Taking control of the situation

I’ve not got laid in about 2 months. It’s not that I’ve been counting, but I know that the last time my cock slid into my Wife’s cunt was mentioned in To fuck, or not to fuck, and that pointed to a date back in Mid Feb. It’s now mid April, and the only action my cock has seen recently has been eponymous accidents. Apropos of nothing, I had a review of my blog entries the other day, and I came across one of my earlier, more optimistic entries A quick grope, in which I related how I’d groped my wife’s tits as She stood at the kitchen sink, and this image stuck in my mind. In the last few days, and in my pussy deprived state, this image has developed into a fully fledged fantasy, and high octane wank fuel.

After supper last night, my wife was stood at the kitchen sink again. It was too good an oportunity to miss. I’d had enough of wanking. I was probably a little grumpy. And I needed a fuck.

I would cut the story short at this point, were there anything to cut short. I couldn’t really be bothered with romantic pre-amble, so I stepped up behind Her, pinning Her to the sink and firmly grasped one of Her tits with one hand and Her crotch with the other, and said “I’m going to fuck you.” There was a pretty good chance this was going to go badly – I’ve never been so bold with Her, and in truth, had I stopped to think about my actions, it was the least rational think I have ever done in the context of our relationship. But I needed to avail myself of Her cunt, and in such a barren landscape, there was little to loose.

I wasn’t forceful. Had She protested, I would have stopped. I’m not stupid, and I respect Her far too much to put Her in a situation She is genuinely uncomfortable with. If I were to rationalise the situation, I could suggest any number of reasons why my decision could have resulted in awesome sex and new horizons, or abject failure, rejection, and the final disintegration of our marriage. I did not rationalise the situation. I just wanted to fuck Her.

She didn’t protest. She didn’t even say a word. For a moment the world stood still. Then She pushed Her arse back against me slightly. Not only did this put pressure on my slowly swelling cock, but also allowed me better access to Her groin, so I squeezed Her pussy harder. Still no protest. Spurred on my a lack of rejection and fuck knows what, I told Her “I’m going to fuck you hard. On the kitchen table.” I have no idea what possessed me to say that, not in the context of this relationship. She said nothing. And I think those were the last words spoken for the next half hour. Or maybe more. She just pushed Her arse back harder against me. If She was in any doubt of my intent, my dick hardening against Her arse cheeks must have confirmed that I had every intention of giving Her a good seeing to.

Still pinning Her to the sink, I let go of Her breast, pulled open Her shirt, and tugged Her bra down. This was pretty unceremonious, but fuck it, subtle sex hasn’t been working for us. I grabbed Her other tit and squeezed it hard, my fingers digging into Her flesh. She squirmed slightly, but gave me no sense of a desire to stop.

I reached for Her belt and undid it. With one hand busy with Her chest I was going to struggle with Her trousers, so I just tugged at them and ripped open the button fly. In doing so I pushed Her forward against the sink and we stumbled slightly. But still no protests. Emboldened by the success of my taking control, I felt no need to tone things down at all, and rather than easing Her panties down, I just pulled the gusset aside to give me unfettered access to Her cunt. I can’t remember whether She was wet yet. There was a degree to which I probably didn’t really care. I could have moved slowly, but I was on a roll, and headed straight for Her clit. Pulled back it’s hood and pinched it firmly. She gasped … but didn’t protest. I’ve never been rough with Her before, and have rarely been permitted to play with Her clit, so I think this was a real surprise for both of us.

I’ve always thought it important to not concentrate on one erogenous zone to the exclusion of another (or at least not without specific intent) and seeing as She’d responded well to the force with which I was treating Her bud, I did the same to Her nipple. Occasionally, whilst approaching orgasm, She has seemed to quite enjoy this, so I was a little more confident. And a little more forceful. I pinched hard. She groaned. I twisted. She grunted. I pushed two fingers into Her pussy. It was definitely wet now. I pushed as deep as I could with my hand at that angle and She pushed back against me with equal vigour. I spread my fingers to stretch Her open. She shuddered. She was obviously not going to protest any time soon.

By now, my cock was bursting to get out of my jeans, and I was aching to ram it into Her. But the kitchen sink wasn’t going to be the easiest site. Add to that, I had promised to fuck Her on the kitchen table. Fortunately, my Wife is considerably smaller than me, and it is pretty easy for me to pick Her up. So one arm wrapped around Her chest, hand still tightly grasping a tit, and with my fingers still buried in Her, I lifted Her up by Her cunt and carried Her across the kitchen to the table. (For the record, this was considerably harder than I expected and I thought the sinews in my arm would shred themselves, but adrenaline is a wonderful thing!) I can’t accurately describe the sound She made as I carried Her like this, but it was guttural, animalistic, wanton, almost angry, but so fucking horny. If it hurt Her to have Her whole weight bearing down on Her sex, the pleasure obviously took precedence.

