It’s not pornography

Today I’m plugging other people’s work.

The first plug goes to Rincewind for regularly posting some of the sexiest pictures online. Unlike so many sexy-photo-pimping blogs, they’re not usually pornographic, leaning heavily towards erotic art (though I’ll be the last person to complain when Rincewind shares some muff with us). I’m pretty sure I’ve sung his praises before, but if you like pictures of beautiful women, check out his blog.

The second plug goes to the maker of one of Rincewind’s recent finds – a video of a woman trying to read a book, (presumably) whilst being masturbated by an unseen accomplice. As the woman is reading in Portuguese, I have no idea what her book is about – she might reading from something as cheery as Nietzsche or Sylvia Plath or from something a little more racy like Lady Chatterley or 50 Shades. What ever her words, the footage is not remotely pornographic, but it is seriously horny!!!!

And this film reminded me of a website I stumbled across a few years ago, and the recipient of today’s final plug. I’ve been meaning to point you at it for some time, Dear Reader, as it is, without doubt, one of the most erotic websites I’ve ever cum across. Beautiful Agony started out as a bit of an experiment to prove that you don’t need to images of tits, dicks, quims and arseholes to be erotic, and it does this by showing videos of orgasming contributors in an unusual way – you only get to see their faces as they masturbate. Again the site is not remotely pornographic, but I challenge you to not get aroused by watching real people’s faces as they rub one off.
(Add to that, if you visit the site by clicking on their image below, and then choose to subscribe to watch all their glorious money-shots, your humble accidentalist will be honoured with a limited amount of free access too. Everybody wins!)

5 Responses to “It’s not pornography”

  1. workspousestory Says:

    That video (deleted by now) I think forms part of the series By Clayton Cubitt – check out the video with Stoya 😉 I fell in love with her as a result!

  2. The reading girl is so adorable…you nearly want to adopt her! I agree about Rincewind and Beautiful Agony as well. Excellent!

    (Thanks India…I didn’t realize the video was Clayton Cubitt…I love him! I follow him on Tumblr.) I have another blog on Tumblr but it’s in French. With pictures. 🙂
    You can look if you feel like it.

    Bisous AM! I’m happy thinking that things are looking brighter in your corner of the world!

    • Adopt her? No. But I can think of a few things I would like to do with her! [cue dirty snigger]

      I love Beautiful Agony (and their French reference – petite mort. I’d like to submit a film of my own, but I shy away from the obligatory revelation of my face. I guess the upside is that if anyone you knew saw your film they would have had to have been looking at a pervy website too, but a less than scrupulous person could do a lot of harm with such a knowledge.

    • workspousestory Says:

      Ooh, thanks Dawn, will check it out 😉 love him too!

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