I have a dream

It is not particularly common for me to wake up and remember what I was dreaming about, but when I do, it is far from uncommon for me to have been dreaming about sex. The regularity with which I wake up with a boner suggests I dream about sex a lot more than I remember and there are, apparently, no bounds to the subjects of my sex dreams. I’ve dreamt about giving a former manager a blow job, fucking a friends wife, and even getting jerked off in a supermarket with other shoppers commentating and giving advice on technique. But dreams are, however, purely fantasy (as my dream about shopping for rubber-wear and a strap-on with my Wife clearly testifies) and in some circumstances this is indeed fortunate – in one recent dream I found myself engaged in a sexual act no one should ever consider in real life – it shocked me, especially my attitude to it within the dream.

But our dreams can often say a lot about our desires, and if Freud is to be believed, tell us much about the truth of our sexual desires.

And as of last night, it seems my subconscious is trying to tell me I’m into medical bondage and playing Doctors and Nurses.

In my dream I was giving an internal examination to an unknown woman with the first two fingers of each hand burried deep into her vagina. Obviously this wasn’t a normal medical procedure as there was no need for her to be totally naked and I don’t imagine such examinations are usually conducted with the subject being on all fours. And the two nurses assisting me were dresses somewhat inappropriately – one in a scarlet basque and stockings, the other in white lace bra, g-string and stockings. I suspect normal medical examinations wouldn’t usually be reciprocal either, with the doctor (in this case me) similarly ending up naked and on all fours, receiving a rectal endoscopy.

It was all highly irregular, but I guess that’s dreams for you.

3 Responses to “I have a dream”

  1. 40ouncestofreedom Says:

    Interesting indeed

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