Grasping at satisfaction

Your’s truly is still residing in Sleeplessville, but I’m getting used to it. I’m waking most night at least twice and I don’t think I’ve slept much past 5am more than once or twice in the last month. If my Wife stirs after about 4am, She is certain to disturb me and I will not get back to sleep. And so it was this morning, when She went to the bathroom at about 4:30. As I lay in bed, waiting for Her return, I was faced with an unusual situation – I was awake, and naked in bed, and my cock wasn’t hard. I know, I know, Dear Reader, a truly odd state. That’s not to say I wasn’t horny, or that I didn’t want to fuck my Wife when She came back to bed, so I stroked my member to attention in anticipation of … to be honest, in anticipation of Her turning over and wanting to go back to sleep. but …

As She climbed back in beside me, I made a point of cuddling up to Her, my tool occasionally twitching against Her leg. She curled up against me, but nothing. So I turned my back (I confess partly to communicate my frustration) and contemplated going downstairs for breakfast. That was until She spooned up behind me and I felt Her thumb stroke my thigh a couple of times. Our usual fuck-me signal. Hopes rise. And then fall, yet again, as Her hand went still just as quickly. With no real expectation of a response I reached round behind me and rested my hand on Her arse. Nothing. One last desperate try – the tiniest caress across Her cheek. And nothing again … for a moment. But then reciprocation. Wey hey! We’re on!

She reached for my dick and wrapped Her fingers round it. I ran my hand up the back Her leg and She twitched. Oops! Ok, back off. A little slower. Not a problem. A little more subtle stroking and I reached for Her breast. She tensed. Oh no! Ok, I can do this slow. Back to stroking Her back, and so very slowly down towards Her arse. Twitch. Not good. Eventually I managed to get my finger tips close enough to Her cleft to just about feel the outer limits of Her bush, but this was not going well. Her spirit was willing but Her flesh was not really in the mood.

At this point She focused some attention on my tool, I’m pretty sure to get me ready to penetrate Her, but I knew Her snatch wasn’t nearly as wet as it ought to be and I let the moment pass. She wasn’t where we needed Her to be and I moved Her hand away.

A brief conversation ensued, She observing we need to capture moments when they arise, me emphasising that She needs to be there too, She asking if I was going to get back to sleep, me resisting the urge to say only if I tugged myself off. And then I got up so She, at least, could get back to sleep.

An hour or so later I heard my Wife helping our child in the bathroom, and went up to relieve Her from the duty so She could get another hour’s sleep. We met at the top of the stairs and I rested my hand on Her bum, my fingers gratuitously wrapping round the curve of Her flesh. Easing just a little further into that delectable little fold between cheek and thigh than was even remotely necessary. The merest stroke along Her arse crack as I broke away. Just enough to be blatantly sexual. She went back to bed and our kid and I went downstairs for breakfast.

Another hour later and my Wife joined us having a weekend kids’ TV morning. I pulled Her onto my lap so She could feel my rod stiffening under Her weight. It twitched obediently. After a moment or two, She stood we all got on with the business of the day.

I have often resolved recently to make a point of going to bed at the same time as my Wife, already with a full erection bobbing around in front of Her as I undress. Even if I have to manipulate the situation with a little autonomous manipulation in the bathroom. Perhaps tonight it will be worth making that effort.

5 Responses to “Grasping at satisfaction”

  1. I don’t want to “like” this because I feel your frustration but you are to be commended for your perseverance, yes?

    • Thank you for your commendation. The self deprecating me would quote “he who perseveres in the face of impossible odds is probably missing the point.”

    • ooh, that hurt : ) … I would keep fighting until proven wrong by my own standards. (Now, that sounds like someone who has missed the point! But, I have to live with myself and so…maybe it’s that theres another point I am unconsciously seeking?? but need !? )

  2. I think it sounds like things are going in the right direction…I think.


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