My own worst enemy

There’s a song by Lit about coming home drunk and pissing off your SO. At times like this, although alcohol has had nothing to do with my situation, there are a few lines that seem so very pertinent.

It’s no suprise to me
I am my own worst enemy
‘Cos every now and then
I kick the living shit out of me.

I was wrong. I didn’t get laid last night. And it’s my fault.

I really was confident that we’d fuck, but I hadn’t banked on us having a grump at each other early in the evening, and that left me in a state of mind that’s not exactly conducive to me wanting any intimacy. So I pulled away from her (emotionally). Add to that, my insomnia has left me pretty bloody tired and I went to bed early. And not euphemistically early. And not with company.

There’s not much else to say, other than the fact that unsurprisingly I didn’t sleep well again last night. Which my Wife enquired after again this morning, so maybe She still has it in mind to fuck me to sleep. Or maybe the moment has passed.

4 Responses to “My own worst enemy”

  1. Do you know the Myers-Briggs type for yourself and your wife? I am so curious.

    • I had to Google that. Ha ha. No I don’t.
      To be honest, I’m really not a fan of psychometric tests. All too often I can answer Yes/No questions both ways and inevitably they rely on massive assumptions and generalisations. (Jung would doubtless say that speaks volumes in itself.)
      Out of curiosity I just found an online Myers-Briggs test – about 70 questions and I gave up about a third of the way through as I was just too irritated by the imprecision of so many of the questions. (Again Jung would be rubbing his hands.)

    • I agree about the usual personality tests. I liked Myers-Briggs though, as it seems accurate. Mine is INTJ, which is a cold blooded type of personality. Hyacinth’s The Neighbor is a (I think) INTJ, and Hyacinth is a ENFP. Google ENFP and think of Hyacinth. Warm, generous, fun. 

      Sometimes what you write about your wife sounds like me a bit. Cold blooded, but with genuinely no ill intent. If you told me you were fine without wanking, I’d take you at your word. Also, I wouldn’t know that the reason my husband is waving an erection around is because he wants me to touch it. If on vacation, he told me he forgot his underwear and didn’t want to buy a replacement, I wouldn’t question him further. I’d have honestly no idea that it was supposed to be sexy. As far as I understand, underwear is for comfort, like wearing socks with shoes. I mentally process it the same. 

      If I stayed in religion, I’d behave the same as your wife. I had actually thought just a few years ago, that I wouldn’t be able to pry my knees apart even with a signed marriage certificate. 

      So, I am curious about what Myers-Briggs type she might be. It is just that I can’t read between the lines of your posts to know how hurtful your wife means to be. Is she sadistic? Or oblivious? I’m guessing this is what you want to know too. 

      Take care, AM. 

      My favorite site so far:

    • Having read a selection of the types, I can see some of me in quite a few. I guess that is inevitable, and also inevitably part of the root of my cynicism about such things.
      I doubt I could get away with asking Her to do a test (She knows how I feel about psychometrics and would inevitably ask why), but I wonder if I should do one for Her – answer the questions as I perceive Her aproach to life. Actualy, maybe not.
      If she is cold, I am certain she does not mean to be. I could throw a few lables around, but life is never that simple.

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