A quick update

Just a quick update on the relationship counselling:
We never got anywhere with Relate, though not specifically due to failings in the counselling they offer, but rather because they didn’t seem very client focussed when it came to making appointments. I am of the opinion that it’s good to make life easy for new clients, and amongst other things, that means giving them as wide a range of apointment times as possible. I understand that Relate have duties to their staff, as employers, but if that means clients find it difficult to make apointments at times that suit them, well, it just doesn’t really work. And it didn’t really work for us. £50 down the drain, but hey. We tried. So …

After a recent minor argument about something inconsequential, and our mutual over reaction to the situation, we booked an apointment with an independant counsellor and had our first appointment today. (I should say that, whilst the first suggestion to seek counselling was mine, I have largely left the organisation to my Wife since. Largely, because She has far a more demanding and predictable diary, but not entirely, as I have got increasingly apathetic towards the relationship recently – if She want’s it fixed, She’s better sort something out … kind of thing. I know that’s not healthy, and it’s not been a conscious change, it’s just where I am at the moment. I am, however, pleased that are making an effort to fix things.)

There’s nothing major to report as yet, in terms of progress, but it seems we both feel more comfortable with John than we did with Betty. And whilst I don’t see that anything was resolved today, I do have a degree of optimism that resolutions may possibly be found. Having fallen into a somewhat negative head-space on the who relationship issue, I do have to make a conscious decision at the moment to say I hope they can. But we will be going back next week. And I dare say the week after. Who knows where it will lead, but fingers crossed.

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