We fucked.
Yes, that’s right. We fucked.
Me. And my Wife. Fucked.
For the first time in something like 7 months my Wife and I fucked.

It wasn’t a great fuck, after so long it was never going to be. The fact that we’ve not fucked in so long and all the crap that councelling has dug up (and failed to dig up) was always going to have some impact. But it was great to fuck.

We fucked.

Did I mention we fucked?
Well we did. We actually fucked.

Just to clarify. Fucked. Shagged. Bonked. Screwed. We got jiggy. Made whoopie. Banged eachother. Copulated. Humped. We did it. We fucked.
F. U. C. K. E. D.
My cock was in my Wife’s cunt.
She let me put … no, let’s get this straight … She wanted my penis in Her vagina.
My prick penetrated Her pussy.
We fucked.
Really we did.

I’m not going to trawl over every detail here. That’s not important. But there was a little brief foreplay, initiated by Her. I didn’t join in to start with and told Her I was confused: why was She trying to have sex with me after so long? It was a brief discussion and we agreed it was ok to try. A little more foreplay, this time with me joining in. She climbed on top unusually quickly and I slipped into Her unusually easily for so little fumbling.

Pretty early on She asked something about what was going to work for me. Nothing was.
I went to bed significantly before Her last night and had given myself a sedative wank – a good hard cock thrashing with a huge great gobbet of jizz and a strong orgasm – there was no way I was going to cum with my Her this morning. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckerty fuck. I told Her it was unlikely as I’d been “taking care of things myself” (Why couldn’t I say “I had a wank last night”?) and that we’d best concentrate on Her. So we rolled over and I fucked Her till She moaned a quiet little orgasm. She turned Her attention to me. She wanked me. Her hand even strayed towards my arse – She never got quite as far as tickling my ring, but at least She remembers. When my helmet got dry She sucked me for a while and, despite being in almost complete dark, I made a point of brushing Her hair aside so She knew I was watching.

Eventually I could feel myself going soft. Her hand-jobs are OK, and they do get me off much of the time, but I found myself thinking I need to teach Her I what works best. I stopped Her. We curled up.

We talked a little. I asked Her why today?
It was the moment. We needed to have sex again as it feels like a big part of our relationship that’s missing. She feels we’ve been getting on better recently. It’s chicken and egg. She’s a little less tired at the moment. We’d had a cuddle and it felt right.
I asked why it was so easy in January?
She doesn’t know. She said we need to work on sex working for me … by which I think She means us figuring out how She can make me cum every time. For me that reality is for us to have enough sex that I’m more used to Her cunt than my hand. I know Her cunt is more than up to the task, it’s just that my cock needs to learn a new preference.

In a cold rational moment, I don’t expect we’ll fuck again this week. Possibly not even this month. Who knows when. I don’t know if I’ll try to initiate.

But did I mention we fucked.

We actually fucked!

Me. And my Wife.
We really fucked this morning.

PPS. Paradoxically, 3hrs later, I feel like a wank. I guess it’s like the good old days, before I moved in with my Wife, and even with previous partners – if we’d fucked in the morning and I’d then gone home, I’d frequently tug myself off almost as soon as I got through the door.

PPS. Maybe I shouldn’t have a wank just now. We’ve got a babysitter booked for tonight and we’re going to a gig. The sort that will be hot and sweaty. Maybe I should whisper to Her, in the dark, as I rest my hand on Her ass, that I want Her to have another go at making me cum when we get home.

17 Responses to “STOP THE PRESSES”

  1. freechick Says:

    Woohoo about time! Step in the right direction 🙂 x

  2. Right on AM! That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time!


  3. I’m so happy for you. I say – do it – whisper to her while you’re out tonight like a secret only she knows and nibble her ear… then bite a little… play with her. Wait a second, Did you tell us you fucked last night?? OMG – You got laid last night! Congrats!

    • At the merest verbal hint of horniness, She made it clear that rushing the recovery would not be a good idea. So we had a cuddle last night and I had a wank this morning.
      But at least there’s hope.
      And yes, I got to fuck my Wife. Was I ambiguous on that detail?

    • easy does it then… and yes, you weren’t exactly clear but I think I’m understanding now. : ) Long may your Fuck Flag wave!

  4. Wonderful news, AM! My fingers are crossed for you that it happens again before winter. As an aside, why do you feel badly for wanking off again?

    • Jeez. Winter?! That’s a terrifying prospect!
      In this case I don’t feel bad about wanking per se, rather that my timing was bad and jerking off just a few hours before my first fuck in months meant I couldn’t cum in my Wife … which I know we would both have preferred. I am steeling myself to tell her how often I wank at the first opportunity, but to be open about something you’ve hidden for so long involves a leap of faith.

  5. deviantdiaries Says:

    Most excellent news!!!!

  6. 40ouncestofreedom Says:

    yay!!! Happy boogie just for you 😉

  7. sexuallifeofawife Says:

    Definitely a step in the right direction… I like your subtlety ; )

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