You know you want to

Straight men fantasise about slipping their tongue into a pussy. Straight women fantasise about sucking on a cock. But how many heterosexuals fantasise about performing oral sex on a member of their own gender? Although I’ve never considered myself gay, I’d be very happy to try giving a blow job. But this desire is not quite as simple as it seems.

If I were to state I don’t fancy men, I’m sure there are plenty of people who would instantly think he’s in denial. But I don’t, and I’m not. I have never been romantically attracted to another man, and although I find a good male body (including a good cock) interesting, and watching men in porn can be arousing (sometimes), and I’m more than happy to get fucked in the arse (with a strap-on) I’ve never felt any particular urge to have sex with another man. See. I told you there’d be accusations of denial.

An old fuck buddy of mine (Sarah, my number 10) used to maintain that every man should have another man’s tongue in his mouth at least once and I’m not particularly averse to the idea. I feel no need to actively seek it out, and I’d probably need to have my inhibitions pretty well diluted with alcohol, but in principle, I’ll try most things once.

All this may well put me in the camp (no pun intended) of being bi-curious. And I guess that’s probably pretty close. I’m curious. But just because I’m curious to know what drowning feels like, it doesn’t mean I have any desire, rational or sub conscious, to experience it. That said, in the days when the UK website for Gumtree would still publish NSA adult contacts, I did get as far as swapping a couple of emails with a random guy about meeting up for an blowjob. Out of curiosity. But when it came to it, I just wasn’t really that interested. And the hassle and potential pitfalls just didn’t come close to out weighing my nominal curiosity.

But I’d definitely like the opportunity to suck on a cock.
To suck on my own cock.
Wanking is great, and I have enjoyed myself plenty with my Fleshlight and Monkey Spanker™, but I’d dearly love to be able to suck myself off. Autofelatio.

I’ve only tasted my own cum a handful of times, when Fiona snowballed me, when I’ve felched a couple of partners, and when I’ve occasionally made a point of licking my jizz from my own fingers. I have tasted a handful of spunk, and I’m not offended by the taste at all. I’m not driven to taste it, in the way that some women seem to be, but I’m not unhappy to have my own taste in my mouth.

On the other hand, I quite like the taste of my own pre-cum. I’ll often lick that off my fingers … and would love to be able to lick it from my bell end. And while I’m at it, circle my tongue around it, flick at it, graze my teeth over it, suck hard on my whole length, maybe even deep throat myself. And then to have my dick erupt in my own mouth, my own hot jets of salty seed firing at my tonsils. Yep. That would be damn fine.

But between the flexibility of my spine, and the average length of my cock, sadly it aint ever going to happen.

I have found a recommendation for getting a suitable sized piece of flexible tubing, lubing it up, sticking your dick in one end and sucking on the other. Ok, that will give you the some of the sensation of being sucked, but I can’t see how that would be anything like actually being in a mouth. So for now, I’ll just have to make do with fantasy. But if I could suck myself off, I most certainly would, and I suspect you would to, Dear Reader, if only you could reach.

10 Responses to “You know you want to”

  1. Its too bad you never went through with the blowjob hookup. Hottest thing ever! If you had a woman in the room, a friend of the guy’s, it might’ve mdke it easier.

    • I have no regrets about not doing it at all. It was one of those things you think about, but when it comes down to it, you just don’t care about. Being alone with another guy wasn’t an issue, and I’m not so bothered by threesomes, so I doubt having a woman in the room would have made any diffeence. As I said, I’ve often wondered what it’s like to drown, but I have no interest in trying it.

  2. I suppose most anyone would give themselves that treat if it were physically possible. I know I would. I’m not so sure if I would be into that with another girl or not…I’ve never tried. Younger I think I would have been horrified. Now, I’m curious I guess.


    • I can think of at least one person who wouldn’t give it a go. Probably two. Can you?
      Like you, I don’t think I would have considered giving head to a guy in my 20s, but in my 30s I might have. Now, I’m probably even more open to such ideas, but probably less interested in that one.
      I’m often amazed how many women admit to having had sex with another woman. But I honestly don’t beieve the frequent claims that lots of men lie about not having done so.

  3. Maybe there is a bit of this and a bit of that in nature…women gain approval from men in claiming that they are bisexual, whether they are or not. I don’t know if men gain approval from women in that way or not.

    Age does really seem to open ones perspectives quite a bit…maybe because now our imaginations have to be stronger to fight off the terrifying feeling that sooner or later, we’ll have nothing but that, imagination. (sorry, I’m slipping off into some sort of early-fall depression.)

    At least ours are vivid AM!


  4. Close! Oh so Close! …

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