Women I’ve slept with, Part 5 : Long term comfort

The odd little university club that was responsible for Marilyn and my respective paths crossing can also take credit for Alice and I ending up in bed together. Not only that, we spent something like 5 or 6 years together. By this stage I knew what I was doing when it came to sex (as much as most of us do in our early 20s) and although I wouldn’t describe it as the best sex I’ve ever had, it was certainly the easiest. We weren’t at it like rabbits, but we fucked regularly, and it was good sex. Perhaps this was because it was a long term relationship. Perhaps because we had both had enough partners to figure out how not to make the worst mistakes. Or perhaps because we actually liked fucking each other. I suspect it was a bit of all three.

If I did a little research I could tell you the date Alice and I first fucked. I suspect I could even find out the time, within half an hour. I can do this because I know that as Linford Christie was slipping out of his track suit and slotted his spikes into the starting blocks, ready to fulfill his dreams of winning the 100m Gold Medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Alice led me into my bedroom, we slipped out of our clothes and slotted my dick into her cunt to fill her full of my spunk.

That’s not to say that was the first time Alice and I had had any kind of sex – it was the inaugural fuck, yes, but we had had a few fumbles before that. The first time I got my hands on her tits was on the floor of her cramped bedsit. I was giving her a back massage – shirt off, bra still on and a little massage oil. (I’ve always considered myself quite good at giving massages, and the feedback has invariably been positive.) Despite my youthful enthusiasm and eagerness to experience Alice’s pussy, I was clued up enough to know that patience promised to pay dividends, so I had not made serious efforts in the panties department, but as I knelt astride her thighs, genuinely doing my best to ease tired trapezius and deltiods, I unclipped her bra strap. This seemed to go un-noticed, though how, I knew not. That was until my thumbs were spent and Alice moved to get up … at which point her bra slipped off and she said, in a surprised tone, “How did that happen?” With hindsight, she must have known exactly how it had happened, and her mock shock must have been some sort of invitation, because she certainly didn’t protest when I reached round from behind her and manually provided the support her underwear no longer supplied.

Over the next couple of years we spent plenty of time in each other’s beds, and although we fucked regularly, I don’t remember her masturbating me often. The only occasion I do recall was in the middle of the day, between lectures, when we went back to her bedsit. A snog lead to a fondle and pretty quickly I was lying back on her bed, both of us fully clothed, whilst she stroked my engorged member through my unbuttoned fly. Just as I sprayed hot, sticky cum over her hands, her bed and my clothes, there was a knock on the door. We froze. Another knock, and the voice of the guy from the next room. Time stood still. The door wasn’t locked and after a couple more knocks, the neighbour opened the door slightly and called Alice’s name again. Alice and I tried our utmost to be silent – there was no way we could respond to his calls – if we told him to go away we would be found out – if we invited him in, he would have seen me spread eagled, my deflating cock still wrapped in Alice’s fingers, and both of us dripping with my jizz. His supplication was repeated, I don’t know how many times, whilst Alice and I almost died with the effort of staying silent. How long this scene lasted I have no idea, but it was one of the most excruciating few minutes of my sex life.

Alice may not have tugged on my tool on a regular basis, but that’s not to say her hands didn’t play their part. In my experience, with every sexual partner, there is one thing that you can stumble across that gets their motor running. It can be small and random, and my case, Alice found that when I was nearing the moment of emptying my balls in her pussy, if she tickled the sides of my buttocks, the slightly concave bit, that she could guarantee I would inject my cream into her very, very quickly.

Having discovered she could accelerate my orgasm with this, she  (and more importantly I) discovered my perineum. For those that don’t know, that’s the bit between your balls and your asshole. Also known as your taint. Guys, if you’ve never had your perineum tickled while your pumping away at a pussy, beg your partner to do it if you have to. Girls, if you’ve never done it for your partner, you need to. It’s awesome!!!!

Anyway, at some point Alice’s best (female) friend had given her a sex manual. I’m not sure why, or when, other than it was before I had met her. We occasionally flicked through the book together, and having been introduced to taint tickling, at some point a chapter on anal stimulation caught my eye. It wasn’t something that jumped of the page at me, and my instant reaction was not to run up to Alice, bend over and shout “fuck me in the ass” but at some level the idea slipped into my subconscious. Just in a subtle way. And as Alice traced her fingers around my ring, and even tickling my sphincter, on one occasion I whispered to her “put it in me”. She wasn’t sure what I meant, so I told her I wanted to ease her finger into my anus. Sadly she declined. It wasn’t a big deal, and it was never mentioned again. And I don’t think anal sex even crossed my mind again for years. But the idea was there in my head, and I have to thank Alice for that.

