 or 16, so I can do it pretty quick! It was hard when I was pregnant (I would always get HUGE), but M was very helpful there. He’d shave me, which he has come to enjoy, and will still do every now and again. But I don’t mind, because it never stops with just shaving…

    • Shaving my partner is the single most erotic thing I have ever done. Without exception. (There’s a blog post in the pipeline for that.)

  4. My husband and I (sounds abit like the beginning of the queen’s speech!) have never shaved ‘down there’ . I’m not a very hairy person – but there is hair… My husband is hairy as an animal (no big exaggeration!) But I’ve never really found the need until blogging when so many of you see the benefits. And now the idea of a partner shaving you being erotic – my mind is beginning to see the light… ; )

  5. I appreciate a trim, but I like hair. It denotes maturity in my lizard brain.

    And I agree with Gillian, there’s something in your wife’s history that is affecting her; we’re ALL affected by our past. You just don’t happen to know what hers is and it’s a roadblock to movement.

    I also think its telling that she was mute about your grooming.

  6. Good luck AM. The first one is always the hardest.

  7. Ah, pubic hair… I’m with Hyacinth on that, I like to see, feel hair. I realised not that long ago that having it trimmed is nice too, softer on the tongue when going for a lick on the balls 😉
    But I still enjoy the feel of my fingers going through some hair.
    As for myself, though I always trimmed, I never even considered going completely without until the suggestion (request?) was made by my husband. Unfortunately, similarly to your experience, I was quite disappointed when he didn’t even notice it for a week, for lack of looking at or touching me. Since I’d shaven, by that time, there was already much regrowth!
    So I decided (and told him) that if he wanted it to happen again, he’d have to do it himself. I was thinking along the lines : if he does it himself, at least he’ll notice it right away! And also, as you mentioned, of the difficulty of doing it properly oneself, and there is nothing I hate more than just a spot of hair in the midst of bareness (and that goes for any body part…)
    I have to admit that my mind was quite aroused at the idea of having his face so close to my cunt, his eyes taking in this most intimate region, feeling his warm breath on that soft skin… apparently, all he could see was the drudgery of it, the hair and mess it could create. And possibly, he just didn’t feel like putting in the work. So it never happened 😦
    I want to say his loss… then was thinking it probably is mine too, but then thinking his is probably greater, as I’m looking for new lodgings at the moment…

    • His loss indeed!
      An fuck-buddy once asked me what was the sexiest thing I’d ever done: I had to split it up into sexiest, horniest, dirtiest, kinkiest etc. Shaving pussy is definitely the most erotic thing I’ve ever done. If you need a volunteer …

    • Thanks for volunteering… though this is not something that I’d really do for myself, I quite like looking like a grown woman as opposed to being completely without. So I don’t really feel the need to do this just for myself. Now, if someone dear was to request it gently again… then I’d be more than happy to let them have a go at it… if only for the thought of what might follow… (did I mention I’m a horny little thing? Well, little might be stretching it, but you get the idea!)

    • Whilst I understand where the idea of wanting to look like a hairy adult comes from, as I prefer to have a landing strip (on both myself and on pussies), it’s not something I have much empathy for.
      (I’m a big fan of horny little things.)

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