DLS #5 : Case notes

Today I have been berated by a couple of your number, Dear Readers, and I feel this is a little unjustified. I have been accused of being a tease because, having been asked questions in response to Up all night, I have said you’ll just have to wait a little while for an explanation. You know all to well that I don’t do things by halves, especially when it comes to brevity and blog posts. It takes me a while to pen such a response. Especially when the answer is long and multifaceted. But I have been working on it. I really have. And I probably shouldn’t.

I am currently fulfilling my civic obligations and am on Jury Duty. Much of the time is spent waiting for trials to happen, and those involved spend a lot of time sitting around waiting, chatting, and not really doing anything of much use while they are not actually required in the court room. Conversations I have overheard today had covered How to do card tricks, What climbing plants grow in shade, Last week I sat on a parental / child molestation case but I can’t tell you about it, and I’ve nearly finsished hemming the new curtains. But being keen to satisfy my readers I have been busy in the waiting room, franically thumbing away at the virtual keyboard of my smart phone, desperately trying to bang out an explanation as to why I sometimes choose to wear a male chastity cage. Yes, in public, whilst waiting to sit on a case about who knows what, where I have the potential to save some from, or comit them to prison, whilst sat next to a nattering, upper middle class, frumpy 50 something woman, I have been writing about how I like to lock my genitals into a plastic cage.

If that doesn’t show dedication to both inappropriate behavior and my naughty naughty readers, I really don’t know what does.

(For the record, this was nearly a very different DLS. I considered wearing a steel ball stretching collar for the day, but with hidsight I’m glad I didn’t – I hadn’t considered the fact that I would need to walk through a metal detector, and that might have been a little difficult to explain.)

9 Responses to “DLS #5 : Case notes”

  1. Gillian Colbert Says:

    LOL! I can only imagine that conversation … I’ll be patient, promise.

  2. Did the padlock not set off the metal detector?

  3. Love it! Still… I’m not doing anything that involves not being able to touch my pussy for days! DAYS, Accidental! Shit.

    And I used to have my nipples pierced (I think we’ve had that conversation), and I remember going through airport security. Beep Beep. Pause by the guard. Beep Beep. Pause, confused look. Beep Beep. I lean over and whisper “My nipples are pierced.” He turned five shades of red!

  4. Hahahaha! A fortuitous choice in wearing the plastic, indeed!

  5. Probably just my insomniac blurred mind, but I think I still don’t get it.

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