Early morning shopping

I had an hour to kill this morning, in a town I don’t often visit, when I remembered a fetish store had opened up a while back, and I’d never got round to visiting it. So I took the scenic route home and popped in. Normally you’d expect to shop on the darker side nearer the hours of darkness. But at 9am, whilst most people were either getting home from the school run, or getting their first coffee of the day and sitting down at their desks to tackle the first barrage of emails, I was perusing glass dildos, nipple clamps, leg-spreaders, electro-stim strap-ons, and racks of leather gimp masks, PVC uniforms and rubber corsets.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the smell of rubber? It’s virtually unavoidable in fetish shops, and it is just so evocative: you can’t help but think of the smooth shiny material tight against your skin, the feel of a hand across it, so nearly in direct contact with your body. The way it stretches over the curves of your flesh, hiding some, accentuating others. And if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying this with a co-conspirator, you can pretty much guarantee that at some point you will be fucking like rabid animals. A hard, fast, pounding, forceful, almost desperate fuck. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the smell of rubber just after breakfast?

As I rifled through a rack of men’s fetishwear, I was hidden from most of the shop. There were latex shirts, vests, hoods, thongs, boxers with zips from cock to asshole, leather gauntlets, and I was particularly drawn to a pair of rubber jeans. (But sadly, not an expense I can justify just now … and black is so boring when it comes to rubber) I was aware that the early morning cleaner had come into the shop and had started to sweep the floor, but she obviously hadn’t seen me. For as soon as I caught her gaze, she apologies to she woman behind the counter as she didn’t realise there was a “client” in the shop and hurried off to another retail unit. I don’t know whether her hasty departure was out of courtesy to the anonymity of fetish shoppers, or because she assumed I was such monstrous pervert and couldn’t bear to be in the same room as someone who might actually partake in acts of sexual depravity. How knows!

Anyway, although I always love being in sex shops, and there were indeed a couple of items that did catch my eye, my visit was a little disappointing: stock was fairly limited, and they didn’t have the one toy I was hoping to find. As mentioned in response to Softdawnlight’s suggestion of a non piercing PA, I’m quite keen to find a Penis plug. (I’ll tell you why one day soon.)  But  before I invest, I’d like to see one in my hand, actually get a sense of scale, and feel the quality, before I invest … and impale.

But at least I had the warm glowing feeling in my pants that you can only get from sex shopping at 9am, as the general populus are merely starting their normal, boring, sexless day.

13 Responses to “Early morning shopping”

  1. I was thinking of you AM. How are things?


    • I’m good thanks. Another spate of busy busy busy, so little time to blog, I’m afraid. Have also been trying to have some family time, which is nice … but still no sex. Ying and yang and ying and yang.
      Hope you’re well.

  2. dawninflux Says:

    I looked up the link, the wand is so cool! I’d love to hear about sounding, how it feels, your thoughts, your experiments…. 🙂

    Sex shopping at 9 am. Well, I’ve grocery shopped at that time….  

    I really enjoyed looking through the website. I’ve never looked at a site of that content, knowing that I’d then talk with a male who would use and wear something from there. I would read and think: “ohh, that looks good, did he see that?” – over and over again. My thanks for being a great invisible companion at a fun website.  

  3. dawninflux Says:

    I am enthusiastic, but unfortunately inexperienced in these lovely things. You are like my own action figure, and I’m out shopping for you. Well, I had a delightful time. ~grins~ Thanks for inviting me to share. I had so much fun.

    Cock ring with anal stimulation. This is what caught my attention first. I wonder what it would be like to use a chain to tightly connect the penis wand with this cock ring. Cock Ring with Anal Intruder http://www.bondara.co.uk/cock-ring-with-anal-intruder

    Ball stretchers. The whole list is yummy. This one seems like they are solid and heavy. Soft delicate testicles with these terrible things attached? Sigh. Shush now, I’m daydreaming. Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers http://www.bondara.co.uk/stainless-steel-ball-stretchers