The other thing we tried most from the book was positions. We were obviously acquainted with Missionary and Cow Girl, but we also tried Reverse Cow Girl, Doggy, standing, sitting, Wheel Barrow … the list went on and on. We tried all the positions shown here, and more.

Illustrations courtesy of Cosmopolitan

But my favourite soon came to be what Cosmo seem to call Side Wind-Her

There are three things I particularly like about this position. Firstly it allows you to get the deepest possible penetration – thighs, buttocks, hips, are all out of the way and you can bang away, pelvis to pelvis. Secondly, not only can you can fuck hands free, but it’s really easy to get your hands anywhere you want: finger nails down her back; slipping a digit up her bum, though I never did that for Alice; squeezing a finger into her cunt along with your own cock for that added stretch, either behind your shaft, or in front, or even both; playing with her labia or strumming on her clit; fondling her tits, stroking her arms and legs; all things manual are possible. And thirdly, you get a great view, not only of the whole of your partner’s body, but if you lean back just slightly, you get a great view of your cock sliding into her pussy. To this day, this remains my absolute favorite position.

We also had my first experiments with light bondage – just scarves or neck-ties securing wrists gently to bed posts. I can probably thank Alice for my fetish for gloves: we went to quite a few student balls, where she would often wear silk opera gloves, and when we got home and fucked, she didn’t always take them off. And the first vibrator I bought was for Alice, though to the best of my knowledge it was never used.

I mentioned earlier that we had  regular sex. One great side of this was that we wouldn’t let a situation stand between us and getting laid. When we stayed at a friend’s house, sleeping in sleeping bags, we fucked on the dining room floor in the morning, despite the chance of getting caught. Whilst I wasn’t allowed to share Alice’s bed when we stayed at her parents’ house, we still managed to fuck in her car in the dirt track that led to a farm. It didn’t really matter where we were; if we wanted to fuck, we’d find a corner to do so.

And all this, despite a dark side to Alice’s sexual history. Years before I met her, Alice had been the victim of date rape. Such traumas can have different effects on people’s behaviour, and my expectation of rape victims was that they would shy away from sex at every opportunity. I have since learned this is not always the case, and indeed it can work entirely the other way. It did take quite a while for Alice and I to first have sex, and our first fuck was very much at a time of her choice, so my guess is that there were significant issues for her in terms of trust when it came to sex. But I am glad to say that once she was comfortable enough with me as a romantic partner, we also became great sexual partners.

It wasn’t the most mind blowing sex I’ve ever had, but it was regular, unpressured, and most of all, fun. And even knowing what I have since learned about sex, and the delights I have experienced, if my sex life now was just as it was with Alice, I would indeed be a happy man.

11 Responses to “Women I’ve slept with, Part 5 : Long term comfort”

  1. I love the expression, “inaugural fuck.” You RULE AM!


  2. dawninflux Says:

    How do you feel about talking about why you married your wife? It is so rude of me to ask, but how do you know that is what is on my mind, if I don’t tell you? I read posts like this one and I cheer on your younger self. What happened that this adventurous man got in your tangle? I cry, not real tears, but emotional ones for you.

    Take care ~

    • That’s a difficult question to answer in a sentence, or a paragraph, or a day, a week, or a year.

    • dawninflux Says:

      I’m not wanting the Stephen Hawkings version of the story with mathematical proof. I just wanted you to know that in the picture that you drawing there is this empty space and that I noticed it and I wondered if that space would be touched. 

      With what we write about, it is hard to know what is untouchable. What are the limits to the sharing? I thought this subject might be off limits, but I didn’t want to assume. 

      Take care ~

    • If you’re talking about the same empty space that I see, no, it’s not off limits. I think I’ve touched on it in some posts, and I dare say I’ll get to it properly in time.

    • dawninflux Says:

      I’ll look forward to that post, and honestly – no hurrying is implied.

  3. hotness! The whole thing… but that bit about the massage and slipping the bra off… wow… That makes my boobs want hands on them. now.

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