We’re away from home for the weekend and I knew I was running low on underwear, so I figured I’d go commando few days. I went thought the thought process of getting dressed in front of my Wife and Her knowing about the limits of my attire.

First morning, I’ve had my shower and I’m stood in front of Her naked. A usual lack of obvious interest. T-shirt on. Jeans on. And as I reach for my socks …
She says : Haven’t to forgotten something?
I say : No. They’re all in the laundry.
She says : Oh we need to go shopping?
I say : No.
She says : Are you going to go commando all weekend?
I say : Yes.
She says : Do you want to wash a pair?
I say : No. It’s fine.
End of conversation.

No cheeky giggles.
No hint of positive interest that I’ll be swinging free for three days.
Jeez! No interest other than to suggest that there’s a problem that needs managing.
Maybe I’m reading too much into this. Maybe I’m just being unfairly down on Her. But this is probably the first time She’s seen my completely waxed cock (our morning and evening routines mean we’re rarely stood naked in front of each other) and she knows I’m going to be sans-briefs for several days … and nothing.

I think every past girlfriend would have enjoyed knowing.
I think every past girlfriend would have seen the fun in the situation.
I think every past girlfriend would have probably had a hand on my arse several times a day.
I think every past girlfriend would have stuck a hand down the front of my jeans at least once.
I think every past girlfriend would have been normal.

But hey, normal is not what We do.

I knew I was going to run out of clean briefs, tangas and trunks before this weekend.
I knew I had a couple of clean pairs of boxers, but I’m really not a fan, so I decided not to pack them.
I knew it was far more likely than usual that I would be getting dressed in front of my Wife.
I knew she would know was wearing nothing under my jeans.
I hoped she might be interested.
I hoped that interest might be positive.
I hoped she might have even the tiniest thought about sex.

Oh well.

14 Responses to “Disinterest”

  1. deviantdiaries Says:

    that sucks 😦

  2. Maybe your wife and my husband could meet and never have sex. Together. I think they would get along fine.

    Bisous on your naked butt-cheek,

    PS: Here’s too people who like to get their hands dirty!

  3. dawninflux Says:

    Your wife frustrates me so much it makes my teeth itch. A perfectly willing man with well groomed cock and she shrugs it off! Errrgh!

    Well, all I can say, dear AM, is your cock would have gotten a squeeze from me.

    Much love…

  4. I know I can’t have any idea into your relationship, but it’s frustrating to see you try with no response. I wish I had an answer for you. I would have teased you throughout the day in some way!

    • Just one day? It’s been 3!

    • Oh no – now that I have more ideas from Gillian’s Perv’s ( I will start using that like she did ) Let’s see – I just said “throughout the day” because I would have seen you going commando in the morning THAT day you wrote of. One day at a time here. Maybe I would have told you to unzip your pants at a restaurant so I could play, or…worn a skirt and no underwear so that when I found a convenient spot – You’d be IN. OR… while you drove us to wherever we were HEADED – I’d lift my skirt, give you a show because you conveniently were wearing no underwear and I could then blow you to our destination. So then, that would have been the day until just before dinner, right? I didn’t know you wanted a itinerary. haha

  5. Are we married to the same woman?!

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