Operation Eyeball Obelisk

I’ve always wondered how police and military commanders choose the names of operations. It’s not too difficult to guess at the origin of Operation Chastise, but the etymology of Operation Overt, is a little less … err … overt. However, not too much lateral thinking is needed to realise why I have named this weekend’s manoeuvres as Operation Eyeball Obelisk.

My Wife and I are having a rare weekend away on our own. Our first time in a proper hotel since we got married. (And we all know how sexy hotels are!) We will have an undisturbed night, and the only thing likely to disturb us in the morning is room service.

I know I keep going on about my new underwear, but it was bought for a purpose – to get my Wife to notice me. And I bought shreddies with bulge enhancing tailoring so She’s more likely to take a good, long, hard look at my goo,d (not so very) long, hard cock, and to want a good, long, hard fuck. Simple as that. This weekend I shall be unveiling the secret weapon (no, Dear Reader, my pants (uk), not my love missile) in my ongoing battle against the evil Dr. No-sex. Yes, this weekend will witness Operation Eyeball Obelisk – the most audacious use of exhibitionism our relationship has ever witnessed.

Wish me luck, Biggles.
Chocks away!
(Oh, for crying out loud! I said chocks, not cocks!)

4 Responses to “Operation Eyeball Obelisk”

  1. I hope things are going as planned Sir!


  2. […] The Accidental Masturbator has one of the best blog names EVER and he provides a honest look at a husband trying to re-engage his wife in the desire that has been lost. I feel his struggles can be related to by so many and he always teaches me a thing or two everytime I read. […]

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