Who needs tissues when you’ve got one of these?

Following on from my last post, Secret Santa, if you’re short of ideas for Xmas Presents for a loved one (and by love, I obviously mean lust), I have another naughty suggestion for you.

This time it comes from Body Aware UK. Usually their emails just tell me about underwear, but they seem to be broadening their range a little and have brought the following items to my attention.

Just when you thought a box of tissues was sufficient to wipe the post orgasmic dribbles from your thighs, someone has come up with Cumcloths, Clitcloths, Fannyflannels, Wankwipes and Shagrags.

We say, ‘don’t dis the duvet’ – wipe up with our gorgeous little towels. Perfect for every night in, and great gift for a friend or for yourself … These naughty little towels are suitable for any boudoir, bathroom or dungeon … made from 100% cotton, with velvety chenile on one side and fine towelling on the other, and are embroidered with fine silk type thread, unobtrusively, but clearly in the lower right hand corner….. so you know what this towel is for!

Frankly I don’t know why no one has thought of this before, and considering how often some of us have to clean up, it’s a good job they’re generously sizes, measuring either 40″ x 12″ or 20″ x 12″. And with the variety of colours available, you could could have a different towel for each day of the week … or for each of your lovers.

Now where did I leave my pen? I think I need to write to Santa.

15 Responses to “Who needs tissues when you’ve got one of these?”

  1. Ok, I think I’m going to write to Santa, too….these are AWESOME!

  2. There is money to be made here!


  3. workspousestory Says:

    I so need this.

  4. […] Accidental Masturbator – one hell of a kinky guy, AM never ceases to amaze me with something from his past, or toys he finds, or – recently – awesome Santa gift ideas! […]

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