There are things we all do that satisfy our own personal interests, desires, lusts and fetishes, and they are as individual and unique as we are as people. Some of us like coffee, some of us like tea, some like feather pillows, silk sheets & lace underwear, others like rubber gimp suits, nipple clamps and auto erotic asphyxia. But how do you explain your own choices to anyone else?

I was a little surprised by the almost unanimous response to my recent post Up all night in which I discussed a brief period wearing my CB6000s. That response was a resounding “Why?” It is a complicate question, with many possible answers, but I shall try to shed some light on the subject, though I guess first I should deal with what a CB6000s is, and how I first came to wear one.

The CB6000 is a male chastity cage. It is effectively a curved plastic tube into which your dick is inserted, and to which a cock ring is secured, behind your balls, with a padlock. Once the wearer’s genitals are imprisoned 1) they cannot be played with, 2) attaining an errection is significantly impeded and 3) even if the wearer could get hard, there would be no way to fuck, suck or wank. It is intended that the key for the padlock be kept by someone other than the wearer, restricting their sexual activity and exerting a degree of control over their behaviour.

The 6000 is something like the 3rd generation of cage from the manufacturer, the others being the CB2000, which was followed by the CB3000, then CB6000, the CB6000s, and The Curve.

(There are other similar devices from other manufacturers, The Birdcage being made from a soft silicon material, and various metal varieties, though I have no experience of any of these.)

Of the current models, the CB6000 is the standard, The Curve has a longer tube for well endowed men, and the CB6000s has a shorter tube for those, like myself, with shorter flaccid members. (For context, at normal room temperature, when not arroused, my pride and joy is usually about 2.75 inches in length with a girth of 4.5 inches, and the 6000s fits me absolutey perfectly – there is no room for growth at all.
Each tube comes with a range of different diametered cock rings, a pair of coupling pieces with locating pins, a set of different sized spacers and matching lock pins, a padlock, and number of plastic locking tags.

The different sized cock rings, spacers and lock pins allow a wide variety of shaft thickness to be accommodated as well as allowing for how close your balls hang to your body. Between these components and the different shaft models, pretty much any dick should be cage-able.
The tube is curved and contoured to match a flaccid prick, and has breathing holes around it to reduce the chance of irritation to the skin, along with a slot shaped hole in the end so the wearer can still take a piss with the cage in place.
Whilst a metal padlock is supplied for normal use, a set of numbered plastic locking tags is also included. Once fixed through the locking pin, these cannot be undone without breaking them, and each one is uniquely numbered. These can be used either when the key holder suspects the padlock may be opened without their consent or when the wearer may be subjected to security checks involving metal detectors. So you can theoretically pass through airport security whilst wearing a cage.
All in all it is a well thought out package.

In practice, the CB6000s is a remarkably simple device to use, and these days I can put it on in about a minute.

  • First assemble all you will need. Although strictly speaking that’s only the constituent parts of the cage, life is made a lot easier with the following: some sex lube, a couple of sheets of tissue and cotton bud.
  • Remove your underwear and sit down. As with cock rings and ball stretchers, it helps to be warm, so your ball sack is relaxed.
  • First apply a little lube to your chosen cock ring, on the inner face and the two parallel sides – the parts that will be in contact with your body. This is not strictly necessary but will aid comfort over a protracted time.
  • With one hand, pull your balls down and away from your body, and with the other, from bellow, slide the ring around your cock behind your balls. Do not let go at this stage, but use the thumb of the hand you used for the ring to push down lightly on the top of your shaft. You can now let go with the other hand.
  • Fit the bridge piece with the pins through the locating holes in the ring. Be careful not to pinch any skin as you push the pieces together.
  • Fit the second bridge piece onto the pins, again taking care not to pinch any skin.
  • Insert the locking pin though the hole in the bridge pieces and slide the spacer onto the pin.
  • Lube up the inside of the tube. Do not try lubing up your cock as (in my experience) that is almost certainly going to get you a little hard at the very least, and it’s going to be much harder to get the tube on. I also find it useful to put a little lube on the outside underneath, where your cock usually rests against your balls, just for comfort.
  • Ease you manhood into the tube. This is where the cotton bud comes in. The tube will probably push back the skin of your penis and the cotton bud can be used to persuade everything in. Pay particular attention to avoid pinching between the spacer and the base of the tube, as this is the easiest place to get skin caught.
  • Fit the padlock. I find this the fiddliest part, not least because there’s generally a little lube on my fingers at this point (hence the tissues), but also as the whole thing fits together quite sunggly. The padlock often needs a little wiggle to get the shank through the locking pin.

This all sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, and this exploded picture basically tells you how it all fits together.

As mentioned, the 6000 is an updated design and the CB2000 was a more primitive design. Rather than having a tube to encase your cock, there was an actual cage constructed of plastic rods, and it was one of these I first came into contact with. At the time, my girlfriend Geri and I played around with a little bondage, a little fetish wear, some mild S&M, and a little control-type role play. We stumbled across the CB2000 whilst shopping for sex toys and it instantly caught Geri’s eye. I was unconvinced by its merits at the time, but as I had entertained her by subjecting her to a combination of arousal, restraint and denial on numerous occasions, it seemed only fair that she should be allowed to play a similar game. Although not cheap, we bought one together and at the first opportunity, Geri imprisoned my cock and balls. Well, to be strictly accurate, the first couple of attempts were unsuccessful and either ended up with my balls getting painfully tweaked or with me getting a stiffy before the cage was in place and the games could begin. (Can you guess how we dealt with that situation?)

