An unusual day at work

(I’ve recently started subscribing to Erotix‘s blog and am very much enjoying the pictures appearing in my blog feed. The one that caught my eye today was this one, entitled Phone Sex … (I hope it’s ok to repost it, but please visit the blog as there are some wonderful pictures on it.

It reminded me of a blog entry I posted elsewhere else, some 5yrs ago, (a now defunct blog) and I thought I would dig it out, dust it off, tidy it up, and republish it here. So …

I work in a technical role within a creative industry, and occasionally my work deals with audio books. When I arrived at work today I was greeted with “Are you up for some erotica?” Whilst there is a fair degree of low level, sexy banter in the office, this was an usual occurrence by any means, and I was a little taken aback.

It transpired that as a bit of a favour to the boss and a published author, we were to be packaging up audio versions of 3 erotic short stories for the author, I guess in her 50s; two from the male perspective, already recorded, and one from the female perspective, which still needed to be recorded.

The nominated reader was to be Julie, one of the women in the office. Julie is a young-ish 30, slim, attractive and although she is single, gets justifiably plenty of attention from men. She’s a little too high-brow for my taste, but to use a terribly crass phrase, hell yes, I’d do her!

Since there are no really quiet spaces in the office, and as Julie lives around the corner in a quiet cul-de-sac, it was decided that we would record her in her house … and the quietest room turned out to be her bedroom. So there we were, me with a hand held recorder and microphone, the boss directing and Julie reading some pretty full on erotica, in her bedroom. Now don’t start getting excited, it was all very professional and it didn’t end up with Julie getting DP’d, spit roasted, enjoying a cum facial with both her hands wrapped around our cocks, or any other kind of threesome! Sadly. But let me give you an idea of the strength of this material. (Obviously I will not be quoting directly for reasons of copyright.)

Story one. Male reader
Synopsis: Her pussy is waxed clean. An unspoilt beauty to behold. He knows this and loves it. And he loves the fact that other than her, only he knows this. He stokes her hairless skin with his hand. But it’s more like silk than skin. He observes the pale outer lips and the darker inner lips peeping out between them. He licks her, exploring the folds of her pussy as they become swollen with pleasure. He nibbles on her clit. He pushes his tongue into her, savoring the taste of her cunt. He builds her to a climax, she cums, she curls up around him. Etc etc etc.

Pretty standard fare, but beautifully detailed and erotic.

Story two. Male reader.
Synopsis: He’s lying behind her. She’s asleep. He had oiled himself up, and her. He nudges his engorged member between her cheeks. She wakes. He strokes her breasts and pushes his tip towards her forbidden entrance. She sinks onto his cock, enveloping it with her tight, muscular anus. He rides her, playing with her tits. He moves his cock to her wanting pussy and then back to her ass before she gets all she wants. He fucks her hard, stretching her flesh with his powerful strokes and she groans with pleasure. Etc etc etc.

(Although this story tells of her orgasming, there is no mention of him emptying his balls deep in her butt.)
I think what impressed me most was a 50yr old woman, writing hardcore erotica from a man’s point of view about buggering his partner.

Story three. Julie reads. (And this is the story Erotix’s picture reminded me of.)
Synopsis: She can feel him. He can feel her. She has oiled herself ready for this. He wants to fuck her. She wants him to wait and pleasure her first. He stokes her, teasing the cleft of her sex with his fingers and tongue. He laps at her pussy, and she drips her juices over him. She strokes his cock, pulling back the soft velvety foreskin, again and again, exposing his crimson glans. She wants him. He enters her slowly, controlling her. He almost pulls out, then slides all the way back into her in one movement. She reaches for her pussy and with her fingers, squeezes her lips around his hardness. She throws the duvet off exposing her skin to the cold air, enhancing the sensations. She reaches round and tickles his butt hole. He is so very close. She moans, he grunts, they cum. She wishes he would be there to curl up with … and hangs up the phone.

And it’s all just as explicit as that, if not more so … and a little better written.

Being the professional I am, I took no great pleasure from recording Julie and during the session did as much to make her as comfortable as possible, pointing out to the boss that Julie’s story really should be read more gently, as women’s erotica, not men’s porn – a subtle distinction when reading the same material. In contrast, I’m pretty sure the boss enjoyed the process more than he ethically should have, encouraging a lithe beauty to emphasise the dirtiest words in the script, and fain breathlessness when the character was penetrated or orgasmed.

Recording done we walked back to work with conversations of less sexual things. But walking up the stairs behind her, Julie’s bum was at the same level as my face, and I wondered, under her close fitting black trousers with no VPL, as she read, had it excited her, had her lips moistened and swollen and had she ached for someone filling her … and then to hold her. Maybe she found it thrilling to be sat on her bed with two men stood over her, as she created unrestrained images of coitus and cunnilingus, maybe she wondered whether our cocks swelled as she read. I sincerely so hope so!

As soon as we got into the office she headed to the toilet: did she need to relieve some tension between her legs, did she need to dab herself dry to ensure no one could discern the sweet scent of her sex, or did she merely need to pee?

A very pleasant hour’s editing and encoding later and “We’ll play it in the car on the way through” said the boss as I handed him the finished CD. (He and Julie were heading into town for a meeting.) Bearing in mind Julie had only wanted to listen to small snippets of the recordings, I just know that he would have reveled in the idea of Julie’s embarrassment as she was forced to listen to the stories in the passenger seat of his car. I have no doubt that as he drove, he’d get wood and she would blush!

When Julie & the boss left early, leaving me the last in the office, being decidedly horny and little perv I am, liking a little risk, I worked the last hour of the day naked from the waist down.

5 years on, I still have the MP3s for these erotic stories. They still get me as hard as ever and, as I listen to them, I still love to think of Julie’s mouth, pussy and anus, along with my tongue and cock, being those in the stories.

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  1. brilliant story, thanks for dusting it off…

  2. Reblogged this on Erotixx and commented:
    well this story deserves a reblog from his reblog of my post, ehhh… ok anyway, read the post ok…

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