I pushed Her forward onto the table, face down, and momentarily let go of Her breast and pulled my now soaked fingers from Her hole. A couple of the buttons on Her shirt were still fastened, and for a moment I considered just tearing them open, but I had a feeling it was a relatively new purchase, and as much as this sex was a brave new world, I didn’t want to push my luck. So leaning forward against Her, fixing Her to the table, and in a rare moment of gentleness, I loosed the buttons and slid it off Her shoulders, before slowly and softly stroking up over Her soft globes of flesh, finger tips lingering and circling around both nipples, up to Her neck, over Her shoulders, slowly down Her back to the waistband of Her jeans, easing them inside the sides of Her knickers and ripping them hard down to Her knees. I was almost knelt behind Her, nose level with Her sex. Staring straight at Her hot, swollen lips. Her inner flesh almost crimson underneath the thatch of pubes. (I so wish She shave Her pussy!) My hand moved up the inside of Her thighs and parted them, separating Her buttocks, Her labia spreading slightly. She smelt awesome. Sweet, musky, hot, sweaty. Her whole crotch glistened with Her juices. I buried my face. My mouth open wide, covering as much of Her as I could. I wanted to eat it all. My chin rested against Her mound. My tongue ran the length of Her slit. Savouring the taste. Tracking the lines between Her lips. All the way back. As my nose drew level with Her anus I briefly pondered the possibility of rimming Her, but caution got the better of me. I moved my thoughts back to Her dripping twat and sucked Her inner lips into my mouth. I sucked hard and let them slip out of my grasp. My hands move up and pulled apart Her outer lips and I ran my tongue from back to front. Heading towards Her clit. I lapped at it. Gave it a long hard porno style tongue lashing. I eased back Her clit hood and took Her tenderest flesh between my teeth, squeezing it gently whilst sucking and flicking it with my tongue.

It’s a long time since I’ve rreally had a good taste of pussy – six, seven, maybe eight years – jeez, it might even be a decade! – and my jaw soon ached with the effort. So I reluctantly pulled away and stood up. With such a glorious view, my Wife slumped half naked on the kitchen table, arse in the air waiting to be fucked, I couldn’t help but slip two fingers back into Her cunt. Oh what the hell … She seemed to be enjoying a little more force than usual … so I eased a third into Her. Oooooh yessssss. In for a penny, in for a pound. Lets make it four. Stretch Her a little. More grunts and She pushed back again. I had to make a conscious decision to not introduce Her to fisting as I felt Her muscles clench around my hand and then yield.

But this was enough for me. No, more than enough. Enough foreplay. This all started because I needed to fuck. Damn, I was enjoying myself. But damn, I needed to get my cock into Her. For me.

My jeans were still done up. Neither She nor I had made any attempt to free my engorged tool. I slid my fingers from Her pussy, and as I undid my belt and jeans, and pulled them down to my knees, I marveled at the sight of Her sex, momentarily staying stretched wide and then slowly constricting. From a gaping gash, back to a tight little hole.

My dick was, unsurprisingly, rock hard, near vertical and dripping with pre-cum. I held the base and wiped the tip along the length of Her snatch. Back down again. I don’t know how many times I teased it along Her length. Drawing little circles across the insides of Her cheeks with Her juices. Gently slapping Her mound with my helmet. And then I placed my glans against Her opening. Placed both hands on Her shoulders and paused. And paused. Paused. Paused.

And thrust my whole length into Her body. One fast stoke. Pulling Her back onto me. And as wide as I’d stretched Her with my hand, She was still tight. Her flesh constricting around mine. And again I paused. Staring down at Her cunt, wrapped around my shaft, and I felt my scrotum relax, my balls drop down. I nudged forward and enjoyed the sensation as my nuts swung forward, bouncing off Her. I knew they would soon tighten again as I started to pump into Her but I love this moment. I’ve never felt it with my Wife (probably because I’ve never fucked Her from behind). I love how my balls oscillate with each movement, and I wished I had a ball stretcher bolted round my sack right then.

But back to the job. Fucking. Fucking Her. Fucking me. Claiming Her body for myself. Taking Her. Using Her.

