Women I’ve slept with Part 6 – Ep1 : Choose or chosen?

I should warn you before I get started, that this is a long story. When I first started blogging I stumbled across a list of Dos and Don’ts for writing a good blog, and one thing it recommended was keeping posts below 1000 words. 1) I regularly fail to do that. 2) If I gave you 1000 words about Geri, about half of them would have to be Fuck. Because we did that an awful lot. But in the spirit of that notional limit, I am going to split this into 3 posts. There is a lot to talk about, and although I will inevitably leave out a lot, there is still a much to tell, Dear Reader. Now on with the show …

A couple of years after I graduated from university, I found myself at a black tie ball, hosted by Willow. But this is not the story of how I got to fuck her. That is yet to come in Part 9. However, at this party I met two of her friends, Geri and Kirsty. I was in full-on fun mode and focused on consuming free campaign, dancing my ass off, and enjoying the entertainment provided. I was not at all on the pull. Unbeknown to me, it seems Geri and Kirsty were on a mission, and I was their shared target.

I don’t mean to boast about being hunted simultaneously by two women, and I genuinely was oblivious to this till after the event. And if you’re hoping to read how one of them rode my cock whilst the other sat on my face and they played with each other’s tits, I’m afraid you’ll be as disappointed to not read that as I am to not be able to tell that story. It didn’t happen.

At some point during the revelry, I found myself with Kirsty on one arm and Geri on the other. Kirsty wanted to go to one dance floor and Geri to another and I had no sense that I was the subject of competition, or that we wouldn’t all go for a dance together. The decision was passed to me and I chose a destination. Looking back, I do wonder whether the girls had made a pact – who ever I chose to dance with got to have me. Maybe that’s arrogance or ego fueled fantasy on my part, but that’s how it panned out. I don’t think we saw much of Kirsty for the rest of the night and although I was in no way aware of the consequences of my choise, I thereby selected the luxuries of Geri’s pussy to be at my disposal for most of the next 7 years.

As the party drew to a close around 4am or 5am, I found myself contemplating my lack of planning in terms of overnight accommodation. Fortunately Geri stepped into the breach, and offered me her bed for the night. (When I say bed, we actually slept on a spare single mattress on the floor.) There was some snogging, and a little fondling, but nothing more serious that night. I vividly remember Geri’s bra – a powder blue push-up bra, with a small white flower pattern and white lace trim – and I told her I liked it, though it remained on all night.

When we rose a few hours later, Geri and a friend we’re sharing a taxi back towards their respective homes, some 60 miles away, and not at all in the same direction as the flat I was staying in. But Geri invited me back to her’s and on arriving, since we had had but a few short hours of sleep, suggested we go to bed and catch up on a few zeds.

Naturally, I thought that she meant she wanted to fuck me, and once we were squeezed together in her single bed, I made my move. It was pointed out to me that Geri really had meant we should get some sleep, but that didn’t stop her willingly joining in the fun and retrieving a condom from her bedside drawers. It was good to see the girl was prepared. I have no recollection of the sex, other than the fact that we split out first condom. We both manually checked that her cunt was suitably lubricated, which it was, so the only conclusion was that the problem was the girth of my massive phallus. Considering the reality of my genital stature, this was not the actual cause, but it’s always nice to be told you’ve got a big cock (even if you haven’t)!

We started seeing each other regularly … and fucking pretty much every time … and somehow managed to split several more rubbers in quick succession. It did my ego the world of good to think that my dick was sufficiently large, or my technique sufficiently vigorous, that I could frequently surpass the expectations of Durex when designing sheaths for Mr Average. However, in the wake of one particular prophylactic failure, we did end up at a family planning clinic in search of a morning-after pill: many years later, I still feel a little aggrieved that I was berated by the nurse for my girlfriend’s need for such draconian medication, despite Geri acting as my defence council and assuring the nurse that a condom had been used and it was just that I kept splitting them. (It was extremely nice to have my ego publicly massaged in this respect too!)

Within a few months of us first squeezing under her single duvet, Geri bought a double bed, and we made the most of it. Apparently, being a good(ish) Catholic, she had intended to stay a virgin until she got married, but since her younger sister had already produced one bastard child, any such intentions had long gone out the window. Although she had already known she loved masturbating, she’d quickly found out how much she like cock. And she liked it a lot! I had definitely chosen the right dance floor.

Geri was the first woman to admit to me that she liked porn and, within just a few weeks of us meeting, introduced me to her porn collection. She had confiscated it from her previous boyfriend, who was obviously a bit of a connoisseur, as the two magazines Geri had appropriated were a German magazine with real photos of real cocks fucking real pussies (not like the high-street top-shelf airbrushed soft porn which was the limit of my experience) and a publication full of bondage related stories. We enjoyed these magazines a couple of times, but I’m ashamed to say that at that stage I denied owning any porn myself.

But that was all to change, in Episode 2.

2 Responses to “Women I’ve slept with Part 6 – Ep1 : Choose or chosen?”

  1. I really do like the way you write. it”s very clear or honest? and yet it has a strong personality to it.

  2. very nice story, don’t worry about writing to long if you go on like this… I will read…

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