Happily hair free

After Zoe closed her salon, I needed to find someone else local to deprive me of my most masculine of hair. And after a little web browsing, I found Caroline. Yesterday was my first appointment with her and it was all a bit different to what I’m used to. Though not at all in a negative way.

When I first started getting my pubes waxed I went to a very gay oriented male salon. I subsequently changed to a different salon, not far away, that I would say marketed itself more towards the metrosexual end of the market. Then we moved out of the Big Smoke and into the commuter belt and I eventually found Zoe’s salon. All these were proper salons, in commercial areas, and in business premisses.
In contrast, Caroline works from home, in an unassuming residential area, some 20min from me, and has turned her conservatory into a treatment room. It’s a very different environment. For one, it’s a lot more spacious and relaxed than a salon, 4 or 5 times the floor space of any treatment room I’ve been in, much brighter with a large comfortable sofa and the equivalent of her office in one corner. It’s an exceedingly pleasant setup.

After Caroline had taken a note of my personal details etc, she asked what style I wanted and we laughed about the ambiguity of Brazilian, Speedo, Hollywood etc. (She was once confounded by being asked for an Ibiza. I didn’t know what that was either!) To Caroline, a Brazilian is all of the buttocks, crack, scrotum, penis, just leaving a landing strip at the front, up to about where underwear normally stops. I don’t have my arse cheeks waxed, but as I think it has a more natural line, I like the landing strip extended up to my navel, where it stops naturally. But Brazilian was the closets label we had between us.

I have often attended to the small amount of hair on the small of my back, immediately above my arse crack, and I may get Caroline to attend to that in the future. Equally, as I explained to her, what shape I like left above my dick varies from waxing to waxing, and we can negotiate labels when appropriate.

Another first was being expected to undress in front of a therapist (I’m more used to being left to disrobe on my own) and I was instructed to take everything off below the waist and to lie on my back on the treatment table. She placed a towel for me on the table, though I confess I didn’t see the need for this – the room was warm, and Caroline was about to have a very good look at my goods anyway, so any false modesty seemed entirely misplaced. However, she placed the towel over my crotch, and I shall take my cue from that the next time I visit her.

When she got down to the business of ripping out my pubes, I was pleasantly surprised how much she handled my tackle (I pretty sure the only people who have ever handled my cock and balls as much before have ended up with their mouth or cunt full of my throbbing gristle) and when she first started touching my member I genuinely wondered whether I might get a hard-on. (For the record, I didn’t.) Where other waxers have asked me to pull my tool one way or the other, Caroline did it herself. If she needed my balls swung over to the other side, she was happy to take the matter into her own hands. Admittedly, I was required to pull my cock and scrotum tight on a couple of occasions, but only when Caroline needed two hands for another part of the proceedings. All very pleasing.

As the treatment room was quite warm, my scrotum was particularly relaxed and my balls were swinging nicely when she asked me to turn over onto all fours so she could get at my arse crack. She then asked me to pull myself forward and I took pleasure in being able to wrap my thumb and forefinger around the base of my sack and tug my nuts firmly down. It wasn’t entirely gratuitous on my part but it did helped her and felt great to me.

Caroline’s attention to detail was very good, and she both used tweezers to remove the few missed hairs and at one point walked round to the end of the table to make sure her work was symmetrical. A failure to achieve this has always been one of my bugbears with waxers so she gets several gold stars just for this. My other frequent complaint is that I have all to often been left with hair around my anus. I can understand that some therapists may not particularly want to go there, but if I want the hair removed from my crack, it is only logical to me that I should want all the hair removed from my crack. And Caroline did pretty well there too – not perfect, but pretty damned close. (I shall mention it next time.) I’m very happy with the shape of landing strip I have been left with, not least as I have been denuded all the way up to my navel: this, along with the symmetry has saved me finishing off the job myself at home, which is what I have come to expect in the past. The only other possible changes I might ask for next time are slightly more hair removed from my crack (maybe an inch wider) and a little hair on top of the base of my shaft was missed. But in general, I’d give her an A-, with genuine expectations of an A+ in future.

As Caroline waxed and stripped, we chatted comfortably, about our respective spouses, kids, holidays, music … the usual sort of things you talk about when someone is fiddling with your genitals. She mentioned her rugby playing husband a couple of times and I couldn’t help wondering what he thinks of his wife handling other men’s cocks in his house when he’s not around. I wonder if he asks her what they were like when he gets home from work, and whether she describes the members she’s toyed with that day in intimate detail as he stuffs his into her hole. I do hope so. Tee hee!

If all this wasn’t good enough, Caroline charged me less than Zoe (it could have been even cheaper – less than her normal Brazilian (inc buttoncks) fee were it not for the fact that I wanted some abdominal hair removed too) plus a 20% discount as a first time customer. Which all worked out at less than half the price of going to a salon in the Big Smoke … even before factoring in travel costs. Hurrah!!!!

Inevitably there will always be a degree of apprehension when getting waxed by someone new. Will they do it painlessly. Will they get the shape right. Will you be walking into some Sweeny Todd pervert pie scam.

But I’m glad to say any concerns I had were entirely without foundation. If anything, the closure of Zoe’s salon has all worked out for the best. I am happy and hair free.

2 Responses to “Happily hair free”

  1. workspousestory Says:

    This sounds so ideal I want to visit her! But you say it’s outside of the Big Smoke… hmmmm…

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