That’s twice in about a week

It was hot last night. The day had been one of the hottest of the year and the night never seemed to cool down
At 3:45am we were woken by our kid climbing in to bed. When my Wife got her back to her own bed and lay down next to me She briefly nudged against my hard-on.
At 4:30 I was still awake She rolled over, feeling the sheet tug against Her skin as my cock twitched under it.
At 5:15 She stroked my shoulder and said “You can’t sleep can you?” and then She spooned up behind me, put a hand on my hip and

made small strokes with Her thumb.

Was She really going to give me a sedative wank?
My ahead awash with mixed feelings, I reached round behind me and put my hand on Her arse and asked if She knew it was 5am. She said yes and quickly stroked Her way towards my still erect tool.

And She started to stoke my cock and tickle my balls.

Was this just a wank to help me sleep or did She want to fuck?
I stroked Her back and She responded positively.
As carefully as I could, mindful of a few of the usual destructive ticklish twitches from Her, I stroked towards Her pussy. And although I was far to cautious to really go for it with the enthusiasm I would love to, I gently ran my fingers up the back of Her thigh, between Her legs, through Her bush and along Her pussy lips. Repeatedly. And there was barely a twitch of no that’s too much. And I was allowed to keep lightly stroking Her the folds of her cunt. I didn’t have the opportunity to dip into Her and find out how wet She was, as She abruptly climbed on top of me, grabbed my cock and slid down onto it. She wasn’t that wet, but it want difficult to ease my shaft into Her … and everything slowed.

She said She thought She’d timed it badly and had obviously been on Her way to cumming and decided She wanted my cock in Her if She was going to orgasm. (Why oh why doesn’t She want to let me wank her till She cums?)

We’d missed the boat and lay in a motionless cuddle with my dick still filling Her.

She showed no sign of wanting to move, so I started to slide in and out of Her, She reached for my balls and stroked them – Her usual way to help me shoot my load in Her when She’s not going to get Her’s. But I I still wanted Her to cum, so I ground up against Her clit ,,. and so nearly got Her there. But not quite.

She thanked me for trying to get Her off.
I thanked Her for letting me try.
She said there was no need for thanks.
She asked what She could do for me.
I told her to give me some warning. What I meant was let me know when You wan to fuck and I’ll refrain from tugging myself off, … but it didn’t say it. I think she knew what I meant. I know I need to be more explicit. I want to.

And then She turned over and we spooned. She fell asleep with one of my hands on one of Her tits and the other temptingly close to her pussy. As She slept I timidly moved my hands towards Her cunt and rippled my fingers over Her breast, and whilst She didn’t wake, Her body and breathing told me Her mind is what’s getting in the way.

An hour later, with my back as stiff as my cock from our contorted cuddle, I got out of bed, left Her to sleep and told you all about it.


As I typed the previous sentence, I heard my Wife go into the bathroom. Despite both our failures to cum, I didn’t want things to be left quite as they were. For a moment I considered waiting for Her, sat on the end of the bed, naked and hard. But that felt too obvious. And the I was struck by inspiration.

I quickly stripped off, walked into the bathroom (She doesn’t usually lock the door) and stepped into the shower with Her. My cock was still half erect, but I’d given it an extra little tug, just so She couldn’t miss it. It was a little awkward initially, but we hugged under the shower, and I stepped back a little as She clearly wanted to finish washing. She said Her neck was stiff from how She’d been lying whe She’d woken up, so I turned Her round, and under the shower, gave her a quick shoulder and neck massage. All the while, my semi rigid member occasionally nudging against the small of her back. (It was completely deliberate, but I hope it didn’t seem so.) Then She got out the shower and dried Herself whilst I washed. I paid particular attention to washing my cock so She could see – deliberately pulling back my foreskin, giving my gland slightly more of a wash than it strictly needed, and paid slightly more attention to washing the soap of than I ever have done with Her able to watch. I didn’t look at Her whilst I was doing this – I wanted Her to think it’s normal (and to be fair, I frequently pay considerably more attention to my dick in the shower, but that’s a different story) – I don’t know if She was watching. I hope She saw. Either way, it’s the first time in maybe 6yrs we’ve had a shower together.

When I got back to the bedroom, She was nearly dressed. I still had a semi, and made no efforts to hide it. We discussed our poor nights sleep (though not the sex) and kissed, and hugged, and I stroked Her ass deliberately, and we got on with the mornings necessities.

13 Responses to “That’s twice in about a week”

  1. I think that there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel AM.
    I’m really happy for you but otherwise I am so unhappy that I wish it would rain on all the tourists and that summer would come to a screeching halt and that life as I know it would just end.


  2. sexuallifeofawife Says:

    That all sounds pretty intimate to me…
    I don’t often like my husband making me cum with his hand unless I know I’m not going to get sex for a few days. I prefer orgasm with a cock inside me. Somehow it’s more horny – for me anyway…

    • Fair point, and I guess I’m the same. It just frustrates me cos I know how much more easily I can give a woman a full on screaming orgasm with my hand or mouth than I can with my cock. (My energy levels at 5am are not at a peak and it can be difficult to focus on fucking Her to Her orgasm if my own has the potential to get in the way.) And even when She cums from fucking, it almost always seems more muted than what I am 99.9% confident I can do for her.
      But I am not unhappy with where we are today.

  3. deviantdiaries Says:

    Definitely an improvement….I’m happy for you πŸ™‚

  4. First, I want to say I love how open you are with us. Second, I want to say how some of what you share breaks my heart. I want so badly for you to feel bold with your wife; that her body is an extension of yours and yours hers; that you never use the word “timid” unless it’s with a brand new partner (and even then I might argue it).

    I have the utmost respect for you. You are brave and strong to even confront this issue as you have been. You have remained faithful to her and you are working hard to figure it all out. You are an inspiration, AM. xx Hy

    • Thank you. You flatter me.

      A couple of philosphical reposts:
      Why am I so open with you? Perhaps because I am an exhibitionist (of sorts) and find it nothing more than titilating to indiscretly discuss my sexuality, my exes, and my Wife with strangers.
      If I am so brave, why do I tell you so much about my sex life (when there is no consequence I cannot easily delete) but cannot discuss any of it with my Wife? I couldn’t even really broach the subject in the mediated safety of counselling.
      Granted I’ve been faithful, but I’ve seriously considered using an escort. I have even planned how, who, where and when, and have exchanged emails with the escort in question. Were it not for practicalities, risk of getting caught, and expedible finances, perhaps I would have already gone though with it. It has more than a little appeal, especially in terms of how I could fuck, compared to how I can. Perhaps if I wwere stronger, I might have done so already.

  5. I’m willing to bet she snuck a peak. I know I wouldn’t have been able to help myself! πŸ™‚

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