Women I’ve slept with Part 6 – Ep2 : Starting something(s)

When we all stopped for a wank break at the end of Episode 1, I’d just mentioned that Geri was the first woman I’d shared porn with. It was her collection, albeit one she had confiscated from her ex-boyfriend. I had always hidden my porn carefully and up till that point it had never occurred to me that women might like porn as well. Several subsequent partners have proved how wrong this is, but having been introduced to this idea by Geri, my covert consumption of jazz mags and skin flicks was about to change.

One autumn evening, I attended a beer festival with some friends, and as I staggered away from the venue with a plastic flagon of potent cider, I stopped off at a newsagent to pick up a copy of my favourite wank mag (Club International) before phoning Geri to tell her I was far too drunk to use public transport – which I was – and to ask her to pick me up – which she did. The next morning, as I suffered my hangover, Geri investigated the contents of the plastic carrier bag I had clutched all the way home

, finding the cider and saying “Oh, what’s this? Pornography? […and as she started thumbing through the pages with murmurs of mock indignation …] You dirty, dirty boy!” (Or words to that effect.) And then we fucked. Geri lying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows reading one of the stories out loud, while I pumped my cock into her hole from behind.

I choose the word hole with good reason, despite the fact that the orifice in question was indeed her cunt. Whilst Club was yet to start including it’s regular strand of sodomy stories, Peaches, it was testing the subject on its readership, and the story Geri was narrating as I fucked her included the mention of the female protagonist having a finger eased into her anus. But Geri paused briefly at this paragraph, and then skipped past it. I had not yet had the pleasure of squeezing my bell end through anyone’s sphincter, but I had definitely enjoyed jerking off to such mental images. So I said to Geri “Go on, read it all.” And with a degree of reticence, as I pistoned away at her from behind, gazing down on her puckered asshole, she read the whole story to me.

Not only was she the first woman I shared porn with, Geri was also the first woman who properly sucked me off.
One weekend morning, having done the supermarket run, we found ourselves snogging and groping each other on the sofa. Since I shared a flat at the time, we quickly relocated to my bedroom, where Geri pushed me back onto the bed and pulled open my jeans, before sinking her mouth down onto my already stiff member. I’d had blow jobs before, courtesy of Alice but with neither the enthusiasm nor skill Geri was displaying. So engrossed was I by both the sensation of her oral attentions and the glorious vision of a woman quite obviously enjoying her work, I kind of lost track of my arousal, and before I knew it, I had fired a jet of cream at their throat. She instantly pulled away with a slightly startled look, and swallowed. I apologised profusely – a gentleman should after all, always inform his partner when he’s about to blow his wad in her mouth … just in case she needs to take a breath first, or wants him to cum on ther tits. Thankfully my non-observance of etiquette did not deter Geri, and although it put an end to that morning’s play, it definitely didn’t deter her from going down in future, though it was more often as part of foreplay than to finish me off.

One of the more unlikely things I owe Geri thanks for, is a degree of personal hygiene.
Being uncircumcised, but having parents with near Victorian values, no one had ever talked to me about the importance of washing under your foreskin. And despite having had condom free sex with Alice for several years, my glans had rarely seen the light of day, and as I had never taken to pulling it back when masturbating, not only was it hypersensitive, but my foreskin was really quite tight. Then Geri took hold of it, and on one memorable occasion tugged on it. She pulled back hard, more roughly than it had ever been handled, and I’m pretty confident it has never even been pulled back so hard since. It can’t have. It only goes back so far. It stretched … just. It hurt … a lot. And I winced … loudly. I probably even swore at Geri. But with hindsight, both I and all the women who have since taken my knob into their bodies, owe a deal of gratitude to Geri. She continued to abuse my poor dick in such a way, and my foreskin loosened, and I learned the value of doing the same. Now, not only do I enjoy exposing my helmet (and playing with it) but my cock is now washed properly at least once every day, and is both infinitely cleaner and healthier. Thank you Geri, from the bottom of my pants, where ever you are!

Somewhat less surprising, it was Geri who helped me discover bondage. Dispute what you may think, Dear Reader, if you have been keeping up to date with my posts, my interest in bondage does not really extend to S&M. Granted, I’m not adverse to a little light spanking, and on a few occasions I have been known to want to be on the receiving end of what might be considered the D, and S, of BDSM.

When I say she helped me discover bondage, it was actually a mutual discovery. I suspect it was Geri who restrained me first, and she certainly used a silk scarf to tie my wrists to the bedstead. The scarf was sometimes replaced with a neck tie or belt, the scarf became a blindfold, a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs were purchased, a couple of CBT straps and the dog leash I discussed recently. We also bought a CB2000 chastity cage and a few other toys. I know this sounds like a bit of a dungeon, but most of the time we just fucked, without any apparatus or role play games. And when we did reach for the kinky stuff, is was just that – a game, a tease. Nothing more. And we both liked to be tied up and to do the binding. It wasn’t a one sided deal.

The games often had a tendency to escalate and we would take whatever opportunities presented themselves to tease and arouse each other, especially in inappropriate settings.
We were taking a train back to Geri’s flat when we stopped between stations and the driver announced there was a problem on the line and we’d be going nowhere for quite some time. The carriage was full and we’d had to stand for the whole journey. Feeling horny and mischievous, I wrapped my arms round Geri and whispered in her ear. I started to tell her that I wanted to fuck her, to play with her tits, pinch her nipples, taste her cunt. She started to protest, quietly. I was obviously turning her on, so I continued. My descriptions of what I was going do to her body when we got home got more and more explicit. I told her, in the most graphic detail I could, what I would do to her – hands, mouths, fingers, tongue, cock, pussy, lips, clit, juices, squeeze, spread, pinch, spank, fuck, pump, withdraw, ram, deep, hard, fast, and cum, cum, cum. She was wet – I could smell her. She wriggled and squirmed. Surrounded by other commuters, there was nothing she could do and I was unrelenting. And although I was only talking to her, under her breath she swore at me and told me she was cumming. When we finally got home, I didn’t fuck her – I was having far too much fun. Instead I tied her wrists behind her back, pulled off her jeans and panties, sat her on the sofa and sunk my fingers into her sodden twat. She was dripping with sweat and juices and I wanked her as hard as I could – one hand thrusting in and out of her cunt while I sucked and teased her nipples and the other hand frenetically rubbed, flicked and pinched her clit. And when she came again, loudly, I kept going. With her hands tied and her legs shaking, she had no way of stopping me, other than pleading. But I wasn’t listening and I must have kept her at the peak of stimulation for between 5 and 10 uninterrupted minutes. I think what actually stopped me was that my wrists were starting to hurt and Geri was actually starting to go quiet. So I sat next to her and held her gently while she came down and recovered.

But she took her revenge in Episode 3.

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