Underwear update

Sometimes I have a tendency towards procrastination, but I like to make sure things are done right, and sometimes that takes time. It’s been a over 3 months since I came to the conclusion that I really did need to buy some new underwear, and I’ve spent many days in that time realising I hadn’t kept up with the laundry. The simple result regularly being a day or two going commando.

Finally this morning I logged onto Giggleberries (I love that name) and Amazon and did a spot of shopping. Rather than sticking with my recent habit of black Sloggis, I thought I’d go for something different. Something that might catch my Wife’s attention and get Her thinking about getting into my pants (UK). My efforts may well be in vain – whilst She will doubtless notice, will probably comment, I’m afraid my optimism for anything more is waning – but you don’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

I don’t recall ever having spent so much money on my own underwear in one go, but this time I’ve spent nearly £100 on smalls for myself. (As you may remember, Dear Reader, I spent twice that on lingerie for my Wife last Xmas, though I am exasperated to have to inform you that 9 months later, the thong has been worn but once, the torsolette and suspender belt still have the shop tags on them, and the stockings remain in sealed packaging. At least my new purchases will actually be used!!!!) My basket was made up of 5 items, and I have tried to be a bit varied.

When I canvassed opinion a while back, there was pretty consistent approval for trunks like this first pair. They’re not a million miles from the Sloggi trunks I’ve worn for years, but where coloured Sloggis have become harder to find on the high street, these mark a first step in bringing some brightness back to my underwear drawer. The other difference, and a feature I’ve opted for on as many of my ordered items as possible, is that the cut is supposed to give you a more pronounced bulge.

Clever Moda Pop Boxer

Colour is a bit of a theme with my purchases and the next pair are apparently plum purple. I’ve long had two or three styles of pants (UK) at any one time, and always some plain briefs. I’m often aware of the potential for odd looks in the gym changing rooms if I wear my Sloggi tangas, and trunks are sometimes too warm for the summer, so briefs are an ok compromise. These too are have a package enhancing pouch.

Bum Chums Plum Purple Hip Brief

The thing I’ve always liked about my Sloggi tangas is that they don’t cover much at the front. Unfortunately I can only find them in black or white, and pretty much everything else I’ve found that has the same cut at the front has a thong back. I am happy with that, but I’m after undies that my Wife will be surprised, rather than shocked by. My search for tangas brought these to my attention, and whilst to me they’re briefs rather than tangas, they are definitely small and colourful. I can’t imagine why they’re called Anti Stress, but that may become more apparent when I get them on.

Bruno Banani Anti Stress Tanga

Whilst I was looking for small underwear, I found these tiny briefs. I don’t think they could get much smaller and still qualify as briefs, and that just makes me grin. I would have liked a purple pair, but they were sold out, so I went for the grey, as I like the contrast with the white trimmed seams. When my Wife sees these I may say I expected them to be bigger, and as underwear can’t usually be returned I’ll just have to stick with them … but you and I know that won’t be quite true.

Low Rise Mens Airtex Mesh Snug Fit Sexy Briefs

My final choice may also see me making a slightly inaccurate claim: I really didn’t expect these to be as revealing as they turned out. Actually that’s precisely why I’ve ordered them. As they’re made of a sheer mesh, they’re pretty much see-though, and that’s precisely why I’ve chosen them! Again these are shaped to make the most of your manhood, and the rear seam is meant to accentuate your arse, so if She doesn’t notice me in these, there really is no hope! I’ve ordered a green pair so I have more variety in colour, but the pictures I could find of them in blue give a much better idea of the effect I’m hoping to achieve.

Clever Moda Lucerna Boxer

Obviously I’m not going to look nearly as good as the men modeling these, purely on the grounds that I’m not a model – I have neither the tan, muscle tone, nor such a well stuffed package – but I’m definitely looking forward to adding a little colour and variety to my underwear drawer, and having my shape … err … enhanced.

3 Responses to “Underwear update”

  1. Love those Airtex!

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