It’s best to share (your kinks)

The other night we fucked for just the second time in 7 months. Ok. Ok. I know I keep going on about this, but it’s a big deal, and in my position you would too! And I do have a point to make: we fucked and I didn’t cum. When we’d popped our 7 month cherry one week previously, I had the same problem. On both occasions my thrusting was thwarted by tholo threx. Thorry – getting carried away with alliteration there. On both occasions, my fucking was frustrated by folo fex. Oh bollocks. You know what I mean – I’ve been wanking too much!

7 long months of tugging on my own todger, with no attention paid to my genitals by anyone else (except Zoe), have taken their toll: I’ve got far to use to my own manual ministrations. And whilst getting my cock back into my Wife’s cunt is both a pleasure I shall occasionally endeavour to describe in indiscreetly graphic detail, and at the same time an immeasurably indescribable joy, all I could fill her with was my eagerly throbbing gristle, and not a drop of semen.

I need to cut down on wanking. At least for a while. Whilst She gets back into the swing of fucking (one day soon I shall get round to explaining quite why I say that) and whilst both my mind and my cock get used to being enthralled by Her body once again.

As you know, Dear Reader, I’m a kinky little thing, and amongst my collection of perverted toys is a CB6000s chastity cage. A device with no reason to exist other than to prevent the (male) wearer from engaging in sexual activity.

When the wearer is locked into this little plastic gem, masturbation is nigh on impossible. Should sexual stimulation result in an erection, the cage will be forced forward by the swelling organ, and the testicles will be subjected to significant pressure, courtesy of the attached cock ring. That is until the key holder deems it time for some relief.

You can see where this is going, can’t you.
Or more to the point, you can see where this would do well to go.

I should present my Wife with both the cage and, more importantly, the key. Not so She can tease me, or subjugate me, or cuckold me. But so She can keep my pleasure for Herself. To have the exclusive opportunity to share my ecstasy. And for my release to be solely for Her consumption.

I’m not going to. I wouldn’t dream of it. (Well I might dream of it, but no more.)

in some respects I’d happily give my Wife the key. It’s a fun toy, most of us pervs will acknowledge that being teased can have it’s rewards, and hell, if She liked the idea it would be a certain sign that our sex life was about to get considerably better … and more interesting. But lets not be hasty. Finding out your married to a fetishist is not something that would please everyone.

Yeah, I know there’s no way of knowing without at least broaching the subject, but I’m not sure I’m that brave these days. In times past, and with partners past, I was, but not now. Not yet.

In the mean time I guess I shall just have to try to enforce my own celibacy. Keep my both my erections and my hands in check without the assistance of equipment. And imagine that rather than a need for Her key to be slotted into my padlock for release, what is exclusively needed is for me to slot my cock into Her cunt.

15 Responses to “It’s best to share (your kinks)”

  1. Good luck! Hope whatever you do leads to the outcome you want.

  2. wow, it’s kinda sexy the way you say it – only for her or you to have pleasure with her – I hope you get it and her to all work in your favor. I hope she sees the offering you are making to her as the gift it is – I wouldn’t begin the explanation showing that actually on you. It’s a bit painful looking. You aren’t going on and on about it either – and it’s incredible that you two are coming back from a long time of celibacy. there’s hope, right? Good Luck – I can it happening. I’m happy for you!

    • Ha ha. I fear may have been ambiguous again. (I may amend the post.) There’s no way I’m going to offer the cage to Her at all. And I’m certainly not going to present it to Her in place. I can’t imagine for a second that She’d understand. I’m not even sure how easy it will be to tell Her I’m going to stop wanking for Her. (Or even if I’m actually going to stop.)
      As for comfort, it is. Very. Click on the CB6000s link. It might explain.

  3. good luck with your celibacy, maybe you hands does need the rest as well but good on you, give it all to your misses now…

  4. The Neighbor never lasted more than 2 weeks when he’d try to abstain. He wanks 2-3x a day himself. Probably why he didn’t cum every time, too. I know it’s hard. You should see if anyone else would do it with you! I’m trying to get off the cock myself. Maybe we should make a pact??

    • An interesting idea.
      How about I agree to not wank and you don’t call on the services of one of your FWBs until I next get laid?
      Who do you think would burst first?

    • OH SHIT. Seriously? I couldn’t fuck until you got laid?? AM, honey, I don’t know if I could last that long! And I say that with all the love I can muster for an internet blogging friend 🙂

      Having said that: I don’t know who’d fail first! Let’s just aim for one week at a time. Does that sound doable??

    • Ok. A week it is.
      But I might have to stay away from blogging – far too many accidents have occurred as a result!

    • You lack ambition, Hy. Can you not imagine how good a cock would feel after 7 months 😉

      Ok. A week it is. Starting today.
      I won’t wank and you won’t fuck. (Or do you think you can manage without a wank too?)

    • If you’re not wanking or fucking then I won’t either. Let the week commence! And I last jerked off on Monday!

    • I think I last came on Monday. I had a fiddle this morning but curtailed my efforts : does that count?

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  6. […] and unfortunately for me, I read Accidental Masturbators blog yesterday when he was so happy to have sex with his wife but unable to orgasm so he was going to abstain from masturbation for one week. Hyacinth (guestblog from yesterday) took […]

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