DLS #9 : School reunion

Tonight I a meeting up with a couple of folk I know from school; Liam and Paul. (Noel and Tony are respectively out of the country and otherwise occupied.) Liam was a good friend for a long time, though our lives have gone in very different directions, and we have juxtaposed views on a lot of things. Paul was a complete shit to me at school, and I’ve only met him since when in the company of mutual friends, and on the false friendship pages of FaceBook. To the best of my knowledge, he and I have have also lived very differently for the past 2 decades, and frankly I don’t really care if I never see him again. But because we have a modicum of shared history, and a mutual friend in Liam, we will sit down this evening and try to be sociable towards each other.

So what’s this got to do with my sex blog?

As we relax with drinks and chew over how well we have all done since school, I will be enjoying a DLS. Something I know that they don’t. Ok, they have far more comfortable life styles than I do, but I’ll bet they’re not as sexually liberated as I am. I’ll bet neither of them are enjoyig the gentle tug and swing of ball weights clamped around their testicles.

I will.

It’s entirely puerile on one level, I know, but at the same time it’s gonna make me giggle.

(Update, on the way home from the above reunion.)

As much as may have protested, I had a really quite pleasant evening. Thankfully Paul had to head home relatively early and only mentioned his Aston Martin once. (Did I mention he’s always been a complete cunt. I have no issue with anyone being in a position to own an Aston, hell, if I could I would, but it wouldn’t just come up in conversation.) Needless to say I didn’t bite, and as he dropped hints about his wealth I thought of they scrotum and the weight hanging from it. It’s a bizarre satisfaction, but there you go.

Anyway, that’s all by the by. I probably wouldn’t have updated this post were it not for the conclveraation I had with Liam, after Paul had departed.

He asked about the porn films I worked on. (It was only one. A long time ago. I’ll tell you one day. It’s really not that exciting.) And he spoke of the ex-girlfriend he’d already fucked whilst in town and the two he expected to fuck before he returned to his Caribbean tax haven. And then he showed me the pictures of their tits they’d sent him. They were large tits. In both cases. Not to my taste, but I confess I was decidedly jealous. Not of his affluence or his bachelor lifestyle, but rather of the fact that single women who want to fuck him send him pictures of their tits.

Technology did not so easily facilitate such exchanges when I was last single. And I wish it had. 😦

But I had a good evening (and Liam paid, whilst Paul left without offering to pay for what he’d already drunk).

I might make a point of going to bed with a stiffy, just for my Wife to ignore. We’ll see if I still have the optimism by the time I get home.

5 Responses to “DLS #9 : School reunion”

  1. Fuck puerile – I’d feel the same way in your shoes.

  2. I love sending pics to men and I’m not shy. I especially like sending pics to men who are in sexually unsatisfying relationships. I’m a dick like that. xx Hy

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