If you can’t crack the nut …

There’s an old saying:

If you can’t crack the nut shell, try another hammer.

Yes you’re right, I’m making that up. But there should be. I guess it’s a bit like if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.
As much as it might be a waste of money, I’m thinking of buying my Wife underwear for Xmas again this year. It worked well last year and we had some of the best sex we’ve ever shared for about the next 2 or 3 weeks. Ok. So it all went hideously and inexplicably wrong and I didn’t get near Her cunt for the next 7 months, but sometimes you have to keep the end goal in mind and persevere. If it worked once, why not again?

As you know, last year I bought her a matching set from Elle MacPherson: bra, briefs (because I thought she might like some luxurious new daily underwear), and a torsolette, thong, suspenders and stockings (because I knew She would look good in them if She wore them for me).

The whole lot cost over £200 and about half of that has, to date, been a complete waste of money – only the briefs and bra have been worn with even limited regularity, the thong (I think) only once, and the rest still has never even had the shop tags removed.

You’ll have noticed, Dear Reader, that the items that were primarily for my Wife have been worn, but whilst I’m realistic about the fact that the remaining purchases were largely influenced by my own taste, you surely won’t struggle to believe I am just a little frustrated by them being buried at the bottom of my Wife’s underwear drawer.

So I was greatly interested to read The pleasures and pressures of lingerie by Sex Shopping, PhD. (For those not acquainted with this blog, the author is researching the relationship women have with sex shopping. (Excuse me if I’ve oversimplified!)) I wasn’t surprised to read that women sometimes have mixed feelings about lingerie, brought about by the expectation to look good in it, to be sexy, and the stereotypical physical “perfection” of the models used in advertising it. But I didn’t expect to learn that lingerie is uncomfortable. The caveat here, I believe, ought to be that the retailer specifically mentioned in this context was Ann Summers.

The connoisseur amongst you may be able to make a visual assessment of the two bras pictured here in terms of quality and comfort, but for most men buying underwear for their partners (especially online), I suspect it would be struggle … until they looked at the price tags. I’ll tell you how much they cost later, but with one being more than 4 times the cost of the other, I know where I’d invest my money if I was trying to make my Wife’s tits comfortable.

And I do want Her to be comfortable. Not only physically, but psychologically as well. I want a gift of lingerie to say I think you’re sexy and I want you to feel sexy. I want you to know that I want you, and to enjoy being wanted. So as much as I’d love to buy her a purple rubber corset …

… I don’t think I’ll be getting her one this year, if only on grounds of comfort. And I won’t be shopping in Ann Summers either.

The first time I bought my Wife underwear, I canvassed the opinions of a couple of female confidants. The unanimous opinion was don’t go cheap: Agent Provocateur is top notch, Rigby and Peller likewise. Ann Summers might look hot’n’horny, but it feels cheap’n’cheerful and it will make Her feel cheap and not so cheerful … or so I was told.

Which leaves me with a bit of a dilemma: the lingerie I’d love to see my Wife in most is not cheap, and not really for a shrinking violet. If I buy Her what I’d like to she Her in, it will most likely join the Elle MacPherson torsolette at the bottom of the drawer. Likewise anything from Ann Summers (which incidentally was the bra on the left, at £26). And I’m wary of splashing large amounts of cash on  something high quality (like the bra on the right, from Agent Provocateur at £110) if it’s not likely to get worn.

I guess another old saying (which I have not made up) holds true: you pay your money and you take your choice.

6 Responses to “If you can’t crack the nut …”

  1. workspousestory Says:

    Tricky… if she has only worn the bra / briefs set, then I’d go for that more than another sexy but perhaps too ‘showy’ outfit. Something that she can really feel good in. Just my opinion…

    • My current thinking is that if I get Her something like another basque, it might underline the point. Crack the nut that needs to be shelled.
      On the bra and panties front I’m hoping to find something that’s not black (there’s enough of that in Her drawer) or red (as that’s what I got Her last year) quite see though, and probably either a half cup or balconette bra – so I get to see as much flesh as possible. This is for my benefit, after all 😉

  2. Sometimes, very expensive, beautiful underwear aren’t comfortable – it all depends on how it fits HER body. I have a pair of underwear that look like a piece of art to me, sewn so well with tule, beautifully sewn designs, soft pretty fabics used… I put them on and they were just weird on me – felt uncomfortable ( of course it wasn’t my fat ass! : < ) They were not going to move WITH me. Good Luck1

    • Why do women insist on perpetuating the delusion that when men buy them lingerie they give a toss about how comfortable it feels? Jeez Louise! We only care about whether it turns us on.
      (Only joking!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • Hey – I get it – It doesn’t matter at all. I bought my own because I liked them BUT they are uncomfortable. Wait – the guy is supposed to rip them off BEFORE they are become irritating though. I think I read that in the Rules of Lingerie.

  3. […] this morning. I don’t know why. Lack I sleep, PMS, reading Accidental Maturbator’s blog about lingerie, getting my masturbation on last night or a combination of everything. I decided to put on black […]

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