I’m getting too old for this

As I knelt naked in front of a copy of Club, cock in hand, I was struck by a surprising revelation. You’ve probably figured out by now, Dear Reader, that despite how I feel about such jazz mags, they’ve seen me spill gallons of semen over the years … literally … and I’m generally quite keen on porn.

For most of my wanking life, magazines from the Paul Raymond Publishing stable have provided me with the inspiration to spray my hot jizz across the women who were spread across their pages. Initially Mayfair, then Men’s World, and latterly Club International. And I’ve been orgasmically happy for the girls in question to get my cock hard and my fingers sticky.

To misappropriate the lyrics of Peter Gabriel, today is different, today is not the same …

As I knelt over my porn mag, thrashing away, I made a mistake. I looked at the face of the girl who’s tits, cunt and arsehole were inspiring me to abuse myself. I shouldn’t have done it, and it momentarily threw me off my rhythm. I quickly flicked the page to get away from her and focussed on the next bald quim and my knuckles blurred once more. But I made the same mistake again. I looked at the girl’s face and I had to stop. I turned to another photoset. No improvement. Nor with any others. This was not good.

This was no J. Geils moment – the centerfold was not my angel. No, the problem was that the spread-eagled nudes were too young. They weren’t the barely legal teens that some porn publishers seem to think are acceptable to exploit, they were old enough to legally vote, die for their country, procreate and indeed, appear in porn. But they were too young for me. I don’t mean any disrespect to any readers who may be in their early 20s, but I wouldn’t want to fuck someone half my age any more than most 21yr olds would want to hang out with someone twice their age. I have grown older, but porn stars have not, and all of a sudden I find myself uncomfortable with this.

On occasions I have reached up to the top shelf in the newsagent for something like 40 Up, but if I’m brutally honest, whilst I applaud the fact that the models are real women, and from what I can tell most are amateurs, a significant proportion of them aren’t as glamorous as the pros and the quality of stories and design of the mags isn’t as high as the high gloss 20-something mags. I might want to wank over middle-aged pussy, but I still want middle-aged glamorous, fantasy pussy.

I remember stumbling across a room mate’s adult reading material many years ago, and as I looked through the girly magazine I found a photoset of a women in her early 30s on the pages in-between. She was some 10yrs older than me, and she was fucking gorgeous! She was the oldest porn model I’d ever seen (even though I’d probably seen hundreds by that point), and she took my breath away. And then I had a wank over her photos. And for quite some days subsequently I’d secretly borrow my room mate’s porno again, and blow my load over this 30-something nympho stunner.

And that’s what I want now. I don’t want the badly composed, badly lit photos of dirty housewives who’ve just dropped their knickers for a quick photo session before hanging out their husband’s Y-fronts. I want beauty, glamour, fantasy, possibly even a degree of Cosmos-style airbrushing. Sure I want my pornstars to be uninhibited, kinky, desperate for my cock. Sure I want them to look like they’ve spent all week in the beauty salon and gym, rather than like they’ve had 7 kids. Sure I want them to be gloriously slutty, kneading their own tits, opening their dripping cunts, and licking their lips, that I may fantasise about filling them with my cum, while I splash it across their photos. But I want them to be women I can imagine I might actually want to fuck, and then be able to have some common cultural reference points for post coital conversation. I want to wank over someone who remembers Regan, Gorbachev and Thatcher.

27 Responses to “I’m getting too old for this”

  1. workspousestory Says:

    Your last sentence is just… so… precious!!!

  2. It’s refreshing to know that some men feel this way. I would still say that even if I was under 40! 🙂

    • What’s the 40yr old women’s point of view on younger men as sex objects?

    • pivoine68 Says:

      When I was in my twenties, I went through this stage of only sleeping with much older men. That led me to now. I thought that guys my own age were like over-eager puppies. I’m telling you AM, a puppy could really be glorious now. Just beautiful! Even if he was a bit sloppy…

    • Accidental Masturbator Says:

      Then get thee to the disco. There’s many an enthusiastic young hound in search of a hot cougar.

  3. tonguetied Says:

    As someone in their early 20s, even I get kind of weirded out by how young pornstars are/look. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing! Wisdom is way more beautiful than the ability to take your shirt off and look pretty.

  4. AJ Rimmer Says:

    I do like to look at them, an art form, nothing wrong with Michelangelo’s David… but that is not what is in my head when I’m rubbing the bean…. no, something older, wiser, and much better with his hands.

  5. deviantdiaries Says:

    I personally get creeped out by having younger men approach me. The whole milf/cougar thing seems predatory and offensive to me. I have nothing in common with these “boy men” and though some might find it flattering to be asked, I feel like an old lady perv even looking at online porn of this age group so I try to avoid it. Sure, they might look buff and put together…they’re supposed to at that age….but I’d rather see a man in my peer group who appreciates women his own age and also hasn’t let himself go completely in terms of physical stature. Its refreshing to find men who aren’t chasing little girls around…..

    • AJ Rimmer Says:

      I agree, but I do like older… 10-15 years is preferred for me. I hope this doesn’t make a little girl that is being chased around. lol at my age and weight I don’t see it like that. Who knows how I’m seen though. I’d like to have a mirror that shows me how others see me. It would be useful. 🙂

    • I’m not sure I’d want to use that mirror – a bit too scarey!
      I could point you in the direction of wone of my most loyal readers as a cautionary tale about going for older men. But I won’t.

    • deviantdiaries Says:

      Maybe I should try older,,, it would definitely suit me better than the younger boys. As for the mirror….when I’m with someone who sees the reflection of me I’d like to see…that’s when I’m happiest. I once remarked to such a fellow…”if I could see the lady you see when you look at me I’d fall in love with her”. Oh to be so lucky….

    • I can’t help thinking I know what goes on behind the mirror – some of that I like more than gets reflected, some of it I like less.

    • Deviant, if you can find a man my age who hasn’t let himself go a little and you’ll probably have found a man who’d rather run 10mi than fuck you, or a man who’d rather fuck a man tha fuck you. Ha ha.

    • deviantdiaries Says:

      AM don’t I know it! Sad but true 😦

  6. Whilst it is a total ego boost to pull a young stud (or two) now and again… I much prefer what the older man has to offer…. In manners, control, technique, experience and knowing when to damn well go to sleep! also knows not to take photos to post on Facebook as he fucks you…

  7. You men are lucky that you got the young fit women to look at whilst you tugged ….
    What did we get? Middle aged men with more hair on their back than they had on their head! And a dick that is so large you cry for the poor lass having to deal with it! Who by the way left the label on her shoes, and what nice shoes they are, but I would never wear them with that outfit… I wonder where she got those shoes from……. Hmmmmm yeah women get so easily distracted by these things

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