Fuck toy

As a lifestyle choice D/s is a complete mystery to me. As a sex game, in the confines of the bedroom (or where ever else you care to indulge in such practices), then it sometimes makes sense to me. In the past, especially with Geri (my number 6) I’ve enjoyed the likes of handcuffs, riding crops, ropes, blindfolds, and gags. But that’s all in my past now. But today…

today, I want to be on the receiving end. I want to be fucked. I want to be a sex toy. A play thing. I want my wrists bound and to be tied to the bed I want to have my cock slapped. My foreskin pulled hard, stretched far as it will go, then yanked forcefully back. I want clothes pegs on my nipples and I want them twisted. I want fingernails drawn across my scrotum. A dildo violating my ass. I want to have fingers knotted in my hair as my face is pulled onto a cunt. I want to be told exactly how to lick it with explicit instructions and told when I’m allowed to stop for breath. I want to have an anus shoved in my face with demands to rim it. I want to be ridden hard, but not be allowed to cum first. I want to have to drink my own cream as it drips from lips. I want to be fucked hard. I want to be used. I want to be someone’s dirty little fuck toy.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way, and possibly it’s a reflection of today, but it’s been even longer since I’ve been in such a situation. I don’t expect I ever will again, this side of a divorce or infidelity. But this is what I want today.

Tomorrow, I might want to turn the tables.

15 Responses to “Fuck toy”

  1. Giving up control can be so very amazing.

    • I don’t know if it’s a control thing today. I’m not sure it’s ever been a control thing for me. I certainly don’t feel drawn to that description. Possibly a desire to be nothing more than a sexual object for a while. (Shut up Freud, and get back in your box!!!) Maybe there is something about being held in contempt that relates to our sense of self worth, which is then merely projected onto an obsession with sex. (I said shut up, Freud!!!)

    • Ahhh… That makes sense. For me, it’s about giving up control. I’m in control of things in general so much of the time, it can be a relief to hand that over to someone else. Just “do with me what you will” I suppose.

  2. Id like someone to fuck away all of my own lack of self-worth, the contempt I hold for myself…maybe it would not help but I like to think it would be refreshing. Nice post AM.


    • It’s an odd concept to want to be in that position, and I don’t think I suffer from low self esteem, so I’m not sure I know where it comes from in me. (It’s certainly not regular.)
      But it’s passed now.
      Who knows what mood tomorrow will bring.

  3. dawninflux Says:

    That sounds wonderful. It is being overwhelmed with sensuality until your mind blows. And oh, the boost to your sexuality that you are wanted that badly, that extremes are pushed in the pursuit of owning you for a moment in time. The intensity of lust, possession, and adventure – wow.

    I shall be sending the wife psychic messages. Hopefully she has voice mail. Do let us know when it works. 🙂

    • Whist I had no one in mind when I wrote that, I probably should have expected you’d like it, considering your recent comments. 😉
      Thanks for the psychic messages too. Regrettably I think my Wife has pretty effective psychic spam filters and messages with sexual contact never seem to get beyond Her service provider.

    • dawninflux Says:

      Years ago, I started reading Anita Blake novels, which at the time were extreme for me. I suppose I have some of my feelings about this from those books. The female character got involved with a submissive male. One of the threads of character growth was the understanding that you bend to your partner’s needs. That you don’t have to be in the scene, just love on them to the degree of kink that you can.

      To me they were just novels, the conversations with you, were the first time I realized I could maybe do this in real life. I had not ever considered it before. So, thank you.

      I don’t know why your wife feels the way she does. But if I were married, there would be a good chance I would be exactly the same as she is. I was hugely inhibited, and if I were married these last years, sex at all would have been optimistic. Indeed, I’m not having sex right now.

      I feel for you both very much.

    • I’m glad you are liking my writings, but there are far better people to talk to than me on such things. There is a scene out there, both online and RL. To me it sounds like its time to dip your foot in the pool.

  4. Gillian Colbert Says:

    A very arousing post, AM!

  5. I am in total agreement with Gillian. The “want’ from a man’s point of view is so sexy. Your previous post – mutual desire – her showering, made me think and write “loving him”. I wonder what his post will inspire!!

  6. Yes, AM, YES. When I crave feeling like this it’s because I’m not feeling anything else in my life. It’s a way for me to feel finally. Maybe it’s similar for you?

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