10cc – Yes, the band.

I was randomly reminded today that the band 10cc infamously (or apochraphally) got their name from the fact that 10cc is more than the amount of semen ejaculated by the average man . I was bored, on a reasonably long drive, and needed something to occupy my mind. So I did a spot of mental arithmetic.

A couple of former lovers have commented that I’m a heavy cummer. They could well have been just trying to masage my ego, and other than porn movies and their infamous stunt cocks, I have no experience to base that judgement on. I’m going to give my lovers the benefit of the doubt as I have been told by a medical professional (who, I should add, had a somewhat phalic endoscope shoved up my arse at the time) that my Prostate Gland is about 50% larger than average. Since it is the Prostate that produces seminal fluid, I shall rediculously assume, purely for the sake of this maths, I do indeed ejaculate something in the region of 10cc. I should emphasise that I have never attemepted to verify this quantity.

I shan’t bother you with the minutiae other than to say I vividly remember the first time I ejaculated at the age of 14. In the years that have passed since I think on average I’ve probably jerked off anywhere betweem 3 and 15 times a week, depending on where I was domestically, sexually and emotionally. (NB That’s just cumming in my own hand, not in anyone else’s hand mouth, cunt or arse.)

On that basis, I calculate I’ve ejaculated about 9500 times. At 10ml per shot that’s 95 litres. Which the dear old internet tells me is about a bath full.

(Note to self – I really need to find other things to fill my mind with!)

19 Responses to “10cc – Yes, the band.”

  1. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Quite a lot of food, or in this case semen, for thought.


  2. That’s a lot. A bathtub full I mean. Wow AM!

  3. sexuallifeofawife Says:

    10cc! I remember them! Gosh I didn’t know that was where they got their name from – very interesting…
    As Dawn said ‘ that’s alot!!’

  4. Sounds delish, really . And busy!

  5. Y’know, sometimes I baffle myself.

  6. mikey2ct Says:

    I’ve never stopped to figure it out. Since I started in 1954 I must be working on 4th or 5th bathtub.

  7. mikey2ct Says:

    I didn’t really think to post a reference point in my comment 2 days. I’ve been masturbating since the mid ’50s.No rebranding is necessary. amigo. May you ENJOY for a long time to come.

  8. Hilarious post! I hope you were trying to be funny as well as nostalgic and educational!

  9. Accidental, this cracked me up! I love it. I was thinking of trying this the other way, with myself, but it just made my head hurt! 🙂

    • “The other way” being how much cum has been squirted into you, or how much you have squirted? Either way, that’s the sort of filthy morsel I want to know.

    • I was thinking of how much I have squirted, but the quantity is so different each time, even within one fucking, so I wouldn’t even know where to start…

      As far as home much cum has been squirted into me… While, fuck… I have no idea. Let’s see… having sex for 17 years, and having only used condoms a handful of times (I know, I know)… for 8 of those years, we’ll say the average was 3 times a week, that gives me 12480 cc… Then for the last 9 years, I’d say the average number is about 4, giving me 18720 cc… Totaling 31200 cc, giving me 31.2 Liters… Now, having to convert that so that my American mind can see it, that gives me just over 8 gallons of spunk. Which, at first thought, didn’t seem like a whole lot… But then, this crossed my mind… a gallon of whole milk weighs just about 10 pounds (I didn’t look this up, I just remember being told this after a surgery, about what you could lift), and in that case, thats over 80 pounds of cum… Damn. Good think sex burns so many calories!

    • How many litres of jizz do you think you’ve swallowed? (Obviously I’m only thinking about calories here.)

    • Damn, you’re making my head hurt! Ha. But I probably haven’t swallowed as much as you’d think… Well, there are a handful of random blow jobs out there… And we’ll say once a month for the first 8 years… and, since I’ve been with M, it’s not very much, as he had difficulty cumming from head, and would prefer to be buried in my pussy or ass… But that being said, probably about once or twice a month, he will gift me with cumming in my mouth… that gives me… once second here… I’m going to round up (due to those random acts of head) and say about 1.5 liters…

    • I think that’s pretty respectable.

    • Lol. Perhaps it is.

  10. 95 litres? Jesus! I’m a little too dense at math to try to figure it out in terms of myself, but I doubt it’s anywhere near that much for me!

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