I don’t normally do this sort of thing …

The internet has found a way to try to make us happy. Well, I say the internet, but really I should lay the blame at the feet of happy people on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against being happy, or happy people, just as long as they don’t send me emails or pollute my social networking experience with pictures of a beautiful sunrises emblazoned with slogans like “A hug will make you happy”. No it won’t. A mutually enthusiastic 69 every morning would go quite some way to making me happy. Seeing my Wife wearing a huge grin, purple rubber corset, matching stockings and opera gloves and a Fun Factory Share XL would make me truly ecstatic. (And not in any short term way, I hasten to add.) But a picture of a sunrise and a hug will not. It will make me even more grumpy than I usually am. (And no, Sigmund, I will not tell you about my childhood.)

When I do receive such flotsam, I certainly don’t forward it on to irritate everyone I’ve never met. But today I am going to selectively break my own rules, because I actually do think the following may make some of my fellow pervs smile, and because they are relevant to my blog.  

These are cherry picked for a webpage that someone spammed me with.
(If it were not for the fact that I feel morally obligated to give creative credit where creative credit is due, I would not tell you where they came from, but someone worked hard on these and I do not wish to pretend in any way that they are my work. More of these can be found at http://imgur.com/a/9XPEx though those I have seen have little or no relevance to a sex blog.)

If only this were true.

Can you guess who I thought of when I saw this?

We’ve all been there … right?

If they weren’t, the world would be a better place.

Who the hell goes to the doctors with underwear on?

After a 3 month dry spell, with no end in sight, I have no doubt about this!

Not all Disney is bad.

10 Responses to “I don’t normally do this sort of thing …”

  1. I’m guessing you’ve got that first one covered what with your writing and members only pics. ; )

  2. holy fuck, these ones are just AWESOME! and yes, if you would have posted a big hug picture I would have been coming around your house to whoopass ya 🙂 my friends know better than sending that crap to me, thank god…

  3. Reblogged this on Erotixx and commented:
    this post so deserves a reblog, some great sexy/weird meme…

  4. Awesome! 😀

  5. Forgot to check “Notify me of new posts via email.” 😳

  6. I’m thinking the “Your worst suspicions are true” one is probably really true. Shit! What did I do to deserve such a cruel fate?

    Bisous AM

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