Sex change

How many of us have wondered what it would be like to change sex? Just for a while. To fuck and be fucked with the other gender’s body. What does it feel like when the other half of the population cums? What is it liked to fill or be filled? How many men have thought if I were a woman I’d get laid whenever I wanted? How many women have thought if I had a cock I’d never get anything done because I’d be playing with it all day? But the reality is probably somewhat different – if we could change sex (temporarily) we would most likely be very different people, constrained by the respective hormones, cerebral structures and cultural norms. The real fantasy is what if I could have the other gender’s body, but keep my own mind. It doesn’t really make sense:
Q: What if I could be an apple but taste like an orange?
A: If you tasted like an orange you wouldn’t be an apple.

Irrespective of that, of course I’ve wondered what it would be like to have my cunt stuffed and pounded with throbbing gristle. (Ok, I’ve got some idea of that, having had my rectum violated by a toy or two, but I have no doubt having your cunt fucked is different.) What does it feel like to have someone else’s fingers relentlessly strumming on your clit? And that screaming, shuddering, profanity soaked, petite mort … that wave of ecstasy that can be ridden again and again and again with n’ere a break – just? … how? … fucking? … goooooood? … is ? … THAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Really? How good is it?

But the things I envy women for most are tits.

I want tits. Ok, so maybe I don’t actually want tits: as much as some people think the aesthetic of cock and tits on the same androgynous body is arousing, for me, it doesn’t work. And having passed the peak of physical fitness, my fight against moobs is as much as I can manage. I’m sure a cracking pair of C-cups would be more than I could actually cope with. But damn I’d like a pair for a day or two. To know what it’s like to have brazen pair of baps. And here are a few reasons why:

  • Tits are universally sexy. Ok, maybe not universally, but even women … straight women who’d never consider tasting the exquisite musk of someone else’s muff … even they think tits are sexy.
  • Tits are universally appreciated by the opposite sex. No matter what size or shape a pair of tits is, there is someone … nay, a thousand men or more … who would gladly queue up for a fondle.
  • Tits are fun to play with. And I’m pretty sure that goes for those who can play with their own. They’re not called fun bags without good reason.
  • Tits can be displayed in so many ways. A tight T-shirt in cold weather. A plunging neckline. Lace push-up bras. Peep hole bras. Corsets that give you a rack you could rest your drink on. I could go on, but I’d never finish this post.
  • Tits present so many opportunities for interesting sex. What’s it like to give a tit-fuck? To have a dick sliding between your breasts and to have them sprayed with hot cum?

I’m sure I could come up with numerous other reasons why I’d love a pair of tits, but my cock’s getting hard just thinking about it and I feel the need to play with it. Admittedly, if I did have a pair of tits, I doubt I’d ever get anything done as I’d be playing with them all day … and getting them played with every night.

And if I could have a cunt for a day … well … don’t even get me started!

12 Responses to “Sex change”

  1. I want tits too!


  2. The Neighbor loved tits, too. He always ranked mine as some of the best and couldn’t figure it out, “By all rights, Hy, yours should be sagging down to here, not be full and perky.” Higher praise I’ve yet to find. You men and your appreciation for our bodies is wonderful. Thank you!

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