She was in the shower as I made breakfast this morning and, wary from having made Her the wrong breakfast so often, I knocked on the bathroom door to ask what She’d like. We’re staying away from home for a few days and, unlike our own shower, the cubicle directly faces the door. She called “Come in…” so I opened the door.

Neither of us have Playboy/Playgirl bodies, but stood naked in the shower, water trickling over Her skin, She looked pretty damned good.

If we had been alone in the house, if we were not still so very very far from a normal relationship, if we ever had sex on anything like a regular or spontaneous basis (or ever!), if I had had any sense that even if She had been in Her most receptive of moods that the gesture would not have been unappreciated, then I would have stripped off, joined Her in the shower and tugged on my stiffening tool as I enjoyed the spectacle of her ablutions. And then I would have clamped my mouth around onto one of Her tits, firmly grabbed an ass cheeks and wriggled my fingers deep into Her cunt.

I don’t know if She realised how I was looking at Her, or if She had any sense what might be going through my mind. I suspect not – the bathroom was full of steam and She would not have yet have had Her contact lenses in. But She told me what She wanted for breakfast, I closed the door, and went back downstairs to the kitchen.

What significance is this? It’s not as if I don’t want to fuck Her every day. To be more accurate, in the 4+ months since we last fucked I increasingly just want to fuck every day, and it’s just that I don’t particularly want to fuck anyone else. And it’s not as if I don’t have the opportunity to leer at Her tits, bush and arse every day as She gets dressed, it’s just that I make a point not to. But today I looked at Her naked, unremarkable body (please Please, PLEASE don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean that with any sense of derision) and I liked what I saw. I wanted to take advantage of Her nudity. I wanted to use Her to pleasure myself. I wanted to use my equally unremarkable body to pleasure Her. I wanted to fuck Her.

It was a fleeting moment and remained unresolved, but in a marriage that is invariably half empty, it was a pleasant change for it to be half full.

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