    Cocks and electric shock. This just sounds so much fun. I couldn’t decide between them, I spent far too long trying to. I read up on other websites, blah, blah, so here you go. Shock Therapy Electrosex Cock Cage http://www.bondara.co.uk/shock-therapy-electrosex-cock-cage MyStim Electrosex Cock Rings http://www.bondara.co.uk/electrosex-cock-rings Electro Sex Cock Rings – Sextreme http://www.bondara.co.uk/2-electro-sex-cock-rings-sextreme

    Nipples! Here are some weighted vibrating clamps. Black Vibrating Nipple Clamps http://www.bondara.co.uk/black-vibrating-nipple-clamps

    This one is just weighted. I think it would feel amazing doing laps in the pool. 50g Nipple Weights http://www.bondara.co.uk/50g-nipple-weights

    Anal plugs. I haven’t bought one for myself yet. I want a good base, thick stem, and short bulbous top, to keep it from popping out. I like the look of Tristan Taormino’s ones. But of what they had, I liked this one. Ace Of Spades Butt Plug – Vibrating http://www.bondara.co.uk/ace-of-spades-butt-plug-vibrating

    I think this one looked amazing. This is long enough to hold it and thrust it. With a plug on one end and swirls on the other, plus that it is hard, unforgiving glass? Wow. POSEIDON Glass Dildo http://www.bondara.co.uk/poseidon-glass-dildo

    The idea of using some of the above toys, and have a man gushing ejaculate, sweating, nearly in full pain, and on cloud nine is mesmerizing. In RL though, I am ridiculously shy. I’m going to go check your sign up page for member’s only. I want to see the goodies. :->

    Hugs ~

    • Inexperienced? Do you have no sex toys of your own, or are you just thinking of BDSM toys? If you’d like to shop for me in RL, I’ll gladly model your purchases, action figure style, in the Members Only posts. Your research certainly confirms your enthusiasm: a good A- which could be upgraded to A if you Make a purchase and A+ if you tell us all about it.

      Cock Ring with Anal Intruder
      Having enjoyed simultaneous anal stimulation and fucking, that does look like fun. Adding a wand and chain, well, I can see you’re getting a taste for this 😉

      Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers
      These are very much like the ones I’ve got and I love wearing them. I certainly wouldn’t describe them as terrible and my balls do not suffer from wearing them. Of course, if you wanted your man to suffer, that would be easy too:-o
      I have a work-in-progress post on ball stretching that I think you will find interesting.

      Cocks and electric shock
      I’ve looked at these sort of things before. I don’t know, but I suspect they are similar to TENS machines and I’ve tried putting one of those on my cock. The effect was unremarkable, but electrosex toys may be more powerful. I certainly think the penetrative toys could give you a very interesting tingle!

      Nipple Clamps
      Vibrators don’t do much for me, I’m afraid. Weights might be nice though (even if I’d be most likely asked to leave the swimming pool!!!!) and clamps are fun. I’m quite a fan of clothes pegs, myself. [Note to self – there’s an old photo I must dig out.]

      Anal plugs
      May I suggest a Fun Factory Bootie plug. Good for beginners and it won’t get lost in you, or fall out. And just on an aesthetic level – it’s gorgeous!
      The POSEIDON looks good too – I think the swirls would feel amazing popping through your sphincter – like Thai beads – I love that sensation soooo much. Glass has the advantage that it’s the easiest to clean, and they look good, but I’ve always thought the fact that they don’t follow the internal contours of your rectum or cunt could make them uncomfortable. But maybe that is indeed a bonus.

      Wanting to take a man to the borders of sexual pain and extract, you definitely sound like a dominatrix in waiting. Get yourself a rubber catsuit, a set of cuffs and leg spreaders, a willing victim, and I think you’re going to have a lot of fun.

    • dawninflux Says:

      Ah, you didn’t get a chance to read my blog. Among other matters, I do not have any purpose bought sex toys. Just “pervertables.” I am determined to purchase some proper ones – but I have to decide what to buy first. WordPress blog, “World According To Woman,” has been very helpful. Once I put my blog up again, and if you read it, you’ll understand perhaps a bit better my overall comments here on WordPress. I’ve tried really hard not to imply I am someone I am not. 

