Underwear update 2

Yesterday the first part of my new underwear bulk buy arrived in the post: the grey Low Rise Mens Airtex Mesh Snug Fit Sexy Briefs. And they are about as low rise as it’s possible to get, as even with my newly waxed bush, most of my pubes are visible above the waistband, and they barely cover the base of my cock. I do like them but my initial reaction was that I’m not sure my Wife will ever be given the opportunity to cast eyes on me in them.

Which is an odd reaction, as catching Her attention was precisely what I was aiming to achieve with my new undies.

Today the remainder of my order arrived. I’ve not yet had time to try on the Clever Moda Pop Boxer or Bum Chums Plum Purple Hip Brief, with their silhouette enhancing pouches …

… or the very orange ribbed Bruno Banani Anti Stress Tanga …

… and as for the green see through Clever Moda Lucerna Boxer …

… well all I can tell you just now, Dear Reader, is that this pair most certainly does appear to be see through.

As mentioned, I opted for colour, cut and fabric precisely to get noticed, but having worn black Sloggis for so long …

… and having such a dysfunctional sexual relationship, all of a sudden I’m actually quite self conscious about my new shreddies.

Who would have thought!?
Me, the exhibitionist.
Me, who was more than happy to be filmed masturbating and fucking by his ex.
Me, with a penchant for the aesthetics of thongs and rubber.
Me, who happily stands naked at the bedroom window (ah … I’ve not written that post yet, have I?)
Me, who loves to be outdoors naked.
Me, self conscious about the pants (UK) I’m wearing in front of my Wife.

I am quite confident that, if I were single and hoping to be disrobing in front of a new girlfriend for the first time, I’d have no compunction about wearing interesting smalls. So on reflection, this is actually pretty screwed up. But that may all get resolved when I swallow my pride and my Wife gets an oportunity to disregard my new undies, and fail to consider that I might be wearing them to get Her attention.
[Note to self – maybe the sentence I need to rehearse is I felt like some colour for a change, and wondered whether that might actually get me noticed.]

But in the meantime, as soon as I have a moment I’ll try them all on, and let you know what they’re actually like.

(One thing that all this has made me think is that I really do need to start doing some sit-ups!)

15 Responses to “Underwear update 2”

  1. workspousestory Says:

    I’ll join you for the sit-ups. Never too much exercise!!!!

    (or… any… for that matter 😛 )

  2. 40ouncestofreedom Says:

    Model them for us?

  3. I say “Yes you must model them”… Maybe you could model all the types for your wife and THEN ask her which ones she likes best! That may be better than waiting.

    • I think the lack of subtlety might be lost on Her.

    • there has to be something that will get her attention – it seems like wearing them and hoping she’ll see is TOO subtle. She’s frustrating me… if I told you stories though, you’d be saying the same thing to me so I just wish you luck to get her attention. xo, Jayne

  4. deviantdiaries Says:

    Oh DO model them for us….and I am sooo enjoying the model pics 🙂

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