Mapping mountains

Sex tourism is nothing new, but when planning hedonistic holidays, you don’t expect one of the worlds leading newspapers to help. But whether you prefer tiny titties or massive mammaries, German newspaper Das Bilt has now produced a global map categorising countries by breast size. Just in case you wondered where would be best to jiz on some jugs, nibble some norks, or bounce on some baps.


This apparently follows in the wake of their previous map detailing global variations in penis size. (I had to do a little digging around the web but I think that’s the one below.)


The legend is a littlest all and barely legible I’m afraid, but is roughly as follows from top to bottom.
6.3″ plus
5.9″ plus
5.3″ plus
4.6″ plus
3.5″ plus
It’s actually in cm, but whilst I know the world is increasingly metricated these days, I’ve never heard anyone say they’ve got a 15cm todger. So I’ve done a spot of Imperial conversion to save everyone else the effort.

And now you have no excuse for an unsatisfactory holiday romance. (And when I say romance, what I mean is a drunken fuck on the sun lounger by the hotel pool at 3am.)

4 Responses to “Mapping mountains”

  1. I suddenly feel less inclined to go on any kind of spiritual mission in India….and no wonder why I had to expatriate myself from Land of the D-Cup!


  2. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Hilarious! I loved this … thank you for furthering my education LOL

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