Once we’d figured out how best to put the cage on, the CB2000 became a regular fun feature of our sex play. With my cock and balls secured, we would go out of an evening and Geri would flirt seductively with me and tell me things almost certain to get me hard, or we’d watch porn together, or she’d walk round the flat naked, or either one of us would masturbate her. And all through this I was not allowed to get a boner. Occasionally I’d be sent away for the week (we didn’t live together) with the cage in place and she’d phone me each evening as she fucked herself with a vibrator. On one occasion we even went to a table dancing club together and she paid for me to have a private, fully naked, pussy-inches-from-my-face lap dance.

But there was always reward. When I was released, the tables were turned, and it was my turn to use her body for my pleasure, in any way I wanted. And I did!
We had a lot of fun.

Geri loved the power, the tease and the mischief: for me, arousal was sometimes uncomfortable, inevitably frustrating, and took quite a lot of self control to keep my genitals comfortable. When we were apart, or when she allowed me to be not aroused, the device was comfortable, and the combination of the cock ring nestled behind my scrotum and bars around my shaft were a pleasantly constant reminder of sex. I could not ignore my genitals and it felt very sexy. I guess it’s a bit like wearing lingerie that makes you feel sexy, and it constantly bushing against your pussy or nipples. Titillating both by way of feel and reason. Add the promise of pay back when I was released, and it was all very much worth it.

At some point the cage got broken. I’d like to say that was when my cock got so swollen and hard that the nothing could have held it, and the plastic shattered in a shower of dust. Actually we just found it broken in the toy drawer. It had probably got jammed between a couple of vibrators, but it no longer promised restraint. It never got replaced directly and a short while later Geri and I broke up.

Turn the clock forward a few years, and the 2000 had been redesigned as the 3000, and then the 6000. Having enjoyed wearing a cage before I looked at getting another one, just for my own fun. To remind myself of the good old naughty days, and just to enjoy the sensation of being held all day.

I debated the options and eventually settled on the CB6000s as research suggested it was the best size for my limp cock. It was indeed, and I love it. Why? Because it’s naughty. Because it’s something I can wear that makes me feel sexy and no one else knows about it. Because it feels great to have my cock and balls constantly in contact with something other than underwear. Because it reminds me of the times when, having been chased for an hour, a day or a week, I got to vent my loins in whatever debauched way I wanted, and as I did so, my partner begged for more (or less, depending on the game). Why do I wear it? I guess it’s a bit like climbing Everest: if you have to ask, you’ll probably never get it.

20 Responses to “Chased”

  1. Great response, Accidental. And hot…

  2. sexuallifeofawife Says:

    Very detailed answer. Very interesting. Thank you!

  3. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Thank you and now I’m wet…

    • Well don’t just sit there. Go to the bathroom and do something about it. (And I’m not suggesting you get cleaned up. Or not as a priority.)

    • Gillian Colbert Says:

      Consider it sorted…

    • It has belatedly occurred to me that maybe rubbing one out doesn’t really capture the spirit of this blob post. If it’s not too late … get your hands away from your pussy right now.
      Instead, you must think about sex at every opportunity till you get home, and then beg, yes beg your partner to relieve you.

    • Gillian Colbert Says:

      Ummmm … too late, m’dear. Much, much too late 🙂

      I never procrastinate on masturbation and this post was a flame to a match considering I’m in full “extreme horniness syndrome” It’s not taking much *grins*

  4. Softdawnlight Says:

    Thank you for the details. As you wrote, I started to understand and the whole idea of it doesn’t seem odd anymore. It sounded like what I’ve read some men use penile/shaft/scrotum/peritoneum/anal peircings for. Your choice is cool because there isn’t the risk of nerve damage.

    When you wrote that it held you, that was my moment of understanding. It sounded wonderful.

    • Being held is indeed one of the best bits.
      Circumstances would not have had to be very different for me to have at least one genital piercing. When I got my nipple done it was a very close call between that and a PA. I figured it best to start small.

    • Softdawnlight Says:

      Mrs. A.M. would certainly notice a P.A. even if she hasn’t noticed your denuded state. I wonder if there are non-piercing P.A.’s. On the internet I’ve see non-piercing nipple rings and shaft ringlet ladders sold. If there are, then you might have the fun of wearing it, yet removing it before you head home. Perhaps you might get a chain and hook the P.A. to a cock ring. 🙂

    • I think she might!
      Funny you should mention th non peircing PA. There is something called a Penis Wand and I’ve been conteplating getting one ever since I first saw them.
      (There’s a backstory blog I think some of my lovely pervy readers might be interested in too.)

    • dawninflux Says:

      Oh, right this is where the link was.

      You know, until your last post (where you mentioned me! Me! Me! Me!), I didn’t know that you had replied to my last comment. I actually thought I had gone a little too far and perhaps, had been too pervy for you…. 🙂

      Take care ~

    • Too pervy for me? Ha ha! I certainly have my limits – there are some things I’m not really interested in, and some that I consider entirely beyond the pale, but I think you’d have to be into some pretty extreme fetishes to shock me.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up! Now I get it. Sometimes it takes me a while but eventually….

    Bisous AM!

  6. Thanks for better explaining the process on putting these on… Have you tried around with other ones?

    • The only two I’ve tried are the CB2000 and the CB6000s. I’ve looked at a couple of the steel cages in shops, but they look a little capacious for my cock. The CB range is good because not only are there three sizes of sheath (CB6000s, CB6000 and Curve) and each comes with a range of collars and pins, so you’re pretty much guarantee to find something that will fit your cock and balls.
      Are you thinking of getting one? For your own pleasure, or with a friend?

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