One of the great things about TV stations finally catching up with internet technology is that you can now watch some shows from weeks, months or even years ago, without having to violate laws intended to protect intellectual property rights. So if you never actually got into the show that was the hot topic round the water cooler three years ago, you can still belatedly climb up onto the bandwaggon. In the last few days I have done precisely that with the black comedy, Misfits. (Apologies to those outside the UK as you may not be able to view that link without a proxy server. As an alternative, this should tell you a lot more about it.)

If you don’t know already (or indeed know far more than I do) the basic premiss is that a bunch of teenage young offenders get caught in a strange electrical storm whilst doing community service, which gives them various super-powers. The thing that makes it relevant to my blog is that, despite being only 3 episodes in, I’m pleased to say there’s quite a bit of sex in it.

Unusually for British TV drama, the use of sexual swear words crosses an historically sacrosanct line in the sand. The word fuck has long been a feature of post watershed TV, but my favourite of all words, cunt seems to be making a regular appearance. Regretably I’m only aware of it being used as an expletive to so far, rather than being prexixed with such phrasing as I want taste your … or let me drain my balls in your … but that’s probably to be expected with mainstream TV.

Cunt, however, is not what has caught my attention most.

Obviously, when you get a bunch of (fictitious) teens together, there’s going to be some sexual tension and, without wanting to throw out any spoilers, Misfits has that in spade loads. This is a good excuse for repeated cleavage shots, some sex scenes shot with a reasonable degree of retraint, and (so far) several very pleasing minutes of tits and arse shots in one not-so-discretely shot sex scene. And I have to say it was a truely lovely pair of tits involved. Although there was neither cock nor cunt in sight, my own dick did spring to attention.

And then I ran into a small problem.

Much as I recently found the girls in porn mags too young for my taste, I found myself thinking the beautiful young couple humping away in front of me were possibly a little too young for me to be getting aroused to. Which was off putting.

Thankfully a little Googling set my mind at ease. The bouncy pair of knockers that had entranced me belonged to the gorgeous Welsh actress Amy Beth Hayes who was not quite too young, being 27 yrs old at the time she was filmed riding Robert Sheehan, even though the lucky little bastard was unsettlingly young at just 21 yrs old . But I was looking at Amy. (I should also point out that as well as having an impressive rack, I thought she did a very good job playing her roll in the non sexual scenes!)

Sadly she was supporting cast only, and the other two main characters I’ve encountered so far were respectively 19 and 22 yrs old when the show was originally screened. Oh bugger. I think I may be back to the same old problem.

4 Responses to “Misjudged”

  1. workspousestory Says:

    Misfits is one of my favourite, if quite disturbing, series. A new one (series 3?) started last night and it was just bloodfest, I actually had to close my eyes and cover my ears for a minute or so. Disgusting. Loved it.

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