DLS #2 : Swim club

Regular readers will know I’ve not been sleeping well recently and waking up far too early. What I’ve not mentioned is that over the last year or so I have fallen out if the habit of taking exercise and have put on more wieght than I am happy with. I have resolved to remedy the latter by making use of my early mornings and, as a former competitive swimmer, I intend to be beasting myself up and down our local swimming pool on a regular basis.

This morning was day one of my new regime. I woke up 2hrs before I needed to start the day, with my usual hard-on, and as much as I would have like to toss myself off, figured my time and calories would be better spent submersed in chlorinated water. So off I went to the pool.

It’s a while since I’ve done much swimming and my fitness is a fraction of what it used to be, so I took it easy for my first mile in the water. But I was gratified that despite doing breast stroke, I was still faster than any of my fellow early birds who were doing freestyle. You will not, therefore, be surprised to hear there was not a single svelte swimmer’s body worth letching over. All about me bobbed saggy pensioners and corpulent business men.

My mile swum, I ached a righteous ache. Although I do not consider my current physical state to be remotely sexy, with a quantity of endorphins coursing through my veins to which I have long been unaccustomed, combined with my morning testosterone peak, I felt horny as hell.

The current trend at UK pools, much to my disliking, seems to be for mixed gender changing rooms, so you can’t have a proper shower and have to get dressed in cramped cubicles. And so I found myself naked in a cramped box. And hormonally stoked as I was, I stroked my cock till it was alert with the intent of shuffling off a quick hard hand fuck.

I’d like to say that all that testosterone came spraying forth from my turgid member in hot salty jets, but if I’m honest, my lack of fitness was an insurmountable hurdle. My triceps and deltoids, having ne’er an once of sugar between them, soon promised imminent cramp, and I had to release my eager cock from my not so eager grip before the lactic acid got the better of me. I failed to get off. But my target, as I regain some fitness, is to sucessfully shoot my load on my next visit to the swimming pool. Wish me luck.

16 Responses to “DLS #2 : Swim club”

  1. Good luck, AM. You crack me up!

    Hope all went well Thursday…

  2. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Good luck! I can’t imagine a co-ed locker room in the states! It would send the conservatives into a righteous rage! All manner of fire and brimstone would rage!

    • It was much better in the good old days of single sex changing rooms. You had enough space and got to look at other men’s cocks.
      Bizarrely gym changing rooms don’t seem to have gone this way.

  3. So goddamned hot. I love knowing this.

    And – funny aside – I used to be a competitive swimmer, too! Makes me ❤ you even more.

    • Was it not you good self that, just a few weeks ago, was prising open her labia and sinking her fingers into her slippery hole openly in the gym changing rooms? You inspire me to pull back my foreskin.

  4. I’m glad to see you…I was getting worried! Good luck for the next time. This is probably a stupid question but, if you do succeed, what will you do with the evidence? Women have less evidence! LOL

    PS: I’ve been up since 4AM. If we were married (to each other I mean) we could be doing it like crazed weasels and would not even need to write or seek counseling! C’est la vie AM!

    • Two alternatives spring to mind.
      1- I cum in my hand and then lick it all up.
      2- I wipe it up with my swim shorts.
      Your choice.

      And yes, I’m sure we would fuck till every oriface dripped. But alas no.

  5. ….or even masturbate so much for that matter!

  6. Ooh er. Shame you couldn’t get off…next time 😉

  7. confessionsofyourhusbandsmistress Says:

    I can’t imagine getting that far along and just letting it go. I’m all about completing the mission and paying for it later. Hahaha. Let us know when it does work out. Hot!

  8. Haven’t encountered co-ed changing rooms – and as you describe them, it sounds especially frustrating – I imagine almost all the (straight) men are sitting in theri cubicles as you were, boning off – I know I would!

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