Amateur Pornographer

When I was at teenager, my school’s library had a number of magazines that pupils could borrow. Amongst these was Amateur Photographer. With hindsight I am a little surprised that this was made available to school kids, as pretty much every issue featured at least one pair of exposed tits, or a naked arse, and everybody knew it. Whilst this was obviously intended purely to illustrate photographic techniques, and not to be wank fodder for horny teenage boys, as you can imagine, I borrowed Amateur Photographer as much as anyone else, despite having no particular interest in photography, and ever since I have liked to think of it as Amateur Pornographer.

In my 20s I did actually become quite keen on photography, and rarely went anywhere without a camera. As a consummate pervert, I would have loved to try my hand at shooting some porn, but that was in the days of 35mm film, and whilst you could find adverts in the back of jazz mags for uncensored developing services, it was an expensive business. Thankfully in this digital age, not only can you take 1000 photos of your girlfriend fisting herself without reloading your camera, you no longer have to wait a week before you get to see them … or more likely receive a curt letter explaining why obscene photos won’t be printed.

Back in Photo bucket, I told you all about my idea to make the most of this advance in photography and become an amateur pornographer. Well today I submitted a request for models to the Adult Contacts section of a Classified Ads website. It went something like this …

Pervert seeks 30-something couple to pose for close up cock’n’cunt photographs whilst they fuck.

(OK, it was worded a little more seriously than that, but that was the essence.) I have no idea whether I’ll get any responses, or even whether the ad will be accepted by the website, but with any luck I’ll soon be snapping away at two writhing, sucking, fingering, licking, tugging, fucking bodies. And of course I expect to share the some of the resulting porn with you, my fellow wankers.

2 Responses to “Amateur Pornographer”

  1. 40ouncestofreedom Says:

    That will definitely be interesting!

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