I fucked hard. I fucked fast. I fucked deep. I wanted to cum. To drain my balls. To drain them properly of every last drip of seed. I reached under Her, groping a single tit and Her pussy, just as this had all started. Squeezing. Stroking. Pinching. Twisting. The occasional slap on Her clit. I wish I could report the detail of Her responses. Her grunts and moans. Her whimpers and gasps. What triggered them. But quite frankly, by this stage I almost didn’t care. She was my fuck toy. Her cunt was mine. Her tits were mine. Her asshole … oh the thoughts that suddenly went through my head when I looked down at Her puckered ring. Could I get away with slipping a finger up Her ass? Or perhaps even buggering Her ? Another time maybe! Not now. I needed to finish. I needed to shoot my load in Her.

And I was going to. Soon. I pulled my throbbing tool out of Her sodden twat, turned Her round to face me and pushed Her down onto Her knees. She rarely sucks me off, and She’s certainly never tasted my cum. But this was going to change. I gently took hold of a fist of Her hair and pulled Her head back. I straddled Her and She plainly knew what was coming. My cock, my balls, my whole crotch, glistening with Her slippery juices. She would taste Herself, long before She tasted me. Without a word She closed Her eyes and opened Her mouth. I needed no further invitation and guided my shaft in. Her lips closed around me and Her cheeks drew in as She sucked. I thought I’d have to do the work, but no, She started nodding. Rocking Her head back and forth. Her lips gliding along my length. I felt Her tongue swirl around my glans. Along my shaft. She wrapped Her fingers round the base of my balls and tugged firmly on them. And that was it. I felt the burn of my orgasm rising. I pulled a little harder on Her hair to stop Her moving – I wanted to fuck Her face. To use Her mouth like I had used Her cunt. And I started thrusting. Pushing my cock as deep into Her mouth as I could. And She sucked me in at the same time. Inevitably I didn’t get to enjoy this for too long as I started to spray my cum into Her throat. Her first taste of cum (yes, as far as I know, Her first taste ever) was always going to be a surprise and She pulled back. But that was OK. I was more than happy to cum on Her face. To watch my jizz splatter across Her cheeks and lips, in her hair. To point my squirting member down and cover Her tits. And fuck me! How much cum? I know I said I’d not fucked in a couple of months, but it was almost as if I hadn’t ejaculated at all in that time.

And as I finished stroking my cock. Alone. In bed with no one but myself. With all this fantasy no nearer to ever being reality. I decided to write it all down for you, Dear Reader. And I considered the need to apologise to you. I know I have presented this as a real fuck that really happened, but it didn’t. I can’t imagine it ever will. I am sorry. I have mislead you. And I hope you will forgive me. I was not my intention to lie to you – what would be the point of that? But as I have never written fiction before, I wondered whether the knowledge of such falsehood would detract from the read. So I deliberately let you think this was real. I hope you will not judge me for that.

13 Responses to “Taking control of the situation”

  1. Oh my GOSH!!!! I was so happy for you! And then… 😦 What if you tried it? What if she liked it? Oh would you try it and tell us how it plays out?

  2. Gillian Colbert Says:

    AM – I was ecstatic for you and now I’m both heartbroken and actually crying. Not because you painted it as reality, but because it should be and it wasn’t.

    My deepest and heartfelt wishes that this changes.


    • I’m with Gill. On the one hand, a brilliant piece of erotica, AM, truly. On the other, I’m so sad for you; your wife has never tasted your cum? You’ve never fucked her from behind?? 😥

    • Glad you like the story.
      Don’t be sad – it may yet get better – we’re having another first meeting with a different counsellor this week so progress may yet be made. I can’t imagine She will ever want me to cum in Her mouth, but when we’ve learnt how to like each other again, and if She can learn to let go and enjoy sex as much as She obviously has the capacity to, I may yet get to enjoy the view of my cock sliding into Her from behind. We live in hope.

    • I’m glad you liked it. Not sure I’ll make a habit of writing fictitious posts, if nothing else it reminds me of what I don’t have.
      (Be careful what you wish for. 😉 )

    • Gillian Colbert Says:

      I’m always careful, darlin 😉

    • Then perhaps you should be a little less careful? 😉

    • Gillian Colbert Says:

      haha! I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

  3. Oh man!!!! I was going to tell you that I wished someone wanted me like that, that something of that intensity would happen to me say….today, but no. I’ll say I wish it would happen for both of us.


    • I wish someone wanted me to take them like that. Or just wanted to have sex with me with a degree of intensity that even remotely that. But sadly no.
      I share your wish. (I suspect it’s a good thing we’re not in the same country!)

  4. I was right there with the others Accidental… So excited for you (yay! AM’s getting the fucking he deserves!!) and then… Here’s hoping the new counselor works out! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

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