      Dominatrix? I adore them. But have no real knowledge of them, not even a proper DVD. That side of me is simply from liking people so much. There is something I can do to make someone *that* happy? Of course I’d try it. Wouldn’t you? I actually peg myself more as a submissive, but is that just cultural influences? Also, I wouldn’t change who I am, so likely I would be Mistress Happy and Good Natured – not likely to go over well. 

      The ball stretchers not terrible? Perhaps my imagination is more sensitive than reality. But I imagine the stretchers holding the testes far from the body, the globes nearly bursting – and then sensation play begins. If that is too namby pamby, then they are nicely captured for teeth, wax or needle play. 

      Thanks for the recommendation of the Fun Factory anal plug. I’d like to try it. Finances are the main issue between myself and getting toys. Otherwise, I’d really like to have someone model purchases. I signed up to some online dating sites, but I’ve only checked back twice in maybe four months. Not a winning plan. 

      If you’d be asked to leave the pool, then I’m guessing it is a crowded, popular pool/time. Too bad. In my thoughts the pool was more deserted. 

      Thanks for the reply and the encouragement. This was great. 🙂

    • I think I may have missed your salient blog posts. I look forward to getting the back story.

      It really does sound like you need to go out and by something that was purpose built to be sunk into your cunt or to violate your ring. “Pervertables” are fun and discrete, but Rampant Rabbits are popular for a very good reason. And I think Woman’s blog is an excelent place to look for recomendations. (IIRC she also has a Bootie too, and they’re really not that expensive.)

      From what I’ve seen of fetish DVDs, they might not be the best place to start your donminatrix education. The one’s I’ve seen do not deal with the softest of sides, but again, your tastes sugest you might like some hard core BDSM. As for Dom or Sub, there are plenty of people who switch.

      (I may have to move completing my CBT post up the priority list. With some accompanying visuals for Members.)

    • dawninflux Says:

      True, I never thought about being a switch. Acting on sexuality is such a entirely new avenue for me. It is still in the thought stage, I don’t want to deceive anyone of my experience. Interacting with bloggers like you, is huge for me. Following a blogger, making comments, is a level of interaction that is for me, entirely courageous. As for Dommes, many online ones are scary and mean. I get that BDSM is a bit of a stageplay, but I just want to have fun with men, not be all “worm” and “sissy clit,” etc. Equality is far too important to me. The kindness that I deserve, males deserve too. The one man that I had fallen in love with years ago, I couldn’t say *anything* harsh or reprimanding to him, and discipline seems to be a good deal of the scene. I just want to love on him and blow his mind. I know far more about Doms, and I am interested in sexuality as a beautiful whole, not caring where my reading takes me, just that I continue to learn and grow. Your posts about the chastity device, the thing I can’t pronounce let alone spell but was about you walking and p*****, how you masturbate, your thoughts, all of it has been enjoyable and helpful.

    • Thank you for the kind and appreciative words – getting readers off gets me off too.

      I agree about cruelty and doms. That’s the bit that doesn’t work for me either. But your comment “have a man gushing ejaculate, sweating, nearly in full pain, and on cloud nine is mesmerizing” did inspire me to dig out a link I saw on the http://www.girlonthenet.com blog: “a video of a woman giving an angry wank to a dude who is hurting and loving it?”
      http://xhamster.com/movies/519359/femdom_hj_torture.html (Obviously thus is DEFINITELY NSW)

    • dawninflux Says:

      This was incredible and mesmerizing. I wasn’t in a place that I could take the sound off mute, so I don’t know what they said. Bu the body language! The way his testes *bounced* – wow. I would have cooed and encouraged him, and strapped his hips down so he couldn’t even thrust. The way his body trembled and twitched – um, wow again.

      Fantastic video.

    • dawninflux Says:

      I will share one of my super secret links of hotness. When I read things like this, I see it as caring about someone, not even D/s, or gender. Also, if you use proper acupuncture needles, you are more sliding closer to nerve receptors, than punching holes. http://www.domme-chronicles.com/2008/11/please-please-dont.html

      The girl on the net website is excellent and helpful, thank you.

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