Wax works

As a man, I feel no social pressure relating to my pubic hair. Or at least if I do, it’s that I should have some. Preferably lots. Adherence to stereotypes would have  you believe a hairy man is a manly man, and one who shaves or waxes his balls is most likely either gay or weird. For those in any doubt, join a gym, preferably one with communal changing rooms, and take a good look at the men in the showers … just don’t make it too obvious … unless you are actually cruising. (Sorry girls, I know you probably can’t do this so easily, so you’ll have to take my word for it, or ask a friend to do some research for you.) In such surroundings you will rarely see men with denuded genitals.

I have been studying the matter on and off for as long as I can remember (and I know I’m not alone in surveying other gym-bunnies: Woman has made such a study too … but I digress …) and only once have I ever observed a fellow male gym member with anything less than a full crotch of hair. On that one occasion, the cock in question was completely hair free, and whilst we did not acknowledge each other’s presence in any way, I felt a lot more comfortable sporting my own Brazilian. I even felt a twinge of pride in having it.

This morning I read a post by Quirky Tales From Between The Sheets on why women shouldn’t feel the need to wax, and I was reminded particularly of a couple of former fuck-buddies: Fiona, my number 8 and Tania, my number 11. Fiona loved to have her pussy shaved … and I loved to shave her: it was, without doubt, the most erotic thing I’ve ever done. Tania, on the other hand, came very much from the au naturale side of the fence, and her pubes were left entirely to nature’s whim. This came up in conversation, and she indignantly presented me with the same question Quirky asked: why do all men want women to look like hairless pre-pubescent girls?

The answer to this first point is obvious: they don’t. Admittedly a lot of men do like women to be hairless, and a lot of that can probably be attributed respectively to the beauty and porn industries. However, there are plenty of men who like a pussy to be hairy. (I’ll save you the trouble of Googling such things and tell you that if you choose to search for phrases like “bushy pussy”, there is no shortage of websites with titles like Bushy Pussies, I Love Hairy Cunts, Wow Hairy, Naturally Hairy Cunts and Bush Girls.)

But more specifically, I genuinely don’t believe that the overwhelming majority of men who like women clean shaven make any associations between this and young girls. And there is, to the best of my knowledge, no evidence for such suggestions (in normal, well adjusted men).

But the thought that caught my attention most about Quirky’s post was her dismissal of some women’s assertions that they “just don’t like how it looks/feels“. Now as a man who’s spent over 15yrs shaving and waxing my nethers, I feel well qualified to address this question. As mentioned, I feel no external pressure to remove my man fuzz. Quite the contrary. And I am not doing it because my Wife demands it … or even shows a preference. (Regular readers will not be surprised at all by that.) I do it because I like it. As my groin slowly reverts to it’s naturally forested state, I really do find myself looking down with a degree of distaste, and as the hairs reach about ¾”, it does get a little itchy. I do indeed dislike how it looks and I do not like how it feels, and this is in no way a repressed excuse to conform.

But I have not answered the question. Why do men like hairless muffs?
My gut tells me this goes back to how we are expected to be as men. We are expected to be manly. We are expected to be tough. We are expected to be hairy. And as so many men run in fear from the idea of not being entirely straight, we seek in women the antithesis of ourselves. We simply want women to be soft, and gentle … and smooth.
(Add to that, and this is entirely my own perspective, when you look at a hairy quim, you just can’t see most of it’s beauty – the colour, the curve, the enveloping folds … I could go on, but I’ll only end up having an accident.)

NB. Although I disagree with some of what Quirky says in her post, my riposte is in no way intended as an attack, and I merely make these comments to present the other side of the debate.

4 Responses to “Wax works”

  1. As some one who enjoys oral sex, a cleaner shaved muff is easier to navigate at times. Nothing is less sexy than trying to extract an errant hair tickling the back of the throat in the middle of some bedtime athletics.

  2. I dosed up on paracetamol and braved a beauty salon a few years ago for a Hollywood (why bother with a strip?) OH loves and adores my ‘naked’ state. Not because it reminds him of a pre-pubescent girl but because he can see and admire everything. So I continue to endure the pain – the biggest problem is what to discuss with the beautician whilst she’s waxing my intimate areas! It’s hardly a 5 min job. D’you think there’s a etiquette book that gives advice on how to handle this delicate situation?
    And re men? I’d love it if he did the same for me…

    • I think a landing strip looks better; that’s just my preference but I agree that having a hairless pussy does reveal all the beautiful folds and colours. A cunt is indeed a glorious vision.

      In my experience, if you’re insuring pain it’s time to find another beautician. For me, it’s not comfortable, but it’s not painful (unless my balls get tweaked).

      When it comes to conversation, I find it’s no different to having a cranial hair cut. We chat about domestic life, holidays, culture, and the fact that the beautician is fiddling with my cock and staring up my arse hole never seems to make a difference.

      Have you told OH you’d like him smooth? Does he know how much better sex will feel for him? Perhaps you could shave his cock for him. There’d be stubble to cope with, but that might encourage him to try waxing.

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