It’s all getting a bit out of hand

For those who do not yet know, Hyacinth and I have made a pact of celibacy. That’s not to say we have agreed not to fuck each other (I sincerely doubt I could satisfy her), but rather to abstain from orgasming for a week. It may seem like madness, and on Hy’s part I think it probably is, but it all seems to be snowballing (… and no, I don’t mean snowballing).

If you want the whole story you’ll need to read Stop The Presses and That’s Twice In About A Week, and It’s Best To Share (especially the conversation between Hy and myself in the comments), and a whole lot of my fixing a broken marriage posts, but I’ll save you a little trouble and paraphrase.

In the absence of regular insertion into my Wife’s cunt, my cock has got far to used to the attentions of my own hands. Admittedly they have been very well acquainted for more than 25yrs, but having recently been reintroduced to my Wife’s delectable pussy, my cock has failed to spit cum. In It’s Best To Share, I suggested I needed to lay off the wanking for a while so I can shoot my load for the mutual pleasure of my Wife and I. And Hy, bless her, took the ball and ran with it.

She suggested I need a companion in my endeavour. Someone else who could try to keep their hands out of their pants, by way of solidarity, and mutual obligation. I suggested that co-celibate should be Hyacinth, herself. And this has become our mutual challenge.

I shall not wank for a week, or until I next get to fuck my Wife, whichever is the sooner.
Hyacinth will not wank or fuck for a week, or until I next get to fuck my Wife, whichever is the sooner.

And lo and behold, as Hy has posted about this on her own blog, a load of other people, unbidden, have joined us on our cross-legged marathon no-fuck-fest. This I find completely baffling, especially the number of people who have been in touch to say they’re up for the challenge. So may people. Why? How did we start this?

Well, assuming I don’t get laid again in the meantime, cum Wednesday 30th August 2012, I suggest we all release our pent-up energy and orgasmic fluids simultaneously.

Right, which of you lovely, horny masochists is up for it?

31 Responses to “It’s all getting a bit out of hand”

  1. You are the best. xx

  2. damn, no wanking or sex for a week… I’m not sure if I would manage that, I think I will happily wank away while u2 try to behave 😀 but best of luck to both of you…

  3. I don’t know whats happening, but I think that all your wanking energy has directed itself on me. I’m taking the brunt of it and letting it go every chance I get now. It must be the universe balancing itself out from the vacuum you and Hy have created!!!!!
    I don’t think I can keep doing this without some mental damage or serious personality shifts. I hope your wife is ih the mood tonight!!

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  5. 40ouncestofreedom Says:

    I’m in. Hell, I can do a week standing on my head … I went years without masturbating at one point.

  6. I think keeping all this pent up energy… Well, you know, pent up… will be interesting. I’ve made it 24 hours now. How hard can it be(pun intended!)?

  7. Ha! There is no fucking way I’m join in this venture. Sorry y’all, love you and all that, but I’ll be psycho bitch if I go more than a few days with out cumming. Good luck though! *hugs and kisses*

  8. dominationdiary Says:

    Ha ha, good work. How does it feel to be a trend setter?

  9. You guys are too much! And like Jayne… I seem to be extra edgy lately. And releasing anytime I can fine a private moment! I’m cheering for you though!

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