Bored bored bored

I’m bored. I’ve got a shed load of work to do and it’s about as boring as it can possibly be. It requires less than 1% of my attention. Where do you suppose the other 99% of my mind is, Dear Reader?

I’ve been Googling strip clubs, and local escorts. I’ve been creating visions in my mind of a head bobbing up and down in my lap, sucking on my freshly bald cock. Whilst my computer churns away in front of me, my smartphone is busy showing me the tits, cunts, arses and cocks of amateur exhibitionists on my favourite porn site. There’s been browsing of online sex shops and contemplating my next pervy purchase. Making the first steps towards finding a couple of modles for my little porno project. I’ve been watching the neighbour walk past my window, with her tight arse and pert tits, and wondering what her favourite vibrator looks like buzzing away against her glistening clit. I’ve been repeatedly eflecting on yesterday’s accidental neatness and wishing my Wife wanted me to shave Her muff. (I really must get round to telling you how much I love shaving pussy. But I need to tell you the background first. And there are other things I need to tell you first. But soon. Soon.)

I’d love to stop working for a wank. It would help. But I don’t have time. Even though I candrain my sack with little more than a minute or so of knuckle shuffling, if I’ve been thinking about it long enough as preparation and if I put my mind to it. I can make it last till I’ve rubbed my cock raw if I choose too, but if I want it quick, I can usually get it out of the way in an instant.

But I don’t have time to jerk off. Yes I can blog whilst working, but that’s just down to the 99:1 ratio.

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