As you well know, Dear Reader, I subscribe to various sexy marketing emails, including those from the up-market lingerie designer Agent Provocateur. Trawling though some ignored e-mail shots, today I stumbled across a promotion for their Thora corset dress.

(The Brits amongst you, especially those over 35yrs of age, may well guess where this is going.)

The sales pitch for the Thora dress is as follows …

Thora is back in black and more powerful than ever! Thora is a dominant look, imagined in the boardroom. This jaw-droppingly sexy corset dress has the appearance of an outerwear piece, though the fully-laced back celebrates its lingerie status. Inspired by Dior’s ‘New Look’ of the 1940s, the dress is made from luxurious French puppytooth silk jacquard paired with flashes of scarlet satin and gives total body-sculpting.

As Agent Provocateur are a British company, and their founder is of my generation, I’m suprised they have chosen the name Thora, as for me, the name is inexorably linked to Thora Hird, the presenter of Praise Be! (a spin of the BBC TV religious program, Songs of Praise) in which she dedicated hymns to viewers.

When I think of Thora, I most definitely do not think of sexy

11 Responses to “Thora”

  1. Oh em gee i want one of those! Beaut!!

  2. p.s the dress, not the old lady! Lol

  3. I would wear that in a heartbeat!

  4. Maybe the Thora dress is so good it turns Thora Hird INTO the other woman.

  5. deviantdiaries Says:

    Love love LOVE the dress!

  6. I think it’s funny they went with this Thora. Sinner and Saint 🙂

    • Ahhh! Maybe their marketing dept is smarter than I’ve given them credit for. That would certainly explain the matching set of crotchless panties and nipple tassels being called Frigid Nun.

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