DLS #11 : Time to get plugged

It’s been a while since I shared a Dirty Little Secret with you, Dear Reader. And it’s been a while since I played with a butt plug. So I thought it was about time I rectified both of these. [Hmmm … thinks to self : Rectified – sounds like Rectum : what an interesting choice of word.] I’m not feeling unusually frisky today, so I don’t know what inspired me to reach for the toy box this morning, and especially not so early in the day. This is turning out tho be afirst for me. Or rather a whole host of first.

Normally I wouldn’t reach for my Little Wooden Chest Of Naughty Secrets until I am alone in the house, but I was out of bed 2hrs before anyone else would be today, and thinking dirty little thoughts. But the fact that I’d secreted a sex toy about my person before breakfast is without president.

I’m on my third butt plug at the moment (tee hee … and when I say on my third butt plug … tee hee … I really do mean … tee hee … I am actually impaled on my third butt plug … tee hee) and if you’ve ever contemplated an anal toy, I can strongly recommend the Fun Factory Bootie. (Though I’m seriously considering upgrading to the slightly more adventurous Boosty, if for no other reason that it looks gorgeous and very, very naughty!!!!!)

But back to the story …
Before I was dressed, and still wandering naked round the kitchen with my erection bobbing around, I resolved to violate my arse today. And snuck back upstairs to get my Bootie, some lube, and a condom. (I find slipping a rubber over the plug makes for a quicker easier clean-up process, especially with anal toys.) Back downstairs, into the toilet (just in case it becomes a Drity Little Not-So-Secret) and bend over … and exhale … and relax … and push … and pop … and oooooooooh that feels good. And then the day carries on. But oh so slightly differently.

So far, this is the first time I have had a butt plug up my arse whilst :

  1. I had breakfast.
  2. My Wife was still at home.
  3. I kissed Her goodbye for the day.
  4. I’ve been out of the house.
  5. I chatted with mums on the school run.
  6. I stopped to chat with the neighbour I’d love to fuck.
  7. I walked 2 miles to and from town.
  8. I wandered round the supermarket doing the weekly shop.
  9. I casually flirted with the MILF on the checkout.
  10. And I’m planning on it being the first time I’ve had a butt plug up my arse for the whole day.

You see, I’ve only ever had my sphincter so stretched whilst wanking or fucking before. Never have I spent more than about 30min with a toy up my bum. I’d say it’s pretty much inevitable that I’ll end up tugging myself off by lunch time, but that’s not the worst way for this to end.

In the meantime, my arse feels gloriously full, and every time I move I feel the plug shift inside me just a little. If I clench my arsehole, it feels … [AM shudders with pleasure] … and a little dribble of pre-cum works its way up my cock.  I fear I may not even make it to lunch without having a little accident.

6 Responses to “DLS #11 : Time to get plugged”

  1. note to self……. do NOT try to read your blog while sat in a pub….
    I dont think it was your photos of butt plugs that drew attention to my lap top but my shocked reaction tee hee!
    can I just ask you……. did you at any point think about getting knocked down by a bus and what the hospital think when they find what you have impaled in you…..
    I once went out with love eggs up inside, when I got home I thought about how the news reports would have a field day had something of happened to me so never tried that again but anyway I thought they were rubbish and did nothing for me……

    • I’m impressed I shocked you. I would have thought you’d have seen and heard it all!
      I didn’t think about getting hit by a bus this time, but I’ve been told by a reliable sourse that in such circumstances, anything potentially embarassing disappears, just for the sake of relatives of a sensative nature.
      (Someone else has told me love eggs aren’t all that, which does make me womder if all the 50 Shades fans buying them end up disappointed.)

  2. 🙂

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